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    Faulty Hitchhiking technique

    Thread Starter: peakbagger

    I am vacation this week and have had a chance to run into Gorham NH during the day more often than usual. The Walmart is 2 miles north of the various

    Last Post By: Kenai Today, 06:23 Go to last post

    Potential Solutions to the BSP issues

    Thread Starter: peakbagger

    Much as folks like to complain about things here is my contribution to alleviating the BSP thru hiker issues during peak periods that could be implemented

    Last Post By: rickb Today, 06:19 Go to last post
    Indigo Hawk

    GSI Outdoors Cooking Sets?

    Thread Starter: Indigo Hawk

    I'm thinking of getting either the Minimalist or Soloist cooking sets for my thru-hike. Has anyone used these on an alcohol stove? If not I have another

    Last Post By: Maui Rhino Today, 04:08 Go to last post
    Just Tom

    Freestanding Tarptent Moment DW

    Thread Starter: Just Tom

    Does anyone know if you could, in a pinch, setup a Tarptent Moment DW directly into "freestanding mode" (obviously using the optional crossing

    Last Post By: tarantolk Today, 01:57 Go to last post

    a few lessons from first backpacking adventure

    Thread Starter: jefals

    1. Don't keep your water filter packed inside your backpack
    2. Speaking of the water filter, I practiced using it at home before I left. But

    Last Post By: jefals Today, 01:52 Go to last post

    2016 Section Hike of Pinhoti

    Thread Starter: AO2134

    Hey all. I was wondering if anyone wants to join me in section hiking the Pinhoti next year. I know very little about the trail, but very soon I am going

    Last Post By: AO2134 Today, 01:31 Go to last post