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    The movie.....A Walk In The Woods

    Thread Starter: terryg49

    Went to see the movie today.. Don't waste your time..

    Last Post By: Busky2 Today, 08:07 Go to last post

    Reading signs of Hypothermia

    Thread Starter: blackbird04217

    A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I went hiking in Washington, Mother Mountain Loop, and it was the first time I've had to bail out on a trip, but better

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    Nemo Cosmo Pads

    Thread Starter: brotheral

    Hi !
    Looking for feedback on "Nemo Cosmo Air" and "Nemo Cosmo Insulated" sleeping pads. I've seen good reviews on both. Doubt

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    Indigo Hawk

    Planning Northbound 2017 Need some advice

    Thread Starter: Indigo Hawk

    This is my first post and I'm not sure where to put it. Anyways, I'm planning a Northbound thru-hike in 2017. The thing is, I'm a bit overweight and know

    Last Post By: AT Traveler Today, 06:42 Go to last post

    feet problems

    Thread Starter: misterfloyd

    If this is posted in the wrong section please move to footwear.

    Since hiking this summer I have had problems with my left foot. I have been

    Last Post By: AT Traveler Today, 06:31 Go to last post

    hunter / hiker

    Thread Starter: runt13


    I have followed just about every thread hear for the better part for a few years, I occasionally post but not too often. And

    Last Post By: elmotoots Today, 03:14 Go to last post