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    Newbie considering Hammock Camping on AT

    Thread Starter: Boo-Yah

    I am looking to do a 2 week hike on AT, undecided about Hammock or Tent hike. Has anyone done both to give pro's and con's and advice. I am large 6'4"

    Last Post By: bullseye Today, 14:15 Go to last post


    Thread Starter: Boo-Yah

    New to hiking and camping, wondered what thoughts were on GPS system for hiking and camping, I notice a lot of coordinates posted on sites about good

    Last Post By: Turk6177 Today, 14:02 Go to last post

    Need A Tent Or Shelter For A Thru Hike

    Thread Starter: Googan

    I'm in the market for a tent or shelter for a thru walk. It needs to be efficient and allow me to sleep in bad weather relatively comfortably. I definitely

    Last Post By: Deadeye Today, 13:53 Go to last post

    Stick pic with iPhone tips please...

    Thread Starter: saltysack

    I'm not a selfie kind of guy but for my up coming jmt hike I figured I better take lots of pix!!! Mostly landscape pix...any tips?? iPhone 6+....timer

    Last Post By: Turk6177 Today, 13:52 Go to last post

    Wake up and do what?

    Thread Starter: jefals

    I was reading reviews on some bear cannisters, and a couple folks said that they put pots/pans on top of their cannister so that if the bear found it

    Last Post By: Deadeye Today, 13:49 Go to last post

    Tarptent Notch Owners

    Thread Starter: Mfrenchy

    Do you configure it different than the standard pitch? I was trying to figure a way to get the walls closer to the ground and just lowering my trekking

    Last Post By: Mfrenchy Today, 13:45 Go to last post