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    Raising Christmas money

    Thread Starter: rickycodie

    ok so the wife doesn't know this, but due to a Student Financial Aid error at Phoenix I am selling off some of my beloved hammock gear to buy her a rather

    Last Post By: Trailweaver Today, 04:22 Go to last post

    Pain Relief Medicine over the Counter or Easy to get?

    Thread Starter: Rolex

    After Cowboying through a Kidney stone last weekend, (Kids, don't try that at home!), I was wondering what the consensus would be on the group for carrying

    Last Post By: Trailweaver Today, 04:15 Go to last post

    Canned Food

    Thread Starter: lsylvain

    I started to do it the other day at the grocery store but my wife was embarrassed by her husband putting cans of tuna on the produce scale so I had to

    Last Post By: Trailweaver Today, 03:55 Go to last post

    Where to find pouches of chicken?

    Thread Starter: somers515

    Ok I've used tuna pouches in trail recipes and have had no trouble finding them at my local grocery store. Where do you get chicken pouches? I can't

    Last Post By: Trailweaver Today, 03:49 Go to last post

    Soto Windmaster

    Thread Starter: squeezebox

    I'm thinking of trading up to the Soto Windmaster from my Snow Peak Giga Power. The snow peak wind screen is 2 oz, the stove itself is about 1.7X the

    Last Post By: squeezebox Today, 03:13 Go to last post

    Toesocks, Who Wears 'em?

    Thread Starter: Chair-man

    When I first started doing my training hikes I was getting hot spots around my toes after several miles, especially between my big toe & the second

    Last Post By: Riocielo Today, 02:58 Go to last post