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    Funding advice.

    Thread Starter: Raoul

    Hey all,

    I'm currently planning a SOBO after graduation during the summer of '15.
    Being that I am a college student living off of a

    Last Post By: Trebor66 Today, 02:27 Go to last post


    Thread Starter: schultz104

    Yes or no? If so whay type?

    Last Post By: ChinMusic Today, 02:10 Go to last post

    Knoxville to Fontana Dam

    Thread Starter: nyrslr21

    Looking at doing a section hike in the Smokies next month and will likely book a shuttle from Knoxville to Fontana Dam the morning of 5/8. It's $165 for

    Last Post By: nyrslr21 Today, 01:57 Go to last post

    Mt.. Whitney

    Thread Starter: schultz104

    Best way to finish the jmt. Do Whitney at sunrise or sunset?

    Last Post By: Different Socks Today, 01:40 Go to last post

    Fire ban on in the Gila

    Thread Starter: bearcreek

    A ban on open fires will begin on 4/21 for the Gila National Forest. Stoves that do not have a valve to turn off and on are considered open fires. (Alcochol,

    Last Post By: bearcreek Today, 00:55 Go to last post

    Overused trail names

    Thread Starter: jdc5294

    Anything to do with Lord of the Rings
    (Pack) Mule
    (Jack) Rabbit

    Last Post By: Different Socks Today, 00:48 Go to last post