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  1. Getting Better, Getting Close

    Still recovering from hellacious cold but feeling better, bit by bit.

    By this time this coming week, I will have spent my first night on the trail, just past Springer Mountain (I'm doing the approach trail, so thus the uber low official AT miles for Day One).

    In any case, I feel my cold has done its worst and now it's a matter of getting back to 100% as quick as possible.

    Onward and forward.

    -- Hat, 2012 NOBO AT
  2. jealous

    I, am jealous not leaving for another month on a section hike good luck to all thru hikers, God Bless

  3. Does an iphone work just as well as a lap top

    I just bought a lap top for the trip and now i think i may may have made a mistake its heavy and bulky and i dont even know how i am going to get serivce out there with the thing. can i use an iphone just like a lap top ex: blogging staying in touch with friends camera and video recording map look up. the reason i post in here is because for some reason i am not able to post in the forum section i may not be doing it right.
  4. How to put into words how I feel right this minute?

    How to put into words how I feel right this minute?
    My daughter and roommates are all snoozing.
    I went outside to smoke a cig and looked up into such a vast sky. Tredecillions of stars are blinking at me. And I think to my-self “God,if you’re up there… and can hear me down here, good job…. You did such a good job.”
    I feel so placated with life and the awesome power of it. The exquisiteness.
    This is my time. During this time I am not a mother. I am not a friend, sister ...

    Updated 02-22-2012 at 01:57 by Brittney Floyd

  5. Ocelt & Huckleberry's excellent adventure

    Me & Ocelot are heading out for another SOBO section hike in late March... Salt Log Gap (Buena Vista) to US 11 (Troutville)... 8 days, 85 miles... anywhere from 10 - 14 miles per day. That's about all my old legs can handle these days. Just takin' our time... enjoy'n the ride.

    We finished up the last of Northern Va last weekend on a 11 mile day hike from Keys Gap to just north of Harper's Ferry. Love the way the AT meanders through the old historic town.

    See you ...

    Updated 02-21-2012 at 17:34 by Traverse