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  1. First Steps On My New Adventure

  2. June 19, 2015 Appalachian Trail start

    Tomorrow starts our first day on the trail. We are going to section hike as far as we can in 8 days in Georgia. Cynthia, Andrew and I are very excited to start on our adventure.
  3. We all have to (re)start somewhere

    I'm about as far from an all-year hiker as you can find. I definitely don't long hikes in the winter, and I don't even like to backpack in early spring or late fall.
    So how do I ensure that I'm ready for the rigors of The Trail after many months of avoiding it?

    I presently have a three-step process to test everything:

    Step 1) One night camping at a state park just a few hours from home. I force myself to use ONLY that stuff that I've placed in my backpack, ...

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  4. First time hiking the AT

    Quote Originally Posted by Eddi View Post
    Hello all, my daughter and I are doing a short hike on the AT for the first time. We are going to hike in Pennsylvania from Port Clinton to Lehigh GapBreak. Does it make a difference if we hike north to south or south to north? this my seem like a stupid question I just didn't know if there is preferred way to go for first trimmers. thanks or all your help
  5. Section Hike continues: Standing Bear to Damascus VA

    This summer I plan to continue my section hike from Standing Bear Farm to Damascus VA. Videos of my previous sections can be found at 14 Days on the trail for this section. This will be the longest hike I have ever been on. I'm gonna get to do some mail drops. Which is also a first for me.

    I'm excited
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