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  1. Testing the gear and different weather conditions...pre AT

    To test my equipment out and get the feel of my full 30lb pack with everything I was bringing, I did 5 hiking trips totaling 60 miles. The first two, I flew out to TX with my camping gear for the holidays and camped and hiked in Guadeloupe National Park. The night temps were 25 to 30 degrees and up on top of the mountains 30 mile an hour winds. This helped me to pick the right clothing and work on my camping gear.
    My clothing for the trip is going to include (all items include multiple mix ...
  2. Packets Instead of Cans


    Did you know that Spam and Vienna Sausages can be purchased in packets like tuna and chicken? It will save weight in your pack.

  3. Totally excited!

    I am totally excited about going on the AT! At first I was only doing it so my Mom wouldn't be alone trying it. But the closer our departure date gets, the more excited I am! I've always loved the woods (which in part is because Mom practically raised us there.) and have always loved the distinction between cities and the woods. As I've gotten older the more my heart has expanded for my love of the woods.
    This is my first entry. And I don't think it's going to be my last!
  4. My Food Supply

    3 pks. Instant Potatoes serves 4 can be 1/2ed or 1/4 for 2 to 4 day servings
    3 pks. Alfrado Noodles serves 4 can be 1/2ed or 1/4 for
    2 to 4 servings
    2 can Spam makes 8 servings in cold weather
    4 pks. Tuna makes 4 lunches
    3 cans Viennie Wennies makes 3 lunches
    16 pks Oatmeal makes 8 ...
  5. Down to 24 days now...

    Trying to figure out how this journaling works - so you may see this twice....

    Down to 24 days now, and getting all the questions about how much will the backpack weigh, and will I be able to take a shower; yes it will get gross and I will be dirty! I have wanted to do this trip for the last 30 years. For the last six months I have been diligently preparing for it; reading all the books and buying all the right equipment. Since this is my first really long backpack trip - no I have