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  1. Permits for AT

    Hi: I am new here and hope I am writing in the correct place. I would like to know how far in advance of doing a thru hike you need to get permit(s). Also, do you need a permit for each state or one for the whole trail. Thanks, Queenie
  2. 2012 Thru-Hike Registry

    Quote Originally Posted by mountain squid View Post
    Alright, all you 2012ers, time to make it official . . .

    Trail Name Nitrojoe
    Direction NoBo
    Estimated Start Date March 06
    Approach Trail - yes
    any additional info that you want the world to know

    If anything changes, please update via a reply to this thread or send me a PM.

    Good Luck everyone!!! This time next year you will be on the trail . . .

    See you on the trail (next year),
    mt squid
  3. iPhone Apps

    I was wondering if anyone knows any usefull hiking apps for the iPhone. I usually do day hikes along the Georgia section of the AT if that helps somehow. Thanks
  4. Cash On Trail

    I'm still in the dreaming phase for a possible 2014 Thru and I was just wondering how folks resupply their cash while on trail?
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  5. Backpacking and Guitar

    I've read people blogs on guitars and whether or not they think it's worth it to bring one, but that is not my inquiry. I'm completely dead set on bringing a lightweight guitar on my thru-hike but my question is what is the best kind of guitar to bring. I'm looking to buy another guitar–one that is more suited and lightweight for the outdoors. Does anyone have personal knowledge he/she could share about a good guitar to get for backpacking. I've heard of fold-up guitars and read something about ...