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    Thread Starter: July

    How bout them Bee's? Anybody eat'in Honey?

    Last Post By: Demeter Today, 14:24 Go to last post

    Looking at UL 2 mans tents

    Thread Starter: bayoutrail

    Don't have a ton to spend but just discovered my REI 1/4 Dome's fly is delaminating and the tent's too old to warranty... So I'm surviving with it while

    Last Post By: HooKooDooKu Today, 14:22 Go to last post

    Hiking in snow

    Thread Starter: hikernutcasey

    This is somewhat of a spinoff from the impending weather thread that's coming this weekend to the NC/TN mountains. I had planned to do a day hike across

    Last Post By: hikernutcasey Today, 14:22 Go to last post

    Good advice for all hikers.

    Thread Starter: Cedar1974

    I am still in the planning stages for my hike, but I just realized I am doing something in school right now that would be smart for anyone planning a

    Last Post By: Lyle Today, 14:10 Go to last post

    Air travel with pack, how to?

    Thread Starter: Ruffdude

    New guy here and could use some advice.
    I'm pretty sure my pack will not meet carry on requirements so how do I travel with it and insure it will

    Last Post By: AT Traveler Today, 13:40 Go to last post

    Do you carry a back up flash light?

    Thread Starter: saltysack

    This past week while night hiking my zebra light turned off unexpectedly....turns out while climbing through a downed tree near Wallace gap a branch must

    Last Post By: garlic08 Today, 13:39 Go to last post