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  1. Restore the Wickability of Your Technical Clothes

    I am an avid backpacker. I've backpacked approx 750 miles of the A.T., plus significant mileage in Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico. I'm from N.C., and have backpacked the N.C. Mtns for years and years. Past Thru-Hikers on the A.T. might remember e as "Pack-Man". I used to carry too much stuff, and got that name while doing a section in Vermont.
    Anyway, I am also a former veteran of the textile apparel industry - specifically dyeing & finishing. When the Textile industry left ...
  2. New book about the AT

    Just read a recent published book called "Sometimes the appalachian trail is..." by J. Michael Osmond.
    Very funny and informative. Best since Bryson's.
    On amazon and kindle.
  3. Our A.T. Journey

    Two trips to a couple of "outdoor"stores and a-ton-o time spend perusing the internet have produced a cache of equipment, clothing and shoes. A couple of weeks ago we made our way an hour north from where we live to check out some cross country ski trails that are perfect for training. Since we are still at least a month away from snow here in Michigan we hope to travel back there to get in some miles. If all goes right by next fall we would like to hike an equestrian shore to shore trail. ...
  4. Getting Ready for 2013 Thru-Hike!!

    so ive been wanting to hike this trail since i was 17. i read that book "A walk in the woods" by Bill Bryson and i was hooked. ever since then ive just been researching,researching,lol more researching. im 27 now and i think im ready. im at a halt in my life right now and i cant find work,live at home,etc...just wasting away here so i made my final decision to hit the AT first of March.

    got some equipment i still need to get. im pretty much in shape. my cardio is excellent ...
  5. Planning my 2013 Thru-Hike

    Have already gotten the majority of the gear needed for our thru-hike 2013.
    Hoping to leave out either the the weekend of March 8th or the next weekend.
    But have pretty much decided to leave out in March.
    Already have the money set aside for getting there and back.

    Going to try to hike the entire trail on $1000.00 or less.
    Most don't believe it can be done But I do.

    Will post another Journal when we start out and let everyone know how ...