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  1. Tray Mountain - Dicks Gap

    Cold and rainy night at Tray Mountain. Decided to stay in a shelter, rather than tenting, for the first time since I started the trail. It was a freezing, wind-driven, rain. Lightening eventually forced some tenters to run for the shelter,too, so the shelter ended up being packed. Side note: A strap on my backpack has broken so I've been improvising until I get to an outfitter.

    Cold, rainy, and foggy morn lasted till evening so decided to hit the Georgia hostel at the top of ...
  2. Woody's Gap

    After a zero day, I took back to the trail. Toes were fine the first 4 miles but then came the burning. I just hiked through it. The rain and fog kept me from seeing any sites on the trail -- it was just me and the trail. My next big test is Blood mountain, the highest mountain in Georgia. It was made for mountain goats.

    Headed up Blood Mountain and the views on top were fantastic and worth the hike. Headed down to Neels Gap to stay at the outfitter hostel. Everyone should ...
  3. Equipment: REI vs Amazon

    My local hiking club (Louisiana Hiking Club) had their Camp Fest this weekend so it gave me a good opportunity to get out into the woods and try out some of my new equipment. I learned a lot.

    My home is getting overrun with boxes as equipment from (mostly) REI and have been getting shipped to me. There are local outfitters in my area, but nothing like an REI. It is a pain to try out things via online shopping. Somethings I thought I would really like only to discover the ...
  4. I am a Liar.

    Quote Originally Posted by mcgrabo View Post
    The last book I read was the Godfather, around 1970. It was out before the movie. Me and 3 other guys drove to Vegas in a '62 Nova. Carried a case of oil in the trunk. Drank beer and played pool to earn our living. If we get the 'band ' back together and head back to Vegas, I will read your book.
  5. Property for sale at James River - hostel possibility

    Quote Originally Posted by Nimbus View Post
    No doubt a hostel or resupply point along the trail near the James River Footbridge would be very useful for hikers and potentially a viable economic venture, however, take a good look at the VDOT documentation:
    The plans appear to have the off ramp and right of way overlying this property. There is not enough documentation on the website to know for sure, but buyer and dreamers beware.
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