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    Props to the Cinnamon Bear inn Mammoth Lakes!!!!

    Thread Starter: saltysack

    Wow!!!! What great people at a great place...I stayed with them located just behind Schats Bakery during my time out for JMT. Rudy the Inn keeper not

    Last Post By: Lyle Today, 22:56 Go to last post
    Mr Liberty

    World's Lightest Toothbrush (Carbon Fiber!)

    Thread Starter: Mr Liberty

    This full-sized toothbrush weighs at least one gram less than the lightest toothbrush I've ever seen (this one at ZPacks), and it cost me $0!

    Last Post By: Spacelord Today, 22:25 Go to last post

    Bought a scale, want to weigh everything

    Thread Starter: jdc5294

    In the military you'll occasionally be made to do a ruck march of a certain distance in a certain amount of time with a pack weighing a certain amount.

    Last Post By: Spacelord Today, 22:16 Go to last post

    AZT section as preparation for PCT

    Thread Starter: Coffee

    I am planning to hike the Colorado Trail in summer 2014 but I have also been planning to spend a few weeks (up to a month) hiking in the spring (April

    Last Post By: Coffee Today, 22:14 Go to last post

    Older female hiker planning on a thru hike

    Thread Starter: SueJhiker

    Most people I see that hike the trail are younger and fit. I am in relatively good shape for my age (54) but am a bit apprehensive about parts of the

    Last Post By: kf1wv Today, 22:09 Go to last post

    How do people go about eating healthily on the trail...

    Thread Starter: bishbash

    Not a health food fanatic or anything but I like to get my five a day at least(do you have that phrase in usa, comes from a govt recommendation over here

    Last Post By: squeezebox Today, 22:00 Go to last post