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    Soto Windmaster

    Thread Starter: squeezebox

    I'm thinking of trading up to the Soto Windmaster from my Snow Peak Giga Power. The snow peak wind screen is 2 oz, the stove itself is about 1.7X the

    Last Post By: Dedicated Hanger Today, 01:37 Go to last post

    Good down pants brands

    Thread Starter: tucker0104

    I am looking to get some "in camp" pants to where to stay warm. What are some good brands to look for? All I have heard of is feathered friends.

    Last Post By: tucker0104 Today, 01:05 Go to last post

    Where to find pouches of chicken?

    Thread Starter: somers515

    Ok I've used tuna pouches in trail recipes and have had no trouble finding them at my local grocery store. Where do you get chicken pouches? I can't

    Last Post By: shelb Today, 01:03 Go to last post

    Fruit trees you've encountered on hikes.

    Thread Starter: Dogwood

    What are some of the fruit trees and fruit you've been fortunate to sample on hikes? Here's a list I've been fortunate to taste. I'm sure I'm forgetting

    Last Post By: shelb Today, 01:01 Go to last post

    Phone GPS & Conserving Battery

    Thread Starter: Chair-man


    I stumbled across this web site and found some good info on saving your battery using your smart

    Last Post By: joedperk Today, 00:55 Go to last post

    Toesocks, Who Wears 'em?

    Thread Starter: Chair-man

    When I first started doing my training hikes I was getting hot spots around my toes after several miles, especially between my big toe & the second

    Last Post By: squeezebox Today, 00:37 Go to last post