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  1. First Post

    Preaty excited! only 3 weeks now till Kataden. Got all my gear. finishing up home activities. defenetly excited!
  2. may 18th

    Im up and out May 18th , WV,MD,PA to Maine/ .
    Starting anywhere between Harpersferry and Mount Holly Springs. ( south mountain area)
    Have yet to decide on my drop off location... otherwise Im squared away, beisde the fact my guidebook is a outdated.
    (gave away last years ATC guide book to a German thru hiker I met who had somehow lost his..)

    I think im just going to go hard, stay away from the money pit hostles, to many bad experiances.
    In the ...
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  3. Thru-Hike: SOBO vs. NOBO

    Quote Originally Posted by Rock Lobster View Post
    I hiked SOBO, my best friend hiked NOBO. Both of us, for at least part of the hike, walked with the other and went the "wrong way." Our combined experience:

    NOBO: Many more people, much more social. Many trail services are geared toward NOBOs, you'll see more trail magic, and you'll hit all the trail festivals if you want to. You start easier (many will say Georgia is hard; it isn't, relatively speaking). You hike with slightly warmer weather (assuming you don't start early,
  4. N2TW: Appalachian Trail 2013 - Episode #15 (Smoky Mountains Plan)

    Gator goes over the itinerary and plan for the LEGENDARY Smoky Mountains. All suggestions and advice would be GREATLY appreciated. In fact, I am a little intimidated by this one, so definitely watch and give advice! THANKS! ...