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    Guns on the trail. I know, a touchy subject.

    Thread Starter: Cedar1974

    I know some hike with a gun while others do not. I am considering it in case of snakes and feral dogs on the trail. Do you think this is a good idea

    Last Post By: DavidNH Today, 23:21 Go to last post

    Theft of a George to Maine sign?

    Thread Starter: somers515

    On the AT in NJ, at the base of Sunrise Mountain in Culver's Gap there used to be, as recently as earlier this year, a sign that pointed one way to Georgia

    Last Post By: July Today, 23:11 Go to last post

    Linville Gorge - Pisgah Inn

    Thread Starter: 10-K

    Does anyone know if there have been any changes / reroutes / in any of the sections between Pisgah Inn and Linville Gorge - I'll be using Taba's MST guide

    Last Post By: Grits Today, 23:08 Go to last post

    The Second Annual Leave No Hiker Behind Winter Trek

    Thread Starter: 1azarus

    Last year we planned a three night group camp in Harriman Park, mid-January... A bit of an adventure for all, and lots of fun, but ended up being one

    Last Post By: Teacher & Snacktime Today, 23:04 Go to last post

    Pot/Mug that fits a large canister

    Thread Starter: Minos

    Hi There,

    I am looking for the smallest pot/mug that could hold a 220-250 gas canisters from Primus/Gigapower/Coleman.
    It is my understanding

    Last Post By: Minos Today, 22:39 Go to last post

    NCT/Lake Superior Adventure Report

    Thread Starter: edmoll13

    I recently finished a 600+mile, 6 part backpacking adventure. Much of it was on the NCT. Spectacular country! My adventure included an Isle Royale

    Last Post By: archie Today, 22:39 Go to last post