• Whitehouse Landing Camps opening on Memorial Day

    Hi ,We will be open on Memorial Day ... and yes our camps are still for sale in till that day comes we will be open for hikers . Looking forward to 2013. Happy Trails,Bill ,Linda & Ben
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    1. Gator 65's Avatar
      Gator 65 -
      You still have the best burger on the trail! Looking forward to having a bush pilot drop me off at your place in Sept so I can hike into Aboul Bridge to the campground and general store.

      Gator... Thru hike in 09
    1. Gator 65's Avatar
      Gator 65 -
      best breakfast also!
    1. tim&vickie's Avatar
      tim&vickie -
      I talked to the owner, Bill Ware, in March 2014. He said he will not be open in 2014.
    1. Mykneeshurt's Avatar
      Mykneeshurt -
      Such a shame. I really enjoyed my stay there in 2013, at the beginning of the southern portion of my "flip/flop" thru hike. The owners were very nice. Lots of my fellow hikers complained about the cost....but I thought it was very fair, considering the out-of-the-way location. I hope the owners are happy in their retirement!