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  1. I have questions about weather and gear.

    I'm starting the trail nobo at in Georgia, on the 22nd. up here in Ohio we've had an unusually warm winter. I was wondering if any one could tell me what the weather is like on the trail. do I need my winter gear how & how long will I need it?
  2. Mid-March is an unusual time for a "warm-up" hike

    But the weather was perfect, and I wanted to ensure that (1) my equipment was still present, operating, and organized; (2) my body was still operating; and (3) I hadn't lost my zest. Happy to report everything went well.

    Safest way to test all equipment is to do an easy overnight -- park at a trail head reasonably close to a shelter, hike there, spend the night, and return. Nothing fancy or strenuous, but that's the POINT. If something fails to work, or you forgot to pack something, ...
  3. On the trail: 2 entries over on

    I'm finally on the trail, having made it from Amicalola Falls State Park to Hiawassee, GA. I've made tons of notes but am a little behind on getting journal entries written. I hope to catch up and will get them keyed in while in Franklin, NC.

    Anyway, you'll find my latest entries (3/6 and 3/7) over on
  4. From NYC To Harriman State Park: Public Transportation

    Bear Mt. Bridge from The Timp
    The trouble for me with living in New York City is that I don't have a car, so getting out of the city for a weekend trip into the wilderness can necessitate rather out of the way transportation routes. There are websites that mention that access ...
  5. March 19 - Drive to Amicalola Falls

    I'll be leaving from Dunedin, FL., O-Dark-Thirty Monday morning 3/19, driving to Amicalola Falls. Anyone needing a ride and share fuel expense PM me. I be driving I-75 North.