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  1. Appalachian Trail Journal Entry #4 – Sex/Relationships on the Trail

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    Today was a sh**ty day in terms of preparation for the trail. I have been doing some serious research of course in terms of my preparation. A lot of my research is coming from watching You Tube videos of other people's entire journey and advice. Well, today we were watching a set of the videos and then one guy (entitypub/August) began talking about “Trail Relationships”. Damnit, did this start an issue in my household. The guy that I was watching began talking ...
  2. AMC Hike at Monastery in Cumberland, RI

    "We're knee-deep in it now!"

    At least, that's what I was thinking yesterday, when we completed our first-ever hike in the snow. I can't say I'm a fan, but the location was beautiful and the company was great. We went out with members of our local AMC on a leisurely 2.5 miles. The snow had been tamped down by the leader and her husband the day before with snowshoes, but more than half of the hike was in 6-8" of unpacked heavy stuff. It was more strenuous than I had been ...

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  3. Anyone starting 2016?

    I am interested in hearing from anyone that is just beginning to prepare now for 2016. Especially older women who are retired or have successfully launched their kids. I am not free yet but 2016 could be my big year.

  4. 2016?

    Seems too far off. I'd rather just go now. I'll definitely be over planning the entire trip.

  5. A step toward my journey

    I'm on my way home from celebrating my sister's birthday--a big ahem@&$((! It was the 30th anniversary of one of her other birthdays. Anyway, it was a big one, and I wanted it to be special and memorable for her I think we succeeded.
    I have just about completed the 30 page document for Blue Ribbon school (with the help of my colleagues) and so now all I have to do is focus on my final six weeks as a school administrator and prepare for my thru hike. Today marks another step closer to the ...