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  1. Do you need rain where you live? - Part 1

    Sometimes I wonder if I’m a weather shaman, able to bring rain to whatever part of The Trail I happen to walk on. Remember in April of this year, when I said that (near Harpers Ferry) I hiked in the rain for the first time? I’ve since made seven treks on the AT – and gotten rained on every trip! If your part of the country is in a drought, feel free to pay me to hike there, so that you’ll get a minimum of a centimeter of rain in a matter of days.

    This trip was still another to Vermont ...
  2. Manchester to Bennington - Part 2

    As usual with my trips to Vermont, the weather has been exactly what I did NOT want to experience – lots of humidity, grey, cloudy, gloomy, and rain that gets you wet but doesn’t clear out the humidity. It was thus with great relief that my hike to the top of Mount Stratton – with a former fire tower now usable as a great scene viewer – featured sunshine and blue skies. Indeed, I was even able to get some pretty good photos from the lookout: ...
  3. Planning my 2016 AT thru hike SOBO Katahdin to Springer Mtn

    by , 09-20-2013 at 00:08 (Proximity to Shenandoah National Park 1-2 DEC 2012)
    Gear is good to go. Just planning my days and replenishment stops. I Plan on starting in May. I will be doing circuit hikes in the region over the next 2 years to prepare.
  4. Manchester to Bennington - Part 1

    As noted in the previous blog entry, I have imposed some restrictions on where I can hike. To cover my miles, I must-
    1) return home within a week.
    2) cover not much more than ten miles a day.
    3) stay at a shelter or established campground.
    4) get to both trail heads via mass transit; or between trail heads with minimal shuttling.

    As I already covered all miles between Rockfish Gap and the Vermont border, travel between home and any trail head requires ...

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  5. Starchild Summits Katahdin 9-1-13

    On Sun Sept 1st around noon Splash and I reached the northern terminus of the AT, the summit of Katahdin which translates to 'the Greatest Mountain' (from Penobscot tribe) and is the terminus for my thru hike. Katahdin does live up to being ‘the Greatest Mountain’ as it is the single greatest accent of the AT. My summit date was also very tied into the history and legends of this mountain, something I felt near the summit and also at a moment on the way down.
    Leading up to this date, there ...

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