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  1. What costs so much

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    I am doing this from a labtop a trailangel is leting me use while sitting on the side of the road someplace in New Jersey, eating one of their delicious apples and decided to come on here right now i spent roughly 6000 dollars and thats gear and every thing i will probably spend around 8000 this year. This is the most costly year i have ever seen on the AT on my Flip-Flop in 96 i spent 2600 and in 2006 i spent 4500. and the price is only going to rise by. What you spend most of your money on is
  2. First entry

    I'm here in Damascus, VA just figuring out how to blog via White Blaze. My current location on the trail is Erwin, TN which I left to come to Trail Days. I would like to see if I can get a URL to this blog so that I can provide a direct way of getting to the blog.

    I'm enjoying Trail Days and will probably stay until the end. The contra dance at the stone school was fun last night and playing music in Tent City with Rem was especially fun. Rem had a trail fiddle and a banjo. We ...
  3. Linden, Va to Harpers Ferry

    We are looking to go from the Linden Va area and hike to Harpers Ferry along with my 10 and 13 year old in June. We still don't have a map as of yet and was curious how far of a hike that is? Also, can you tell me how the terrain is being that we would like to get an idea of how long this should take. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Loner 2012 AT videos #'s 22-27 on You Tube

    My son Jeff, known on the trail as Loner and also on White Blaze as Snakesession has posted more videos from hi AT thru hike - these are #'s 22-27 - Roan, TN to Marion, VA. Ponies, bear sightings, stops at hostels, views, old cars and more. image for larger version. 

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  5. Recovery went better than anticipated BUT

    Once again, this post has nothing to do with hiking, only the knee surgery I had to have done in order to get back on the trail. Not interested in my recovery? Fine.

    ANYWAY, today I had the follow-up visit with the surgeon. His analysis and my experience were perfectly in sync -- the post-surgery recovery had gone better than typical, and I was now ready for ALMOST all the activities I have avoided this spring.
    Doc noted that I was wise to get the surgery as soon as a problem ...