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  1. Hanover

    I'm going to be in the Hanover, NH area 24-29 Jun & going to do a bit of "Trail Magic & Trail Angel work" if N E 1 is going to be around let me know...
  2. Thru-Hike 2013

    Hello, my trail name is BootBanger and I am going to hike the AT starting from Springer. I plan to start on or about 15 March 2013.

    Updated 09-03-2012 at 11:17 by Bootbanger

  3. What happen to my old joural?

    I wanted to update my old journal and read something from it turns out everything gone.I also like to read what some old hiker friends are up to.Yesterday the site said i was trying to log in wrong.Today nothing.So what gives?
  4. Stopped for now

    Trail name became " 7 Mile"
    Off trail at Hot Springs. The lose of Bear Vault to bear in GSMNP only speed up the time by a week. Left foot pain that I ignored for 5 weeks was not improving. The daily milage was not improving. Will ?? restart in Maine in August.
  5. Thru-Hike Starting Tuesday

    I am finally doing it. Me and my dog will be leaving Sunday for a thru-hike. Since it is so late in the season we will be starting at Harper's Ferry and going North. Then coming back down to Harper's Ferry and going South. I cannot wait to get on the trail. I will hit the trail Tuesday morning. Woohooo!!!