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    Gambit McCrae

    Dog Memorial on AT?

    Thread Starter: Gambit McCrae

    How would you folks feel if you hiked up to say...the top of Big Hump and stumbled upon a Memorial Stone of a passed away hiker dog? (Ashes barried under

    Last Post By: rocketsocks Today, 08:00 Go to last post

    Is there a way to mount my GoPro to my trekking pole?

    Thread Starter: toogariver

    Does anyone have suggestions about mounting a GoPro 3 for use on my upcoming section hike? I just got the camera so I'm still getting familiar with using

    Last Post By: PatmanTN Today, 07:45 Go to last post

    Low-Cost Down Jackets

    Thread Starter: chall

    It's that time of year again where the search for cheaper down jackets begins. Here is a contender:

    Uniqlo Ultralight Down


    Last Post By: daddytwosticks Today, 07:18 Go to last post

    3 day CT section hike

    Thread Starter: hilltackler

    So planning to do a 3 day section hike of the section in CT from Salisbury 41/44 to river road. Seems pretty straight forward from looking at the guidebooks

    Last Post By: hilltackler Today, 06:36 Go to last post
    Gambit McCrae

    Gear Maintenance Lets all share!

    Thread Starter: Gambit McCrae

    So I learned this weekend that not everyone is edumicated in the ways of taking care of gear. I thought I would post my "Post Trip Cleanup"

    Last Post By: Rocket Jones Today, 06:31 Go to last post
    Mother Natures Son


    Thread Starter: Mother Natures Son

    Today I got in the mail, a strange type of handout from ATC. They were opposing a casino/hotel complex in New York state. With your donation of x dollars,

    Last Post By: rocketsocks Today, 03:53 Go to last post