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  1. Starchild approaches the 1/2 point in the journey

    There has been a lot going on and not much time to write. I will try to get some of this to you as its been a while since my last report.

    First thing to mention is the last thing to happen. I crossed the Mason Dixon line into PA. The trail is a lot rockier as PA is known for as well as the place ( hiking ) boots go to die ( due to the sharp rocks). With that crossing I finally feel the huge accomplishment of walking from Georgia to here. From the deep south into northern territory. ...
  2. Gear list

    90L high Sierra long trail pack
    6 shirts and a 1 long sleeve. None are cotton
    4 pair polyester socks
    40l dry bag small pot
    wAter purifier 25quarts
    60 ft of rope
    10 matches
    14 ounces of fire starter
    zip tIes
    Pva drying ttowel
    pool float (bed)
    2 8x10 tarps
    first aid kit
    duct tape
    4 rolls tp
    sleeping bag.
  3. DEET and ticks

    Quote Originally Posted by fcoulter View Post
    I did my good deed for the week last weekend, feeding the ticks of Central Florida.

    It's not that I wanted to, but my 25% DEET Off didn't appear to convince the ticks to bother someone else. I thought DEET repelled ticks.

    So, what's the story on ticks and DEET. Does it have to be a higher percentage? Does DEET work on ticks at all? Does DEET break down over time -- it was an old container of Off?

    (I'd recommend against the Longleaf Pine Trail's loop
  4. Starchild's Journey

    In the last couple of emails I have dove into some of the very spiritual aspects of my personal journey. I have tried to just do a physical one but they seem to run together. My upbringing has me see the spiritual but will try to incorporate more of the physical in this one. I don't know how I will do on that we will see...

    I want to thank you for the overwhelming support and want to report what means to me and my journey. It confirms that I am on the right path for my life. But it ...
  5. Questions on getting with the pack.

    So I am set to be on the trail first thing Sunday morning but still torn on where to start. I am not going to be able to make a complete thru hike this summer and I am really interested in a the festivals going on. But it seems like I am going to be so far behind that I won't get those experiences. Any comments on this? I can start wherever I want so does anyone think it would be a huge benefit to start further up the trail to try and get with "the pack" ?