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  1. Miles per day?
  2. Car Camping tent suggestions?
  3. Question regarding section hiking opposite the thru hiker bubble
  4. How to prepare for cold nights?
  5. Most effective way to add warmth to a 30 deg bag in a pinch
  6. Trash Compactor Bags
  7. Tent selection
  8. Winter trail out of lehigh gap (palerton) open?
  9. Weather in the Smokies in May
  10. Travel logistics help
  11. Camping etiquette question
  12. What do you use to hang socks on pack?
  13. Will the "airplane mode" save the battery on your I phone?
  14. "Winter trail" blue blaze side trail at Lehigh Gap PA (Palmerton)
  15. What do you do with your dirty clothes?
  16. GSMNP shelter/site closures
  17. Suggestions around Max Patch
  18. Lightest Two Person Tent
  19. Planning Hike between Max Patch/Davenport Gap
  20. Bugs
  21. Water Storage
  22. Carvers Gap to 19E question
  23. How do you go about setting up camp?
  24. Going Commando
  25. Are the guides accurate for water sources this year?
  26. Eating for energy
  27. Are bear canisters really a requirement?
  28. Fontana hike
  29. Deoderant?
  30. Mohican outdoor center - water
  31. Kennebec Ferry question about your crossing times.
  32. Protective Tips for Hiking Poles?
  33. Looking for a good GPS app for Virginia for a droid
  34. Inside an air mattress.
  35. Holly Brook crossings north of Caratunk and current bug levels?
  36. Need help selecting guide/maps for PA AT hike (complete noobie here)
  37. Parking for Grayson Highlands/Iron Mountain Loop
  38. AT from 64 at Muskrat Creek via Chunky Gal Trail
  39. Shuttle from Abol Campground to the spot where the AT goes up Mt Khatadin
  40. Map Importance With Guide
  41. Fire closes part of the AT in Shenandoah National Park
  42. Smokies weather in mid May
  43. Changed thru hike start date, need a little help with travel logistics
  44. Any safe slots to park a vehicle for 2 weeks in Harper's Ferry?
  45. Quilt temp rating for long section hike?
  46. Suggestion for 10-14 day section in Tennessee/North Carolina during late June
  47. New Forest Fires Near Hot Springs.
  48. Aarn Pack Users: What do you think of your pack?
  49. Shoe tying techniques
  50. Trail magic in southwest VA
  51. Q: BA seedhouse SL1 vs BA Copper spur ul1?
  52. Sleeping bags?
  53. Suggestions for 3-4 Day Hike Southern AT
  54. Hiking Smoky Mountains in June (Good or Bad?)
  55. Choosing a location for a section hike on southern AT
  56. Amicalola to Unicoi gap - thoughts on campsite selection?
  57. McAfee Knob Hike
  58. Grayson Highlands Weather May 14-18
  59. Degree sleeping bag
  60. Anyone's feet got bigger twice?
  61. HMG 3400 icepack or ULA catalyst?
  62. Lunch ideas and camp fires north of Damascus
  63. Hunting Season SW Virginia?
  64. Shuttle Information
  65. Standing Bear to Hot Springs
  66. Blue Ridge Parkway 4 Day Hike Suggestions
  67. Southern VA: is there plentiful water between Partnership Shelter and Damascus?
  68. Best stuff sack for one week of food?
  69. Southern Highlights Tour
  70. Southern/central VA AT trail head recommendations for 3 day hike
  71. Damascus VA section Hike
  72. Are hiking pants necessary--or just base layer?
  73. Eagles Nest Shelter to Wind Gap PA
  74. AT thru hike cost
  75. Boots or trail runners
  76. Parking in Duncannon
  77. smokies rant
  78. 900 miles from July 10th - where to start and which direction?
