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    Default GELATO on the trail!

    Whoa! Forbes is calling it the best gelato in America!

    Yum! I'm heading to Hanover next time I'm up there for a taste test! Don't speed up too much to get there. Hanover being the liberal yuppie, college/doctor town that it is - I'm sure the store will do well.

    I finished my bike ride in 2003 in Traverse City, which somehow managed to have TWO gelato stores on the main drag. I hit both of them to celebrate. Who needed dinner that night? It was bittersweet.
    2013, hopefully.

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    I like butter fat!
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    I'm just a dirty white boy, someone's going have to explain to me what a glato is
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    Quote Originally Posted by john gault View Post
    I'm just a dirty white boy, someone's going have to explain to me what a glato is
    Gelato is Italian style ice cream. Denser, more strongly flavored, and lower in fat than the usual US style. It is great stuff. Much of what's sold in this country as gelato isn't, as it lacks dairy content.
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