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  1. Appalachian Trail Journal Entry #3 - Navigation and Trail Dictionary

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ID:	19741Okay, so I pilfered this idea from hikers who have gone before me:

    In an attempt to make it a little easier on my friends and family back home who are planning on following this ridiculous journey of mine, this quest of sorts; I have created a shortcut list of abbrevs and a brief definition of what the hell I'll be talking about as the journal presses on.

    So, the Appalachian Trail. The mountainous frontier spanning 2,180 miles from Springer ...
  2. Appalachian Trail Journal Entry #2 - More Gear

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    I ended up going back to Walmart and picking up three journals for me and my sons, two backpacks, and a multi-tool. With this added to the tents that I purchased earlier, our first day of gear shopping has turned out pretty well. On Monday, I am going to order some sleeping bags and the Companion book.

  3. N2TW: Appalachian Trail Episode #1 - Introduction, Gear

  4. Appalachian Trail Journal Entry #1 - The Introduction and Gear!

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    Today is my first journal entry and I have waited until now for a reason. I wanted to wait until I began spending money on this trip, because only then would I know for sure that I was going to do this. Today, me and my sons went out and bought our tents for this trip. This thing seems to be coming together so quickly. I have talked about the Trail for a few months, but I just decided to do it THIS YEAR a few days ago. I have created our you tube account ...
  5. Getting in shape.

    After my miniscus tear last yr. on the trail,my docs advised me 2 train again b4 i start my hike. So i am on a treadmill,ncline 10,speed 1.8, for 10 mins. 2x's dly. with full pack 65-70Lbs. I also am walking up steep hills here in Philly which is helping,bsides stretching xercises. I am starting April 8th. Any other ideas would b helpful,thank god i am in great shape cept for getting my legs built up again.