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    A rant about gear shopping online....

    Thread Starter: 4shot

    so this is also a confession. I am looking to get a big, fat, heavy roomy tent that will sleep 4 because I want to go car camping () with the wife

    Last Post By: quasarr Today, 05:02 Go to last post


    Thread Starter: squeezebox

    I've enjoyed a number of trail journals.
    Listening to the beauty of sitting on a rock watching the sun set, sitting on the same rock watching the

    Last Post By: rickb Today, 04:36 Go to last post

    Women's hiking weight loss?

    Thread Starter: KacePace

    Hey ladies,

    I'm getting ready to hike the southern half of the AT in a few weeks and was wondering what sort of physical changes to expect.

    Last Post By: quasarr Today, 04:25 Go to last post

    Best resupply location for a 14 day sobo jmt thru ?

    Thread Starter: saltysack

    Hoping to thru jmt late aug this year but time off is limited. What are best resupply options for sobo hike?

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    Last Post By: jj442434 Today, 02:10 Go to last post

    Wind/rain shirt/jacket for summer AT & JMT hikes

    Thread Starter: saltysack

    I always take my heavier OR Forey goretex rain shell (16oz)for colder months but can't see taking for summer sections on AT or thru in late Aug of JMT....tried

    Last Post By: MuddyWaters Yesterday, 23:50 Go to last post

    Burn Bans in MT??

    Thread Starter: SunnyWalker

    I know of a burn ban being enacted pretty quick on the Gila. I was wondering, even though its pretty early anyone heard of any burn bans in Montana along

    Last Post By: Marta Yesterday, 23:47 Go to last post