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  1. 3/9 Sleeping by beautiful brook! Trail Magic!

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ID:	20307141. miles.. Low Gap to Trey Gap. Total of 57.3 Miles 2127.2 to go.. Over blue mtn. Slept by beautiful brook. Level trail but then got into mountains. 50 degrees during the day. Only a few other hikers along the way. Very discouraged with painful feet. But then TRAIL MAGIC!! 2 Boy Scout Troops 24 and 605 with a tent serving hot dogs, chili, drinks etc. Ended up spending the night w the troop by the fire. Made me feel so much better!

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  2. Harpers Ferry to Thorntons Gap

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    I am planning a hike from Harpers Ferry to Thortons Gap. My plan is to start on a Monday and finish on Friday. I have 11 miles planned for the first day, three days of 18 miles each and the last day 13 miles. Can anyone tell me if this is realistic?
  3. 3/8/13 Low Gap Shelter

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ID:	20284After great night in Mountain Crossings hostel, did 11.5 miles today for total of 43.2 miles. Only 2142 to go! Did 4 peaks today - Levelland, Cowrock, Wildcat (not the one in NH) and Poor Mountain. Shelter and camp were full so pitched tent by river's edge. Beautiful. Great weather in the 60's. Did first 7 miles w Hobo, new buddy, and then rest by myself. Came to a gorgeous valley that was so QUIET it was amazing. Hiking more efficiently since the great staff at Mountain ...

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  4. New Shuttle Service in Asheville, NC

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    Asheville Airport Shuttle
    Harry S. (Zenpig GA-ME 96-98)
    Asheville, NC
    (828) 231-1053
    All points from Springer
    Mountain, GA to Damascus, VA.
    Fully licensed and insured.
  5. Less than a month to springer.

    We are leaving ky this morning to go to tn. We have reviewed, gathered, and tested gear until we feel we have what we need. We have trained, and hiked in preperation until we are ready to go. We are going to stay in tn and hike and camp places like fall creek falls until march 31, 2013. We are leaving tn and going to ga on the 31st of march to stay overnight in a room. Early april 1st, 2013 we are starting our epic journey of a lifetime headed northbound from springer mountain ga to mt katahdin ...