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  1. My Gear List

    Backpack Outdoor Products Frame pack 8.0 4 lbs
    Tent 2 person 2.5 lbs.
    Sleeping Bag Mummy 0* 3 lbs.
  2. A Journey of 2000 Miles Begins With a Single Step...

    ...I can't believe I used that awful cliche. Guess it shows that I'm a little nervous about actually starting the hike. Figured it would be good to leave Springer on my 65th birthday -- March 30 -- but if anyone thinks that's too late (the date, not my age!) please let me know. Besides my family, my interests are writing, photography, fishing and ham radio. Hopefully I can work all of them into my hike at one point or another. As others have said, got the gear, practiced some hikes, broken in the ...
  3. The Count Down Begins...

    I am sure all that are planning on doing the AT in 2013 are pinching themselves... are we crazy and am I really going to do this. Yes, the gear has been bought, after trying some and seeing new hiking gear I now have enough for two people! The pack with 4 days of food is around 30lbs. Did some winter camping and hiking to make sure I had enough warm stuff to start with - getting a pair of Canadian wool socks for at night, especially going through the Smokies in March. Counting down 30 days till ...
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  4. Done with gear.

    All gear has arrived. Pack with 4 days of food and two liters of water is 37 pounds. I do not know how people go lighter, I have been over and over what is packed, except for food and water, I do not know where I can cut any weight.
    This is the pack I will start the trail with and see if anyone has tips on how to go lighter.
    Just under 2 months left before we head for Georgia, I have excited days, and scared days, and days when I don't believe I am going to do this.
    I wish ...
  5. AT-37 Days

    The high today was 18. I went ice-boating on the lake for a short run but the snowdrifts were too solid and the ride rough. So I came back inside and once more unpacked and repacked my AT pack. Anyone else done that yet? 100 times? I rechecked my daughter's pack, still 16 lbs. She carries the tent but no food. Checked my pack, still 16 lbs without food. I carry the cooking gear and the food for the 3 of us so on mail drop days my pack might weigh as much as 28lbs but it gets lighter every ...