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    I am leaving for my SOBO thru on June 11. I recently took advantage of Golite's 50% off sale and got their lightweight down jacket. My question is which layering piece I should bring. I have a mountain hard wear microchill fleece pullover or the golite demaree canyon down jacket and I don't plan on taking both. Thanks.

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    If it was me, I would just bring the lightweight down jacket, rain jacket, base layer top, and whatever shirt you hike in. If you hike in shorts, bring a base layer bottom for in camp. If you hike in pants, bring a pair of shorts for laundry days/camp. Switch it up as the weather dictates.

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    You need a light fleece for layering while hiking, you dont hike in down unless you want to make it soggy. Down is for when you are stopped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MuddyWaters View Post
    Down is for when you are stopped.
    Remember this. Down is NOT for hiking in the temps you will see.
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    You might want to consider one of the UL type windshirts,which weigh around 2-4 ozs. and paired with a good baselayer is all I need for cool or windy days.I wear in camp a merino baselayer and a Patagonia Nano Puff pullover@ 9 ozs.Anyway down is only for camp or breaks .Seems to me down is overkill for warmer temps in the mountians,I also take sometimes clipped to my pack,a Marmot Dri-Clime windshirt which has a very lightweight liner.I use this for breaks or hiking if cool enough...

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    Leave the down at home, unless you decide to take it up in the White Mountains for the week or so you'll be there (include southern Me. in the equation). I would plan on a light down jacket for the White Mts. any time of year (I get cold easier than I did when I was younger). If you don't mind spending more time in your sleeping bag, you can leave the down at home until you get down south in the fall.
    Bear in mind that a down bag isn't something you'll be wanting to sit around a fire in (maybe the jacket, also, but I've risked burn holes in the jacket more than a few times - and have the duct tape patches to show for it ).
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