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  1. 2013 Thru-Hike Registry

    Trail Name - Zook
    Direction - NOBO

    Estimated Start Date - Mar 6
    Approach Trail - no
    any additional info that you want the world to know

    If anything changes, please update via a reply to this thread or send me a PM.

    After you have completed your hike, don't forget to report back in with completion dates and how far you hiked!

    Good Luck and Have Fun! Only . . . how many days to go?

    See you on the trail,
    mt squid ...
  2. 2013 Thru-Hike Registry

    Quote Originally Posted by Boo Boo 2013 View Post
    Boo Boo 2013
    February 22, 2013
    Yes to approach trail

    Updated 12-12-2012 at 22:02 by Boo Boo 2013

  3. New Logo for Team TNT!

    (Blogpost from December 11th, 2012

    New Team TNT Logo
    Dreamer here,

    A huge thank-you and job well done to Jessica Kerbawy for creating ...
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  4. An update from Charlie!

    (Blogpost from December 7th, 2012

    Charlie here-

    I fell in love with Mom & Dad, the 1st time I saw them!

    Many of you have asked about me and ...
  5. Terri, the love of my life!

    (Blogpost from December 6th, 2012

    Dreamer here-

    Early this morning I was hiking with Charlie. The temperature was a crisp 29 degrees. Sunshine streamed through the trees in long brilliant stairways. It was so still, Charlie’s breath hung like small patches of fog trailing him as puffs in his wake. As my feet wandered over a very familiar trail, my mind wandered over the very familiar terrain of gratefulness ...