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  1. To cook or not to cook?
  2. BPA and FBC
  3. Snowpeak Trek 700 question
  4. buying bulk food
  5. Good breakfast find
  6. How many days worth of food do you carry?
  7. Ultralighters' way to eat ramen
  8. Edible Plants Along The AT
  9. Instant Rice vs. Dehydrated
  10. Seeds - Availability on the AT?
  11. New meal I tried
  12. HELP! Is there a propane to Iso-butane adapter on the market for me?
  13. Logan Bread
  14. random question: how do you all handle doing dishes on the trail to avoid animals?
  15. Turkey And All The Fixings
  16. Where to find freeze dried vegetables
  17. The best breakfast ever!
  18. How the heck do you eat 5000 calories a day?
  19. Sugar Free Foods
  20. IMUSA 10 cm mug with lid
  21. Summer sausage
  22. JetBoil Sol Ti Boil Test (w/ 110 gr canister)
  23. fuel cansiter wieght?
  24. :When the frost is on the punkin" :<)>
  25. What are peoples experiences with resupplying?
  26. baking
  27. Logan bread
  28. cooking in the rain
  29. breakfast done right
  30. rice noodles
  31. Windscreen question
  32. How long does freeze-dried food "last"?
  33. Spam, Spam, Vienna Sausages, and Spam
  34. Weird, different, unusualthings eaten on the trails....
  35. Puumkin Leather
  36. Camp Drink
  37. Supercat vs pepsi can stove on titan kettle
  38. Favorite rice side, pasta side, ect.
  39. Instant Hot Chocolate
  40. Rice and Beans
  41. Food for winter nights
  42. Patagonia Beer
  43. Your favorite apple varieties for dehydrating?
  44. Cooking at shelters
  45. Gluten Free Fad
  46. New Trangia 27 owner, need cooking lessons!
  47. Drinking the Kool-Aid
  48. chicken jerky, fish jerky
  49. dehydrating Thanksgiving leftovers
  50. Are you "Pantry Ready" to go hiking?
  51. spices
  52. Dried & powdered & delicious oh my!
  53. Powdered Coconut Milk
  54. history of the spork
  55. green food
  56. Why McDonalds?
  57. Jetboil French press compatability
  58. bacon and egg ramen
  59. Cuben fiber food bags?
  60. Cricket Bars
  61. Review of ready available dried foods at the Supermarket
  62. Apple Cinnamon Tortillas
  63. WISE food
  64. meal ideas for the stove less hiker?
  65. Dehydrating ground venison
  66. Other than purchase food sources?
  67. Rehydrating Foods
  68. High Calorie, Low Size/Weight
  69. Reconstituting food in freezing weather?
  70. Trader Joe's
  71. Eat on the go trail snack
  72. Kicked up instant mashed potatoes!
  73. FBC quinoa?
  74. EpiCenter Sale - 08-14 Feb 2014
  75. In town food!!!!
  76. Urban Foraging: Gingko biloba "nuts"
  77. Classics? Old school? Traditional?
  78. MH freeze dried meals
  79. Winter cook pot? Pour spout?
  80. Titanium cup/pot
  81. Cooking grease
  82. Yuengling ice cream is back
  83. Trail magic!!!!
  84. Bear Cannister
  85. What do you eat if you don't use a stove?
  86. backpacking meal ideas-- google docs
  87. A pot cozy for at home use
  88. Using Solid Fuels in Trangia Kit Windscreen?
  89. Clif, Luna, and Mojo bars on sale
  90. Ramen Recipes
  91. flyswatter campfire fork
  92. Extra-virgin olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties similar to ibuprofen
  93. I was thinking of getting a food dehydrator?
  94. vacuum sealer
  95. wind screen
  96. Taking a Wood burning Stove only- for a thru trip? is that a wise idea?
  97. For those of you that use and carry oil for cooking on the trail
  98. Healthier Trail Baking: Paleo Muffin Recipe with Caldera Cone, Foster's Pot, Starlyte
  99. Costco recalls freeze-dried fruit snacks
  100. Reubens on the trail
  101. Chicken foil packets
  102. Going Stove less any advice?
  103. Paleo Trail "Pancakes" idea
  104. Opsak bags - worth the money?
  105. cheese
  106. cooking fish on the JMT
  107. ham jerky
  108. Grilling for Vegans or Vegetarians
  109. Kitchen clean up
  110. Snow Peak Giga Power Stove
  111. Spring Wild Edibles to Forage on the Trail
  112. Cooked beef crumbles in a pouch
  113. Packing Canister Stove - What is best?
  114. Dehydrating Liquids (soups, nut milks, etc) in the Excalibur Dehydrator
  115. guacamole
  116. Non cooking food for breakfast and lunch
  117. Trail Foraging Video: Wintergreen, or Tea Berry
  118. Help with food in Shenandoah NP.
  119. dehydrating without a dehydrator
  120. Things not to heat up on a campfire
  121. Pita or Tortillas
  122. Where do you find jelly packets?
  123. Two I liked
  124. R.I. State drink
  125. Evergreen Teas
  126. Cost of food for thru or halfway hikers?
  127. Good Food
  128. how do you store dehydrated food ?
