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  1. We're finally going!

    I've finally convinced my husband, 4Fevertryin, that we've got to hike the AT. I found an information packet from the ATC dated Nov, 2007 so it's only taken about 5 years to convince him! He became convinced after going geocaching with me and realizing how nice (and quiet) it is to be out in the woods!

    Our first adventure will be in April of 2013, to hike from Amicalola Falls SP on the AT approach trail to Unicoi Gap. That's 8.8 miles plus 52.9 so about 60 miles in 8 days. We just ...
  2. Over 60-yo

    Quote Originally Posted by billyboy View Post
    Hoping to do a Thru (NOBO) w/the Class of 2013. I will be 66-yo at that time, having retired this year (2012).
    I am a Cancer Survivor and have the standard age challenges: aches/pain, move slower, etc.,etc.
    I have however, been hiking the AT off/on since the early 80s,so I do have some experience.
    I wonder what tips/info folks have that completed a Thru,who were at least 60 or older at the time?
    Hi Over 60. I am planning on hiking the AT in 2013. I am 71 and will celebrate ...
  3. Long time since last post!

    Still on the trail! I'm in Vernon NJ right now and have had one hell of a hike so far. Unfortunately I have given up my hope of completing a true thru hike this year but still want to hike as much of the trail as possible. I ended up getting off the trail for a couple of weeks to go back to my home town outside of Boston to work and got back on at Deleware water gap. So far NJ has been a great state. I've seen 4 bears and my first rattlesnake of the trail. I should be able to update my journal a ...
  4. Blister prevention steps that worked for me... in a stellar fashion, may I add.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spokes View Post
    The 4 things that helped me stay blister free on the trail:

    - Proper boot fit
    - Darn Tough Trek socks
    - Pre-hike foot soak in strong tea solution
    - Daily use of Body Glide on feet during hike
  5. Snakesession/Loner 2012 AT reaches Vernon, New Jersey

    I heard from my son Loner a few days ago and he's now reached Vernon, New Jersey and is probably beyond the 1,350 mile mark now. He's recently posted a batch of new videos. The most recent are #70-74 at his You Tube AT Video blog, Loner 2012 AT . And before that he has posts from Pennsylvania (well, some of these are rants, Maryland and more. Lots of varied terrain. He spent the hot days trying to hammock hang ...