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    Earliest start date noob from NY on AT

    Thread Starter: Cheyou

    Would like to start April. Have finished HF to NY train station. Or would I b better going S from HF that early.


    Last Post By: rafe Today, 14:42 Go to last post

    storing gear

    Thread Starter: squeezebox

    I know about not storing insulated stuff stuffed tight. But what about tents, pads? My hiking clothes share a drawer with my cycling clothes. Not sure

    Last Post By: Hosh Today, 14:31 Go to last post

    GPS for Trail Mapping of Mason Dixon Trail

    Thread Starter: SkeeterPee

    I would like to section hike the MDTS this coming year. It is just short of 200 miles. There are old maps, but there does not appear to be GPS files.

    Last Post By: ki0eh Today, 14:29 Go to last post

    Dehydrating personal meals

    Thread Starter: Hosh

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but a great series of recipes have been done on a youtube channel. Search on Babelfish5. He has some great renditions

    Last Post By: Hosh Today, 13:48 Go to last post

    first time hammocker- what do I need to stay warm?

    Thread Starter: sydneymkay

    I will be hiking NOBO from May to late august- how much insulation and warmth will I need? I have a hennessy ultralite backpacker and a 40* marmot bag

    Last Post By: squeezebox Today, 13:41 Go to last post

    'Stolen' Trekking poles from gravel springs hut

    Thread Starter: Dholmblad

    Did a weekend in the Shenandoah and stayed one night at gravel springs hut. Was surprised that a few groups trickled in. In the morning 2 groups of 2

    Last Post By: squeezebox Today, 13:24 Go to last post