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  1. Getting Ready

    I'm looking forward to try the AT once more. Being hard headed, I will start again at Springer even though I've done this section a couple of times. Hopefully I'll avoid injury this time. (Torn ACL the firstime and a foot infection the second time.) I hope to start on the 21st of April. Wanted to get an earlier start, but my nephew's daugther is getting married, and I won't miss the wedding, even for the AT. See me on the trail, say Hi. Cheap Suit will be joining later during the hike. He ...
  2. 6 Days!

    Leaving philly in 6 days cant wait! I had all my gear ready but this weather is changing what im going to bring. Really I have no idea any more of how hot its gonna be down there. Switched to a lighter rain coat i just ordered, and a liner pair of smartwool gloves. Hope i dont regret these changes.
  3. Transportation Questions

    Hello all,

    I'm planning a section hike from Springer to Fontana Dam with a start date of April 1. I hope to reach Fontana Dam around April 15 or 16.

    I have found a person who does shuttles from either Bryson City or Fontana to Knoxville Airport which seems to be the closest airport with service back to Boston.

    My question is if I have to pull off the trail before either Bryson City or Fontana, what is the best way back to Atlanta or Knoxville? If I have ...
  4. I have questions about weather and gear.

    I'm starting the trail nobo at in Georgia, on the 22nd. up here in Ohio we've had an unusually warm winter. I was wondering if any one could tell me what the weather is like on the trail. do I need my winter gear how & how long will I need it?
  5. Mid-March is an unusual time for a "warm-up" hike

    But the weather was perfect, and I wanted to ensure that (1) my equipment was still present, operating, and organized; (2) my body was still operating; and (3) I hadn't lost my zest. Happy to report everything went well.

    Safest way to test all equipment is to do an easy overnight -- park at a trail head reasonably close to a shelter, hike there, spend the night, and return. Nothing fancy or strenuous, but that's the POINT. If something fails to work, or you forgot to pack something, ...