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    Canadian citizen, any problem with trip length?

    Thread Starter: Mithadon

    Hey again fine folks,
    my next question is whether I might have any trouble just crossing the border to hike the trail for say 1 month. And what

    Last Post By: Mithadon Today, 04:23 Go to last post

    Permithin use

    Thread Starter: Tprunty8

    I just got a bottle of concentrated Permithin and would appreciate advice on its use. I would like to treat both clothing and gear before hitting the

    Last Post By: Pumba Today, 03:31 Go to last post

    Modular, light(ish) pack?

    Thread Starter: Size12

    Looking into getting a new pack as my 6yr old pack has a few hipbelt issues no, and weighs around 3-3.5kg empty, so Is a wee bit heavier than Id like.

    Last Post By: Donde Today, 03:27 Go to last post

    Shoes vs. Sandals?

    Thread Starter: blazercoach

    For a 14 day NOBO hike from Springer in the middle of summer (mid to late July through as late as early August) would it be crazy and inadvisable to wear

    Last Post By: Donde Today, 03:22 Go to last post

    ULA Corcuit or ULA OHM 2.0?

    Thread Starter: Pumba

    Which one would YOU buy and why? I understand there is a weight difference, but also a difference in the frame/support. I'd like to get some opinions

    Last Post By: Donde Today, 03:21 Go to last post

    Are maps needed

    Thread Starter: Drybones

    Are maps needed for the CT or will the info in the Databook suffice?

    Last Post By: squeezebox Today, 02:14 Go to last post