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    PA Section Hike

    Thread Starter: bootsontheground

    My name is Josh, no trail name yet.

    I am planning a section hike of the AT thru PA, from the Maryland line to the NJ line. This is day

    Last Post By: Patrickjd9 Today, 06:02 Go to last post

    Trail town store opening hours?

    Thread Starter: Sodium

    (I guess this question applies to most of small-town America, but coming from the UK I'm not familiar with your 'usual' store opening hours)

    Last Post By: Sodium Today, 05:54 Go to last post

    I'm angry

    Thread Starter: squeezebox

    A fair piece of about my hiking the trail this year is about cleaning out my anger of my ex-wife, brother, 20 yr old son. My brother seems to be pretty

    Last Post By: illabelle Today, 05:36 Go to last post

    Sleeping warm

    Thread Starter: squeezebox

    I have a 30* quilt and a 0* . I'l be part of the Harpers Ferry flippers. I sleep cold. It was 35* in St. Louis last night. I'm concerned if I'll

    Last Post By: illabelle Today, 05:33 Go to last post

    What do you most want when you hit a trail town?

    Thread Starter: Pumba

    I am fortunate that I live very close to the AT in PA, near Boiling Springs. I had the thought that I'd like to do something nice for those that will

    Last Post By: Patrickjd9 Today, 05:16 Go to last post

    Another help me find a tent thread

    Thread Starter: Shrewd

    So after lots of hiking I've finally started to take the plunge into backpacking. I'm thinking lots of short weekend trips to start in Pa and Va (live

    Last Post By: Donde Today, 04:49 Go to last post