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  1. A step toward my journey

    I'm on my way home from celebrating my sister's birthday--a big ahem@&$((! It was the 30th anniversary of one of her other birthdays. Anyway, it was a big one, and I wanted it to be special and memorable for her I think we succeeded.
    I have just about completed the 30 page document for Blue Ribbon school (with the help of my colleagues) and so now all I have to do is focus on my final six weeks as a school administrator and prepare for my thru hike. Today marks another step closer to the ...
  2. To journal on Whiteblaze or not to....that is the question

    I just found this amazing capability on whiteblaze. Hmmmmm. I wonder if it would be easier for people to locate my journals than on my Facebook page. If you found this and like it better, let me know.
  3. Big Meadows in SNP

    Quote Originally Posted by Slow n' Steady View Post
    Tree Streets Inn in Waynesboro and Dutch Haus are both very awesome, hiker-friendly places and worth every penny.
  4. Appalachian Trail Journal Entry #3 - Navigation and Trail Dictionary

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ID:	19741Okay, so I pilfered this idea from hikers who have gone before me:

    In an attempt to make it a little easier on my friends and family back home who are planning on following this ridiculous journey of mine, this quest of sorts; I have created a shortcut list of abbrevs and a brief definition of what the hell I'll be talking about as the journal presses on.

    So, the Appalachian Trail. The mountainous frontier spanning 2,180 miles from Springer ...
  5. Appalachian Trail Journal Entry #2 - More Gear

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    I ended up going back to Walmart and picking up three journals for me and my sons, two backpacks, and a multi-tool. With this added to the tents that I purchased earlier, our first day of gear shopping has turned out pretty well. On Monday, I am going to order some sleeping bags and the Companion book.