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  1. Calorie Requirement Calculator - Very useful
  2. Need Idea's - 18 month child - possible Lyme... what are your exsperinces?
  3. Near spray or no bear spray
  4. Vomiting and Diarrhea on the Trail: Western Maine
  5. Post op advice needed after Hernia repair
  6. 20 people have died and 700 infected so far - 2012 West Nile
  7. Piriformis Syndrome
  8. As if hikers didn't have enough to worry about with Lyme. . . .
  9. Anybody with allergies?
  10. Have you done somethin really stupid?
  11. New Tick-Borne Virus Discoverd
  12. Hantavirus hits Yosemite NP, 2 dead 1700 possible exposed
  13. Man Rashes
  14. Danger on the trail ?
  15. Backpacker Giardia: The Science and the Evidence
  16. Foot pain questions
  17. Benefits of not drinking water
  18. Hypothermia ???
  19. Injuries you have sustained on the trail?
  20. McNett Water Filter
  21. Knee discomfort following rugged section
  22. More on the War on Drugs
  23. Preparing medicine supply? Bringing scripts on AT
  24. Is everyone wearing orange?
  25. My feet suck :(
  26. Bear Canisters vs Bags
  27. Another case against the yo-yo approach to health
  28. Pain Relief Question
  29. How long would it take for someone to know something happened to you?
  30. Importance of fire and safety training at workplace
  31. Depressed while hiking?
  32. Morton's Neuroma....again...and Hot Feet
  33. SOLO Wilderness First Aid Classes
  34. Hip Pain from Running, On Trail and Off, But Not from Hiking
  35. Safety
  36. knee issue question
  37. Water pump/filter necessary if using chemical water treatment methods?
  38. Recommendation: Poison Ivy soaps....
  39. Hi, my name is John and I'm a slow metabolizer
  40. Giardia after 2012 thru hike
  41. Cut Carbs Lose Weight -- then again....
  42. Introduction
  43. Toenails
  44. Mild pain top of foot, anyone know how long it takes to heal?
  45. Exercises & training for Hiking
  46. Hiking with orthotics
  47. Maximum Heart Rate
  48. Can Hiking Make You Fat?
  49. Ticks, bugs etc
  50. Diabetes Type 1, Addison's Disease and a Planned Thru-Hike
  51. Healthy weight loss
  52. Arctic blast maybe coming to southern part of AT
  53. Water Bottle Sticker of Poisonous Plants
  54. Multi-Purpose Hair/Body Product
  55. Contact lens use on extended hikes
  56. What is the healthiest thing one can do?
  57. Another Tick-Borne Disease Found
  58. Experience with Aquamira and flirting with Sawyer
  59. EZ Wyp wet wipes
  60. Ibuprofen, NSAIDS: For or against?
  61. Long hair anti-tangle strategies
  62. Garden Variety Arthritis in My Big Toe
  63. Ticks & Tarps
  64. Cortisone shots...more harm than help in many cases.
  65. Now stretching is bad for you
  66. Lyme disease test bill passes state House
  67. Spring Allergy Season gets an early start
  68. Self-defense Training (Split from Danger on the AT?)
  69. Crotch Roch, Athelete's Foot, Yeast Infection? Good solution...
  70. Second Skin
  71. My hygiene kit. Tear it up and tell me why.
  72. Bleach v. Aquamira Drops
  73. Boots and blisters?
  74. Dry Clothes?
  75. Bunion Surgery ? has anyone had it?
  76. Salt induced Auotoimmune diseases?
  77. Rabies a constant reminder in the news...
  78. Any experience with SPOT Personal Tracker?
  79. Opinions/Experiences/Pack Worthy StrengthTape ?
  80. Diabetic thru hiking logistics
  81. Weigh Loss Surgery
  82. Broken vertebrae, colon resection coming up
  83. bear bag maine in december?
  84. Toothpaste Needed?
  85. Hantavirus concerns
  86. Best way to treat a big blister
  87. Clipping The Nails Before hiking:
  88. Anterolateral Ankle Impingement
  89. Section Hiker Training
  90. Non-Deathly Camp Suds?
  91. wondering....will altitudes cause breathing problems???
  92. Beware Matt with the Red truck in Hiawassee?
  93. Mental illness on the AT. Hazardous to themselves and others?
  94. Wool shirt can be worn for 100 days without washing...
  95. Don't forget to pack and use your Hand Sanitizer often!
  96. Plantar Fasciitis
  97. Knee Questions
  98. Panic attacks on the trail???
  99. Skunk attack??
  100. Kids, long-distance backpacking, and balancing freedom and safety
  101. Pain in Feet.
  102. Gloves
  103. Hiking after Knee Replacements
  104. Doxycycline Shortage - Standard Lymes Disease treatment
  105. Calf Cramps (Flat Feet & Bad Posture)
  106. Hiking and Autism
  107. after almost thirty years.
  108. Doxycycline Shortage
  109. Anyone try p-Menthane-3, 8-diol?
  110. Blood Thinners, Coumadin, and DVTs
  111. Why hiking is not enough for total health
  112. Arm tingling along with hands swelling
  113. Lyme Disease -- Treat or not to Treat
  114. Lightning season is here
  115. SOLO Wilderness First Aid Classes
  116. Stress fracture
  117. Don't want to wear Deet? Ponder this before going into the woods.
  118. So, how long does cheese last?
  119. 10 Weird Things Walking Does to Your Body...
