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    Mystery of missing Appalachian Trail hiker still vexes wardens, locals one ... - Bang

    Thread Starter: WhiteBlaze

    <table border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="7" style="vertical-align:top;"><tr><td width="80"

    Last Post By: Gray_Ghost Today, 20:49 Go to last post


    Thread Starter: Woody213

    Do any of you guys/gals smoke/dip regularly? How many have carried cigarettes/dip on your thru hike? I was thinking maybe getting an electronic cigarette

    Last Post By: lemon b Today, 20:47 Go to last post

    nobo hiking buddy?

    Thread Starter: baileym

    Hi, I'm Bailey from CT
    I plan on thru-hiking in 2015 but im having trouble finding someone who will do the hike with me since it means taking off

    Last Post By: drew_a_blank Today, 20:43 Go to last post
    JumpMaster Blaster

    Worst AT terrain?

    Thread Starter: JumpMaster Blaster

    Kinda curious as to what people thought was the worst kind of terrain on the trail. On my last section hike, I encountered a combination of jagged rocks

    Last Post By: Del Q Today, 20:36 Go to last post

    Knockoff Nalgene mini on the cheap!!!

    Thread Starter: thecyclops

    I personally own 2 of these and when I received them,I ordered 2 more in the clear black color right away. These are exactly (In terms of initial quality,materials,and

    Last Post By: thecyclops Today, 20:32 Go to last post

    Bear Spray for Kids

    Thread Starter: HooKooDooKu

    I take my kids (as young as 6yo) on back packing trips with me to places like GSMNP. This obviously poses a danger to them should anything ever happen

    Last Post By: yerbyray Today, 20:31 Go to last post