About WhiteBlaze.net
by attroll

    WhiteBlaze was started on 03 September 2002. It was created to fill the void and a need for a place that hikers could go to and learn new things, share experiences, and to meet other Appalachian Trial hikers. WhiteBlaze seemed to become a hit over night. We immediately had about 200 in the first two months. There was some trouble in the first two months with control and keeping WhiteBlaze going in the right direction. But with some restructuring and new owners we rebound. Since the restructure of WhiteBlaze during November and December of 2002 we grew from 200 users 500 users in one month. Then we double that to 1,000 three months later. We have been growing at a steady rate ever since. We hit 3,000 online users in March of 2004 a goal that was never expected but hope for. Now are goal is to spread the word and try and to bring in more users to help share their ideas and enthusiasm with our growing community of Appalachian Trail enthusiasts.

    We strive to improve WhiteBlaze in everything we do. Our goal is to make WhiteBlaze the best Appalachian Trail site on the World Wide Web. The site is funded through donations by our users. We are limited to our growth due to funding. But we are trying to find ways in every corner to improve the site in any way that we think will help the users. We are the first of its kind to have open free speech forums dealing with the Appalachian Trail. We do not dictate or try to force our views on others. That was why the site was created, to let everyone shares their views and ideas openly without persecution from others. We do this by honoring the freedom of speech rule. But we do have limits to the freedom of speech. I think that is self-explanatory.

    This site is made for you the user therefore it is run by you the user. All hikers and backpackers of the Appalachian Trail are welcome to give their point of view, tell about their hikes, ask any questions that they need answers to. We want to share the wonder and the beauty of the AT to any that would like to learn about this awe inspiring Trail.

    The free sharing of information and experiences is why this site was created and it is why it is one of the best sites on the web dealing with the Appalachian Trail. No one person�s experiences are any better or worse than any one else�s. Here we think that everyone�s dreams, from hiking that first mile to finishing the climb at Mt. Katahdin, is a dream worth sharing.

    WhiteBlaze is one of the largest web sites on the internet dealing with the Appalachian Trail and its uses. It is a site that wants to make you feel welcome. We want you to always feel you as a hiker matter. Come join our forums. Start a discussion, all hiking topics are discussed. We have an extremely extensive photo gallery. Look around enjoy some wonderful photos that represent the many miles of the Appalachian Trail. Share as many or as few of your hiking photos as you like.

    Come in, join us, share your experiences, and let us answer your questions. Everyone�s opinions, dream and experiences matters to us. We are a unique site for a unique set of people.

Our Mission Statement

- Our goal is provide a free Internet community for the sharing of information related to the Appalachian Trail.
- We will do this by using open forums for all to use.
- We will honor freedom of speech (within limits).
- We will do tour best to keep this environment friendly for all.
- We will share or pass information on to others in regards to updates and information on the Appalachian Trail as it becomes available.
- We will respect others opinions and not force our views on to others.
- We expect the same in return from others.

Note: One person does not own WhiteBlaze. Everyone on this site shares a piece of it. Lets work together and help our community of Appalachian Trail Enthusiasts grow.

WhiteBlaze Server stats
Operating system = CentOS
2 x Intel Xeon E5-2630V2
2 x 16GB DDR-3 1600MHz ECC
7 x Western Digital 1TB 64MB 10K SATA3 6GB/s Raptor - WD1000DHTZ
1 x Seagate 3TB 64MB 7.2K SATA3 6GB/s - ST3000DM001