  79. Permithrin Treating...
  80. How do I get to North Adams, Massachusetts?
  81. Fontana Village resupply...
  82. Total Pack weight... for 5 day hike- With water, no resupply?
  83. Thinking of NOBO section hike from Springer Mt starting late Sept/early oct
  84. Freeze dried meals
  85. PA Resupply help needed
  86. Hiker boxes
  87. Bug problems on AT thru hike!
  88. Best tent type for use in Pennsylvania.
  89. Which Side Up for Ground Sheets?
  90. Found religious jewelry on AT in Smokies
  91. NC/GA Border to Springer MTN hike questions
  92. Dicks Creek to Winding Stair Gap or NOC Car Plan
  93. Hand straps on trekking poles?
  94. Hiker with back issues on a 3-4 weekend
  95. Synthetic or down sleeping bag
  96. Shuttle Cost??
  97. October section hike
  98. I have about ten days to hike in July. Looking for a good section to hike
  99. Water Supply Questions
  100. Hiking 19e to 19w
  101. Umbrellas and are they worth it
  102. grandkids first backpacking experience
  103. PA AT + Loop options?
  104. Section hike near Hot Springs
  105. Day hike Mount Kathain
  106. Looking for sections and sites appropriate for a youth group
  107. Springer Section Hike - November 2016
  108. Need advice - Winding Stair Gap to NOC starting mid-July
  109. Zero/Nero day locations North of Harper's Ferry?
  110. Easy AT section in NY/NJ for inexperienced hiker
  111. So here's the plan.....
  112. Maine August 2016 Rangeley-to-Caratunk
  113. Looking for Hiking Suggestions for Day 2 at Roan Mountain State Park
  114. Should I worry about bears or mice getting into my food?
  115. What was the name of the song at the Mayor's...
  116. Notable Points Amicalola GA - Atkins VA
  117. Springer to Neel Gap this weekend
  118. ultralight saw?
  119. Theft at Dahlgren Campground in Maryland
  120. Hike/Shuttle?Car Drop optiona between McQueens Gap & US 19E
  121. New Jersey or Connecticut?
  122. Parking for section hike in Virginia
  123. Buy shoes
  124. Shuttle etiquette
  125. What to do with food at night?
  126. Sams Gap to Allen Gap water question
  127. What's a cool hike on the AT? (I'm talking temperature)...
  128. Train or bus to Appalachian NJ south?
  129. Water in northern half of PA and NJ?
  130. Question about hostels near Mcafee Knob
  131. Water along the way...Port Clinton-Swatara?
  132. Camping in the Watauga "Bear" Area
  133. Parts of the Appalachian Trail that you do not like?
  134. Newport to Daleville VA Heard Water is slim 35 miles around Catawba
  135. Registration Process to Become Officially Recognized as an AT Thru-Hiker
  136. Injury
  137. Hiking
  138. Parking or good shuttle/parking for South Arm Rd - Andover, ME
  139. PA Trail Suggestions- criteria
  140. hundred mile wilderness spring
  141. What happened to the elevation maps by Section?
  142. the best dates to north-bound thru-hike
  143. Awol's Guide .pdf vs book question
  144. SOBO Bubble passing through Elk Garden (VA600)
  145. Looking for Shuttle Driver
  146. Planning first section hike of Georgia
  147. Continued hike from Bly Gap
  148. Hiking (and life) without Electronic Giismos (Confessions of a Luddie)
  149. Clingman's Dome and Fontana Dam
  150. Fat Hiker Advice?
  151. why would you ever...
