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    a few lessons from first backpacking adventure

    Thread Starter: jefals

    1. Don't keep your water filter packed inside your backpack
    2. Speaking of the water filter, I practiced using it at home before I left. But

    Last Post By: Odd Man Out Today, 20:18 Go to last post

    Rain Jacket

    Thread Starter: LittleRock

    Going to hit up the REI Labor Day sale this weekend and buy a much needed replacement for my 12 year old Marmot rain jacket (with multiple places where

    Last Post By: gbolt Today, 20:18 Go to last post

    Can the Appalachian Trail Survive 'A Walk in the Woods?' - Outside Magazine

    Thread Starter: WhiteBlaze

    <table border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="7" style="vertical-align:top;"><tr><td width="80"

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    Ultralight tent Comparison

    Thread Starter: Airgirl

    Looking to covert to a lighter tent for 1 person. I am currently looking at Tarptent Rainbow, Six Moon Designs Skyscape Trekker, or Lightheart Gear Solo.

    Last Post By: Odd Man Out Today, 19:52 Go to last post

    Fall Colors

    Thread Starter: Deco

    My wife and I are wanting to do a week or 10 day section hike sometime in mid to late September or early to mid October. How are the fall colors shaping

    Last Post By: Namtrag Today, 19:41 Go to last post

    Ragweed season?

    Thread Starter: yoyo123

    I have terrible ragweed allergies...in general it seems to be worse in late summer/early fall (ie. August/Sept) where I live, but I'm not on the east

    Last Post By: Slosteppin Today, 19:30 Go to last post