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  1. Getting Ready

    I'm Sully until I get my trail name. I thought about hiking the trail a few years back and decided I didn't want to wait any longer. With that said I have three "partners" that will be coming with me. They are going to be 8, 10 and 12 with my 8 and 10 year old turning 9 and 11 on the trail. I am undecided about bringing Charlie our Golden Retriever so for now she trains with us. My husband will be our support and will be sending our supply boxes etc.

    At this point my overall ...
  2. availability of cannisters on trail for pocket rocket

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    Hi: are cannisters readily available on the trail for pocket rocket? thanks 2013 hiker wannabe
  3. A Little Setback.

    We were supposed to take another training hike this past Sunday but I ended up in the hospital over the weekend

    I was having "unexplained" chest pain and so went to the emergency room because I was afraid it was my heart.

    Long story short, they did all the tests and couldn't find anything wrong so started asking questions about my recent activities.

    Well, yeah, I did help F4ever move that new washer in on Saturday and then we did do that hike ...
  4. Getting Better

    Good morning,
    I am getting better, stronger, and eager to get back on the trail. Today is the last day of 45 days of I.V. antibiotics and my daily efforts are all geared toward getting back to Maine.
    Started sobo on Fathers Day 6/17, Kataydin by noon and early to bed at Kataydin Spring camp that night. Just shy of 100 miles later I was rescued from Chairback mountain by the Greenville F.D. and many volunteers from what resulted in being a Strep infection in my blood that attacked ...
  5. hikerboys cyber cafe

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    How do you manage that? Seriously? please don't be joking...
    No joke.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Premixed drinks can be had at any store nowadays.... Store the platy with Margarita frozen next to the water platy.... Cut the lime and rim it & salt micro cutting board ( I use a cutting sheet as a support to my pack from a $1 store.)
    GSI has nesting