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  1. At 2012

    Anyone hiking northbound in the beginning of March?
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  2. The Adventures of Puma Ghostwalker… Rattlesnakes and Lightning…….

    When I left to hike the Appalachian Trail last May, I had the knowledge of several books on hiking the AT (as it is called) and how to do it. I still arrived at the Gainesville Georgia bus depot with an 85 pound backpack. It had all the things I found necessary to hike “My Hike”, including my laptop, solar panel and 12 days of food.

    I remember waiting for car service at my camper with my friend Gary.
    He even said its very heavy, when I went to pick it up I thought the shoulder ...

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  3. Reginald Woodchuck Was Well Liked and Liked To Be Called Reggie.

    Being the smallest in the family he found ways to be resourceful when it came to food.Reggie learnt that if he could find humans that will talk with him, he could get them to do things for him.

    Prior to my hiking of the Appalachian Trail, it was quite well known that I can communicate with wild animals. I had a feeling that spending time out in the wilderness,
    such as backpacking for months would increase that bond I have with all things wild.
    I guess ...

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  4. .........The Adventures of Puma Ghostwalker.. When Worlds Collide…. The Age of Man

    The moon was slowly disappearing to the west as the sun rose in the misty mountain dew,
    Kieta full from a meal she had buried two nights ago on the full moon.

    The cool crisp air of December made her longing for home. Kieta was born
    Emily Harris Little Crow from the South Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation in the state of North Carliona. Kieta’s people, the North Georgia Chattahoochee River Band is part of the Qualla Boundry, where tradition has been past down for centauries. ...

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  5. Flame Azaleas and Red Rubies….Of the Appalachian Trail..

    After crossing the Georgia/ North Carolina state line on June 4th I had already hiked
    76 miles of my 3 month 800 mile journey, Rhododendrons and Azaleas were in full bloom,
    especially in the higher elevations.
    The Flame Azalea, is a brightly colored Rhododendron actually,
    (Rhododendron calendulaceum) The range in color was spectacular, going
    from orange, red to yellow fading to a salmon, salmon to peach, and pink, glorious color variations.
    I had read about ...

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