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    Hiking in snow

    Thread Starter: hikernutcasey

    This is somewhat of a spinoff from the impending weather thread that's coming this weekend to the NC/TN mountains. I had planned to do a day hike across

    Last Post By: hikernutcasey Today, 20:38 Go to last post

    How many "Bear Mountains"?

    Thread Starter: jred321

    I went out this weekend in CT and went over Bear Mountain. Then I know there is another Bear Mountain in NY and I believe another down south somewhere.

    Last Post By: upstream Today, 20:34 Go to last post

    CDT Thru Hike in 2015

    Thread Starter: foreversuperawesome

    Hey guys!

    I just started planning for a thru hike in 2015, anyone else out there planning on hiking it as well? I will be doing a NOBO so

    Last Post By: Chuppacabra Today, 20:25 Go to last post
    FL Grandma

    Tick borne illness in Shenandoah

    Thread Starter: FL Grandma

    I became ill after 9 days hiking the AT in Shenandoah: fever 103.5, headache, chills, lethargy. Doc started Doxy (antibiotic) immediately, then ordered

    Last Post By: johnnybgood Today, 20:15 Go to last post

    Thinking About My Feet In Winter Away From Home

    Thread Starter: wvbackpacker

    Ok. I hike & backpack a lot. Typically all year in the mountains of WV. Could anyone help me with the typical, and low temperatures hiking January-March

    Last Post By: 4shot Today, 19:54 Go to last post


    Thread Starter: July

    How bout them Bee's? Anybody eat'in Honey?

    Last Post By: Rocket Jones Today, 19:51 Go to last post