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  1. Male outsourced his own career to China to surf web

    Some things are so ridiculous, they can only have occurred in real life. A software creator has been caught, having outsourced his own career to China, paying a small portion of his salary for others to do his work while he looked at Reddit and watched cat video clips.

    Take a short look at

    Not a prank

    When a business outsources labor, it generally means they are firing a variety of workers ...
  2. Zero Days

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    Brother I commend you on taking the Lord's Day seriously. Christians like you are an endangered species in our open 7-days/week world. Its pretty simple taking a zero in the woods. Carry an extra day of food, and wherever you stop Saturday(shelter or campsite) that's where you'll restart Monday. Just be aware that afew places have rules against staying consecutive nights in shelters, or campsites (i.e. GSMNP you can't stay more than one night at any shelter).

    Neros into town are
  3. Son Driven

    Why Son Driven?,

    Father of three sons 30, 27, & 25. I am also a follower of Jesus Christ the Son of God. So I am Son Driven on two fronts.

    I am planning on doing a GA-ME thru, I am planning on being on Springer Mnt. by 2/22/13, depending on weather. I plan on Sunday's being zero days, and will write a short recap of my week on Sunday's, from this day forward.

    11/11/10 I was 257 pounds, diabetic, had gout, used a CPAP machine to sleep, and the Veterans ...
  4. To hike, or not to hike, that is my question......

    My boyfriend looooves the AT, we even went to harpers ferry wv to the 75th anniversary. I've been on a 6 mile hike that was fairly easy, but withOUT a pack.... He wants me to go hike the ga section with him this spring...but I have no desire to be without a shower or good food that long. Any advise?

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  5. schedule set for start of hike 3/4/13 Springer Mtn

    On 3/4/13, I will drop my wife off at Tampa Airport where she flies back to Manchester NH. I will then drive to Atlanta, drop off rental, take train to pick up point. Will then start trail on Monday AM!!
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