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    Anyone consider hiking barefoot?

    Thread Starter: Dogtra

    During my first thru-hike attempt I was introduced to barefoot hiking for the first time... I hadn't even considered it before then. Still makes me smile

    Last Post By: LittleRock Today, 14:46 Go to last post
    T Hutch

    re-packing PB and nutella

    Thread Starter: T Hutch

    I'm sure it has been talked about, but any suggestions on repacking PB and nutella?

    Last Post By: Ktaadn Today, 14:45 Go to last post

    Prime time to they the FHT?

    Thread Starter: saltysack

    I'm planning to do a thru on fht this fall/winter....when should expect leaves to turn?? Temps?

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    Last Post By: Ktaadn Today, 14:39 Go to last post

    Looking for hammock insulation advice

    Thread Starter: Drybones

    I've made myself a hammock and need to decide what UQ and TQ to buy. I want something that will keep me warm without long johns down to 20*. I've looked

    Last Post By: ShaneP Today, 14:24 Go to last post
    Gambit McCrae

    Lookout for your pup!

    Thread Starter: Gambit McCrae

    Long story short I kinda messed up this weekend. I became too ambitious and up'd our daily mileage yet again as a weekend section hiker to 25.5 miles

    Last Post By: NY HIKER 50 Today, 14:08 Go to last post
    2015 Lady Thru-Hiker

    Counting down for 2015

    Thread Starter: 2015 Lady Thru-Hiker

    The planning begins in earnest. Approximately 1 year and 21 days from now (based on when the 2015 ATKO is scheduled) I will be at the arch, pack on my

    Last Post By: 2015 Lady Thru-Hiker Today, 13:52 Go to last post