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  1. Will be on the trail again in April...or sooner.

    by , 03-14-2013 at 19:01 (Fireweed - An Older Woman Who Hikes Solo and With Friends)
    Having done 1000 miles, I'm looking forward to the next big section. Looks like it will be either Delaware Water Gap southbound to Damascus, or the other way around.

    Considering the weather, northbound from Damascus may be the better choice.

    Some new gear will be with me. A cuben fiber tarp will replace the MSR E-wing. A Jacksrbetter bridge hammock instead of the Hennessey and an under-quilt instead of a closed cell foam pad. Guess I'm getting kinda uppity in my ...
  2. 3/13 Discouraged but not defeated

    My feet are very painful at this time with blisters causing difficulty hiking. Did 12.5 miles today with every step a struggle. Muskrat Creek to Carter Gap. Cold and windy all day. Off trail at 4pm and in tent by 5pm. Windy and cold in my bones. Never imagined it would be this cold in NC in March... way colder today than back home in NH! 16 miles till I can get off the trail for a rest in Franklin NC. Hoping for Friday midday. It is going to be a long night but not defeated. total of 93.9 ...
  3. Slight Set Back

    Hi everyone!

    People say that when you need something on the trail, you can always find it. This has certainly been the case for us.

    Since the last time we posted, we have encountered some unexpected challenges. We decided to take a couple of zeros (days we don't hike at all) to help Clay's knee heal from the first few days of hiking. Unfortunately, his knee did not get better and we decided to hitch a ride to Dahlonega, a 30 minute drive from our cabin, to see a doctor: ...
  4. Photography Opportunities

    Quote Originally Posted by Tennessee Viking View Post
    Some of the famous ones around in the south:

    Three Forks
    old Cheese Factory
    old tree at Bly Gap
    Fontana Lake
    Standing Indian
    Max Patch
    Views from Rich Mtn Tower
    Bald Mtn exposed ridgeline
    Big Butt/Coldspring Mtn
    Big Bald
    Beauty Spot
    Roan Highlands
    Jones Falls
    side trip to Elk River Falls
    Bob Peoples
    Laurel Falls
    Watauga Lake
    side trip along the Creeper
  5. Day of reckoning

    After more than a year of thought it is decided that i will make the final steps in the Adventures of Ratchet doing the AT. That has been set and final preparations are here to do. Purchasing the bus ticket. packing the last of the 'home dehydrated food packs', and trying to pinpoint where I will be 'when'. That is the easy part. The hard part is trusting Mother Nature. Hoping in fair weather the whole trip. Yea, right!. Anyway, the final days are here and I'm intrigued by my fellow hikers remarks ...