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    Gambit McCrae

    Mike Evans of Front Royal was a no show for shuttle

    Thread Starter: Gambit McCrae

    Here is a special shoutout to Mike Evans of Front Royal, VA for being a no show on the shuttle that we arranged for Oct 10th

    I called Mike

    Last Post By: Big Dawg Today, 03:23 Go to last post

    Town shirt yes or no?

    Thread Starter: freightliner

    I was thinking this time around I would bring a town shirt with me. Something to wear when you're in town maybe with a little cotton in it. I don't know

    Last Post By: Danwood Today, 02:55 Go to last post


    Thread Starter: jred321

    Is anyone planning on taking a phablet (ginormous phone) with them next year? From what I understand, basically everyone these days is using a smartphone

    Last Post By: Danwood Today, 02:51 Go to last post

    SOBO Thru-Hike 2015-Partner

    Thread Starter: Hucklebarry

    Just seeing how many people plan on doing a SOBO Thru-hike 2015. Could use a Partner for some of the trip.

    Last Post By: Danwood Today, 02:18 Go to last post

    New FT hiker who lives in NE Fl weekend hike reccs...

    Thread Starter: saltysack

    I often travel to north Carolina for work so most of my hikes are on the southern AT....I live in Atlantic beach just outside Jacksonville and want to

    Last Post By: MuddyWaters Today, 01:31 Go to last post


    Thread Starter: Tuckahoe64

    Since I have gone over to an alcohol stove, I would like to make a pot cozy. Rather than buying a large roll of reflectix that I will not use up, does

    Last Post By: July Today, 01:27 Go to last post