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  1. Hiking Alone...

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    I hate people.
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    "I hate mankind, for I think myself one of the best of them, and I know how bad I am." ~Joseph Baretti
    Oh Carp ... I thought you were Quoting John Gault or Bob Saget......oops... Read my Signature....
  2. Planning to hike the AT 2013

    Intend on thru hiking the AT in 2013. Journal is new to me this is my first entry. Will be hiking solo to start. Several people say they would join me for sections. Will post more as I progress preps or the trip.
  3. Packs

    A little story about our backpacks:

    First let me start by saying this will be our first long distance hike so we need to be completely outfitted. That means I will have alot of entries about accumulating our gear. This is just as much for my memoirs as for the reading pleasure of others

    F4ever ordered his REI Flash62 and when it came we both tried it and was a good fit for both of us. Very comfortable fit and very adjustable, we really like it! However, when I went ...
  4. Hot in Connecticut, Part 2

    Last year, during another heat wave in Connecticut, I did a short section through the area.
    (BTW, sorry I typed "could" instead of "couldn't" -- if I could edit blog titles, I would).
    This time, however, for four days and 42 miles, I did REAL back-packing.
    Which is why, whenever I met a NOBO (I went south) who asked me, "How ya' doing?", I answered, "I'm surviving." ...
  5. We've got our shuttle!

    We've made arrangements for our shuttle to ASP from Unicoi Gap. I found a list of folks who will give a ride or shuttle longer distances on the Appalachian Trail Conservancy website

    I went down the list a little, thinking the first people on the list may be getting more calls than the ones farther down, and landed on Richard Anderson. Zipped him an email and heard back within 24 ...