  152. Help with weather. Va - NJ section in fall.
  153. Registration for 2017 AT hike
  154. Flipping to Maine, question about mileage and terrain.
  155. Section Port Clinton PA to Rt 309 PA 3 or 4 days?
  156. Need shuttle from SNP to Front Royal
  157. northern SNP resupply
  158. Newbie Needs Some Info:
  159. Cell phone coverage on the AT
  160. Amacalola to Neels Gap
  161. Parking in Kent, CT?
  162. Pack Advice Jansport D5
  163. First Time section hiker
  164. Need help finding a section hike in late October
  165. Shaded or a whole lot of sun?
  166. Smokies -- do I really need a tent?
  167. Betty Creek gap?
  168. Ashby Gap - I-70 in MD - Tent or Hammock?
  169. NC to GA.. (Sobo)
  170. Ticks - Are they still all over GA right now?
  171. GA Water Report for Labor Day Hikers - Amicalola to Unicoi Gap
  172. Water from Damascus to Mt Rogers NRA
  173. Bartram trail
  174. Where is Lance Creek?
  175. Anyone use elastic no tie shoe laces?
  176. Deep Gap, NC to Wallace Gap, NC doable in one day?
  177. One Big Push.... which way and time to go?
  178. Rabun Bald day hike
  179. Water from Monson to Caratunk
  180. Is it safe to leave a car at Dicks Creek lot for a week?
  181. Winter section hike advice
  182. Poison Ivy
  183. getting back to Atlanta from GA/NC border
  184. Transportation from Fontana to Damascus
  185. Loop hike around Flint Mountain Shelter to Erwin.
  186. Where to go in TN/VA in November?
  187. Night hike
  188. Chester Gap-Harper's Ferry starting in March
  189. Water availability Harpers Ferry to Pine Grove?
  190. What's a feasable distance to cover in an average day?
  191. water - max patch to standing bear
  192. ALDHA WEST: The Gathering
  193. Weather Harper's Ferry and north in March
  194. First Time Section Hiker
  195. Post Hike foot pain
  196. Zman or Rambo
  197. bug bivy/hut
  198. Loop hikes in TN / NC
  199. AT approach water
  200. Found at Upper Goose Pond
  201. water sources Max Patch to Hot springs
  202. Chattahoochee Gap, GA tenting sites?
  203. AT excel spreadsheet data - research project for MBA course
  204. Driving from Boston - where to go for 3 day hike?
  205. Portable Cell Phone battery charger
  206. Unicoi Gap and heading North
  207. Re-supply out of Harper's Ferry North bound
  208. Is there a Southbound bubble?
  209. Pickled ice cream bites
  210. Section hike Newfound Gap VA to Harper's Ferry
  211. AT from New York by train
  212. Water situation between Damascus & Hampton, TN?
  213. Time sensitively: Getting water at NOC
  214. Hotels in Harpers Ferry
  215. Grayson Highlands
  216. Best Backpacking Camp Towel
  217. Harper's Ferry to Rockfish Gap, Sept/Oct 2017
  218. Starting Trail Number
  219. Going rate for a shuttle
  220. Parents are gonna be outside Gatlinburg
  221. Fuel Canisters
  222. Best time to hike in Connecticut, vermont, New Hampshire, Maine
  223. Modern Blue Blazing
  224. Garmont T8 Technical Boots
  225. Winter on NY/NJ AT
  226. Camping Between Hump Mountain and the site of the old Apple House Shelter
  227. How crowded is 100 Mile Wilderness in Sept?
  228. "Trail Magic" at Vandeventer Shelter
  229. Easy places to leave the trail
  230. SW Virginia winter hike
  231. Cuben fiber versus 40mph winds
  232. Atkins South to Damascus End of November Section Hike
  233. water near the Telephone pioneers shelter?
  234. New Katahdin Sign
  235. revovery after thru hike
  236. Water and Temperature situation in GA
  237. Washing/ Drying Sleeping Bag with Rip (Duct Tape)
  238. Water South Western VA
  239. Justus Mountain question
  240. Unicoi Gap to Dicks Creek
  241. Camping in Burkes Garden Area
  242. Need advice pickup north of deep gap
  243. Springer Water?
  244. Bromley Mountain observation deck
  245. Walk through the pain?
  246. Water in MA, CT, NY, NJ
  247. Water - South of VA311 (Catwaba VA)
  248. Springer mountain to Hawks mountain shelter
  249. the Whites
  250. Blood mountain to Hogpen Gap