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  1. Appalachian Trail Journal Entry #11 - My first snag requires a tough decision!

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    Today has been a wonderful day for the most part in terms of preparing for the upcoming thru-hike with my two boys. However, we did get some news that shakes things up a little bit. Unfortunately, the State of Florida may not be doing their FCAT test for the school year until April 15, 2013. What does that mean? Despite making straight A's all school year, they must take this test in order to move on to the next grade, even though they are schooling from ...
  2. Appalachian Trail Journal Entry #10 - The Books are Ordered!

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    Today has been a great day in preparation with a lot of positive comments from the hiking community. Today offered great motivation for this trip. I would like to say that not only is the Companion book ordered, but also I decided to order the DATA book as well. I am excited to get both of these books and I truly think this is going to be a great time. If anyone is reading this journal, which I know there is (300-500 views per day), I would like to know some of ...
  3. N2TW: Appalachian Trail - Episode #2 (Negative People in the Community/Preparation)

  4. A Great Way to Keep Busy While Waiting

    What seems to be a common affliction to those anticipating their hikes is the crippling inability to make the calendar move faster. There's only so much repacking the pack, reweighing the weight and replanning the plan that can be done before the big event. After a while, these repetitions just compound the problem; second-guessing becomes rampant and insecurities and doubts dance like holiday sugarplums through our eager, sleep-deprived minds.

    How does one cope? One way ...

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  5. Appalachian Trail Journal Entry #9 - Our FIRST official!

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    I am amazingly proud to announce that King Gator and Sons are welcoming their first official sponsor on board for our 2013 Thru-Hike. We are proud to announce that is now an official sponsor. We will be proud to use their products during this trip and I am 100% sure that it will help tremendously in the filming of this documentary.

    Make sure you all go check them out. I have to admit, hooking a camera to the trek pole is one of ...