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    Phones on the trail

    Thread Starter: jjozgrunt

    G'day again

    It seems that Verizon, from my reading of journals, has the best coverage on the AT.

    Is there a problem for foreigners

    Last Post By: EastCoastClimber Today, 18:52 Go to last post
    Drew J

    Walmart water bladder

    Thread Starter: Drew J

    Has anyone on here used the Walmart (Cyclone brand I think) water bladders? Are they durable? Does the bit valve work well? i guess overall I am wondering

    Last Post By: thecyclops Today, 18:47 Go to last post

    Water filter choice, what's popular?

    Thread Starter: Gaiter

    So first of all, I actually don't mind pumping my water , many times were having a filter has come in handy, many times I've loaned it to others

    Last Post By: thecyclops Today, 18:39 Go to last post

    Crocs or...

    Thread Starter: RabbitHole

    I see everyone has crocs as a camp shoe for their weight savings. Is there any argument to some more heavy duty tevas or trail sandals for water crossings

    Last Post By: TNhiker Today, 18:32 Go to last post
    Tipi Walter

    22 Days on the White Dot Trail

    Thread Starter: Tipi Walter

    Okay boys, I just got back from a long backpacking trip into the Wilson Creek area of Pisgah NF and here's the trip report. Most of the trip was on the

    Last Post By: PatmanTN Today, 18:20 Go to last post

    Water in Segment 18

    Thread Starter: Coffee

    I'm going through my water plan one last time before heading to the trail and something in the guide book regarding Section 18 concerns me. I am currently

    Last Post By: Dobbins Today, 18:06 Go to last post