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  1. Good definition of ultralight/minimalist method for gear selection

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    I have posted this before but here goes

    Lightweight Backpacking
    The concept of Lightweight Backpacking is based on the idea that a lower pack weight will make the time spent hiking on the trails much more enjoyable. The trade-off is a reduction in the camp comforts.
    Weigh all gear and record so that accurate comparisons can be made
    List what gear are you bringing and why you are bringing it
    o Don't pack anything you don't plan on using
  2. About 150 miles behind me

    With about 150 miles behind me, my feet and legs are feeling much lighter and stronger. The pace which I walk has also increased. I am ready to hit the trails again---( just waiting for hunting season to end at LBL) ---some good day hikes of 11 / 14 miles and I am planning on a 60 mile moderate to difficult hike which I done a few years back at LBL should help me decide on my finale gear list. My weight is still hovering around 288lb.
  3. New perspectives

    In 2011, when I started my TH, I had intended starting on 20Mar. Because of a kitchen remodeling job I HAD to finish before I could leave MN, I didn't get on the Trail until 29Mar. The nighttime temperatures I ran into from GA all the way the GSMNP were moderate enough that my 40F REI Lumen was all the bag I needed. The coldest night I experienced (18F) I stayed at Mountain Crossing...
    In 2013, I am going to start on 01Mar, increasing the likelihood that I will have to take a warmer ...
  4. Leaving Springer Earlier vs. Later - Quantitative information!

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    Your question intrigued me enough that I decided to spend some time going over the data I gleaned from studying 240 completing NOBO thru-hikers in the classes 2001 to 2010 who kept thorough journals at for my article here at WB on hiking rates. I divided them into five groups and here's how many hikers I have for each time period for hikers leaving Springer:

    Jan. 1 -- Feb. 24 (22 hikers)
    Feb. 25 -- March 10 (51 hikers)
    March 11 -- March 24 (78 hikers)
  5. Great list of "grocery store" foodstuff

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    Ok this is what I was talking about add to this......

    Quick Energy-packed
    Brick Chocolate
    Fudge Bar or Nuttella
    Mint Cake
    Gorp bars -
    In late summer use Hershey Kisses less chance of melt
    Hard ball Candy
    Cliff energy bars.
    Frito's (can start a fire)

    Quick Foods
    walnuts, cashews Seeds/nuts
    Peanut butter
    Block Cheese & String Cheese ind wrapped