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  1. Solio Bolt Solar USB Charger Backpacking Field Review

    Video: Backpacking field review of the Solio Bolt, portable USB solar recharger.
    I used this product for 2 consecutive days of hiking in Harriman State Park in mid March. With no foliage to cover the sun but a chill in the air, I put this product to the test in a real life backpacking situation.

  2. Asheville Hiker Get Together

    Appalachian Trail enthusiasts of all types are getting together once a month in Asheville to stay connected and be merry. This month we are meeting at the Bier Garden On Tuesday March 13 from 6 - 8 PM. All our welcome and encouraged to come. R.S.V.P. or just come and look for the white blaze!
  3. Hoppy around on one leg

    I am nowwith three weeks until my flight to Atlanta. The planter fasciitis, in my left foot went from a problem in the morning to impossible to walk on. I had switched from the Superfeet, orange inserts, to the green insert. Boots are Merrell Moab Mid waterproof light hikers. I heard that the green was better for backpacking? I hoped it would improve the Platers in my left feet.(wrong) The insert put pressure against arch near the heel of left foot, this was a warning sign that I ignored. Short ...
  4. Training for North Carolina
    Yesterday we loaded up our backpacks with 25 pounds for Wait-up and 15 pounds for me. Then we drove to Pond Creek bridge and walked up and down the hill on both sides of the bridge for a total of 7 miles. Time was 2 hours and 20 minutes. If you live anywhere around here, you know that the Pond Creek hills are pretty good ones; I crinch when I see folks riding bikes up the hill on either side of the creek.

    Felt good to put ...
  5. Katahdin is That-a-way!

    I am not making up the following conversation, freshly spoken this morning:

    "Yes, my name is ___ and I'd like to make a change to our [web & database] hosting account."
    "Sure thing, Mr. ___. Let me bring up your account. Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. ___, only the account's primary contact can make changes."
    "Uh, I see. Who is the primary contact?"
    "Let me see. --- Okay, Mr. ___. the primary contact is blank."