  120. Grain alcohol to disinfect trail water?
  121. National Scout Jamboree sets Body Mass Index Reguirements
  122. Interesting MS treatment
  123. Do you use electrolyte tablets?
  124. Be careful out there!
  125. Attn all ........New tick related disease ID'd on July 22
  126. Heart Healthy????
  127. A face full of Gnats today ... what works for you?
  128. First Aid Kits
  129. Interesting idea - may be useful for hiking
  130. Kite Mosquito repellant...
  131. Idiot hurt after sliding 200 feet on Mt Washington
  132. Just in case, leave a list at home...
  133. Crotch Rot & Monkey Butt: A Review of Products
  134. Bear Attacks
  135. Take That! Food Nanny-Nazis
  136. center for disease control lyme disease infection rate revised upward for the year
  137. Chiggers !!! Clothing treatments?
  138. Do it yourself clothes washing methods
  139. recovering from a broken clavicale
  140. Bring on the LT
  141. Billy Cathole's Guide to Dropping a Deuce in the Woods
  142. Calf compression sleeves
  143. Myxoid, Ganglion or Mucoid Cysts
  144. Non-AT night hike goes bad
  145. Space Brand All Weather Blanket conduct electricity?
  146. Closures at Angeles National Forest earlier this year over a squirrel.
  147. Backpacking after hip and/or knee replacement
  148. Blisters, friggin blisters. What to do?
  149. Hantavirus & Mice. - Article
  150. How to hike with past knee injuries (?)
  151. Improving the Way Humans Walk
  152. recovering from Giardia (or not)
  153. Post thru soreness
  154. drying and cleaning a Sawyer Squeeze bag
  155. Duct Tape
  156. Giardia. A real concern or not?
  157. Lyme risk in Southern Appalachians (April-May)
  158. Norovirus vaccine reduces symptoms by half
  159. Why the Rockwell Giardia Article should be removed from Whiteblaze
  160. The Sprained Ankle thread.... or oops I did it again!
  161. Study Results: Tick-borne Disease Risk to Appalachian Trail Hikers, Karl Ford, Ph.D.
  162. Have you ever been ill from Giardia you got on the AT?
  163. Interesting Article
  164. Research Survey: Water and Vector-Borne Disease on the Appalachian Trail
  165. It is Time to End the War on Saturated Fats
  166. Safety during hunting season
  167. NOLS wilderness first responder course
  168. Dealing with back problems
  169. blister prevention
  170. Water purifiers
  171. video: how a tick embeds...
  172. Caffiene addiction and withdrawal
  173. Weird Ankle Issues
  174. Are there any "cool" alternatives to shorts?
  175. Hand Warmers
  176. meds
  177. Eating gelatin for joint health.
  178. N.J. Confirms Woman Died from State's First Case of Rare Tick-Borne Disease
  179. Vaseline as bug repellent?
  180. As of Dec 8th, afternoons are getting Lighter !
  181. Alternative to Bear Spray
  182. My feet swell after I hike
  183. Wondering about showering or ways to stay clean
  184. Constipation
  185. Sea to Summit's pocket hand wash vs Dr Bronner's bar soap
  186. Another Exercise Fad?
  187. US Causes of Death
  188. What to do with your nails?
  189. Avalanche on Mt Washington yesterday
  190. Naproxen vs. Ibuprofin
  191. Keeping my pack safe....
  192. Any hike with a hernia?
  193. Rangers reach hikers stranded on Appalachian Trail - WSOC Charlotte
  194. 3 Hikers Rescued from Smokey Mountains
  195. whats a good pre workout for the trail?
  196. What would have done?
  197. Hypothermia
  198. Yoga Classes along the AT
  199. Interview with a podiatrist. Need your help again...
  200. Knee pain and descending
  201. Blister Question
  202. The "Loop and Poop"
  203. Runners, what was your endurance like at the end of your thru hike?
  204. Disabled Hiker- Medical Attention!
  205. Who supplements on a thru-hike?
  206. 1st Aid Refills
  207. What was your worst injury on the trail?
  208. Hiking with muscle disease. ( Inclusion Body Myositis )
  209. What are you're thoughts?
  210. Bionic Hiker, circa 2014
  211. Tights for ticks?
  212. Arms falling asleep while sleeping in tent
  213. favorite sunscreen?
  214. Polar Vortex is coming back!
  215. Does Aqua Mira kill good bacteria in your gut?
  216. Biodegradable Wet Wipes
  217. Lyme disease?
  218. wound care
  219. Nutrition Label Changes
  220. hiker weight
  221. Permetherin Soaking Method Questions
  222. Managing Raynaud's
  223. Hand Sanitizers
  224. Taking care of business
  225. Harmful BPA?
  226. Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)
  227. Lyme disease Myths - Busted
  228. Denture Care
  229. Treadmill/Desk Combos
  230. the ferrari of viruses
  231. Bleach VS Chlorine Dioxide
  232. #2
  233. Tick Season GA-TN-NC Mountains
  234. keeping clean
  235. toothpaste vs powder
  236. being overweight can be healthy if you're over 65 ???
  237. Oil of oregano for tick removal?
  238. Interesting video on Backpacker magazine site
  239. Another Kings Ravine Mount Adams Accident
  240. Victoza and type 2s
  241. Tea Tree Oil soap and ticks
  242. health problems
  243. Plantar Fascitis?
  244. Any diplopodologist out there?
  245. haha!!! i'm back beeches
  246. Deadly New Tick Virus Emerges in NY
  247. Dehydration and diuretic meds
  248. 14 Causes of Dehydration
  249. Another series of bad judgment calls in the Whites
  250. any suggestion on hiking with a pacemaker