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  1. cheapest rings & L V

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    Occasionally these ...
  2. leaving town

    Stayed at the blueberry patch last night and got all the supplies I needed from my bounce box. They served us an amazing breakfast this morning which hit the spot. Then I grabbed a ride into town and mailed my bounce box on to Gatlinburg and hitched up to unicoi gap to continue the trail. I got picked up by a crazy redneck who was expressing his opinion on how much more dangerous the black bear was than the grizzly. He told me a story of being charged by a black bear and shooting it with his .357 ...
  3. town

    Last night was unbelievably cold. The wind was roaring and without a good bag and a sleeping pad I slept terribly. The sunrise from on top of blue mountain was awesome though! Walked down from blue mountain to unicoi gap and unsuccessfully tried to hitch for an hour. After an hour a van came and said it could give me a free ride to town if I stayed at the budget in. Being sleep deprived and frozen I gladly accepted! Went into town and got some much needed sleep. Afterwards walked over to a steak ...
  4. day 6

    Day 6,
    Last night was windy and really cold. Only slept about half the night. Left camp at 930 and ran into some trail magic about 2 miles down the trail. A preacher with the trail name king tut had set up camp chairs and had food and drinks for us. He also told me he's going to be at trail days in Damascus and gave me a flier highlighting a bunch of cool events planned. After the trail magic it was a long day. I hiked 14 miles and am now beat! It's supposed to be cold and windy tonight but ...
  5. Catch-Up, summer 2012 - NoBo from max Patch for ten weeks.....

    Hi -

    I will be doing a long distance section hike from May 20th ro so until AUgust 14th.

    most likely to be starting at Max Patch, NoBo.

    I am keeing my blog on wordpress, if I can figure out how to RSS it here, I might, but in the meantime, check out and feel free to subscribe. see you on the Trail!

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