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  1. World's lamest gear video!

    Haha this is the most unorganized gear video! feel free to give some advice!
  2. N2TW: Appalachian Trail - Episode #3 (Library Books on the Trail / New Date )

    The King and his two sons....are still planning for the trip. As we wait on the 2013 Data and Companion books to get here, we decided to check a few books out at the library. Also, the date and type of hike may be changed. ...
  3. Appalachian Trail Journal Entry #13 - You mad bro?

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    People get so mad that I bring something different to the table here, it is almost hilarious. After my post about entertainment, I have received several comments about ego along with a plethora of other subjects. You know what I think it is? I think many people are used to a certain culture in the hiking community and when someone comes in with an entirely different style and swag, it pisses some people off. I am not exactly sure why that is, but it is the silliest ...
  4. Journal #3, Feb. 21, 2013

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ID:	19877We're pretty much in the "dead of winter" here in Connecticut. The area where I live still has about 18"-24" of snow on the ground and it's just too snowy and cold for me to do any hiking right now. I don't snowshoe and I hate walking on the treadmill but I guess I'm going to have to start doing it unless it warms up. I just heard the weather report on the radio and we can expect another 3-6" of snow this weekend. This time of year seems ...
  5. Companion Dog Needs Surgery


    I'm new to the community here and wanted to post this about Biscuit, a jack russell who was unfortunately hit by a car and needs surgery.

    Please have a look, and donate however little you can.