  129. Hashbrown Potatoes
  130. Food Packaging Waste
  131. Making Dehydrated Puréed Banana For The Trail
  132. Wheat or Gluten Free...
  133. Vegan Thru-Hike
  134. Common stove on the Train this year
  135. Soylent
  136. Mulberry Time! Foraging on the Trail
  137. Tipi Question - Expeditions with Lots of Food
  138. Amount of H20 required for re hydration ???
  139. Moose Goo Taste Test!
  140. canned meats
  141. Titanium + Induction Cooktop
  142. What if you're considering de-hydrating for the first time?
  143. Trail Butter
  144. food list
  145. Bacon, Bacon, Bacon Jerky
  146. Looking for Red Beans & Rice with low cooking time.
  147. Harmony House Backpacking Food
  148. Powdering dehydrated vegetables
  149. Olive Oil Question
  150. If you have gone stoveless...
  151. Favorite Junk Food?
  152. What happened to my beans!!
  153. Free food- 40 or so homemade trail breakfasts
  154. Lightweight Cooking Project
  155. Pro Freeze-Drying Foods
  156. Cheese
  157. Trying out no-cook food for JMT next month
  158. Freezer Bag Cooking Question~Maximum cooking time?
  159. Adding Measuring Marks?
  160. Don't Melt Your Jetboil Measuring Cup
  161. Eating Hiking Rewards
  162. Food For Health
  163. How to order coffee
  164. GORC: good old raisins and CRICKETS
  165. Esbit storage on the trail?
  166. Miso Powder
  167. Indian Food
  168. Is commercial pasta cooked before it is dried?
  169. Stove
  170. Boone Barr-Must have on any trail.
  171. Dehydrate Paella?
  172. PhD on Chocolate
  173. food $$$$$
  174. Maine Trail Magic
  175. Dehydrating Morningstar & Similar Products
  176. pico de gallo
  177. Stove question-very specific
  178. Esbit and FBC question
  179. Drying cheese type pasta sauces
  180. Nido powdered milk, carnation instant breakfast vanilla and tang is hard to beat
  181. Masking Food Smells
  182. red lentils experiment
  183. Pasta Sides
  184. Dried cheese
  185. granola bars
  186. Favorite Trail Meal?
  187. Bear Creek Soup Experiment worked out great!
  188. re supply what to buy list
  189. hot sauce recipe
  190. fire fork
  191. Cottage Food suppliers
  192. Freezer Bag Cooking Recipe: Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice with Mushrooms
  193. Anyone have a good design for a Altoid Tin stove
  194. Video: DIY Honey, Peanut Butter, or Energy Gel Packets without a Sealer
  195. First time preparing my own food: rehydrate cooked beans or cook at camp?
  196. meatloaf
  197. UL 12lb packs? What are these guys eating
  198. Food Allergies?
  199. Quinoa Pilaf Adapted for the Trail Recipe
  200. jetboil resupply?
  201. MRE revisited for Backpacking
  202. How to Start Dehydrating Your Own Trail Meals: Tips and Tricks for Beginners
  203. poached omlet?
  204. What's in a Foodie's UL trail food bag?
  205. Where to find pouches of chicken?
  206. Canned Food
  207. Making Healthier FBC Meals and ideas for Special Diets
  208. Flames coming up pot sides and effect on efficency
  209. vacuum sealing
  210. White gas or canister
  211. *Video* DIY Trail Food: Quinoa for the Trail, from package to freezer bag
  212. Making Fruit Leather from Leftover Cranberry Relish
  213. Just saw this in this in the grocery store
  214. DIY Granola Bars
  215. "Lunch"?
  216. Comparison of Different Ground Meats for DIY Trail Dinners for the Cost Conscious
  217. Harmony House dehydrated pouches
  218. Baby food???
  219. MRE Bag material source
  220. Dry Baking With Alcohol
  221. can you tell how full a fuel canister is?
  222. Spice to make it nice....
  223. Does your packed food change in the winter?
  224. Coconut Oil
  225. packit gourmet
  226. Sumac Tea:
  227. Bag or Bowl? How do you eat your FB and/or re-hydrated meals
  228. Cold water "cooking"...Finally reached the cal/oz goal!! And it's CHEAP!
  229. Preparing Knorr pasta sides
  230. Mexi-Cali Beef and Bean Quinoa FBC method
  231. Good To-go backpacker meals
  232. Wood stoves
  233. Home dehydrated meals are great!
  234. Ultralight canister stove windscreen - Holy Grail found
  235. Anyone tried Augason Farms products?
  236. Quality Nutrient Powders over food on the AT
  237. Advice on cooking on the AT/a solid cooking system
  238. Beginner Section Hiker
  239. Food, gear, mail drops, and Amazon Prime
  240. protect my food
  241. curried grits
  242. cooking in a pot lid/skillet
  243. Sending self food vs. on trail resupply
  244. Cheese Sauce for the trail?
  245. FBC Health verdict from 3/4 of a material science engineer
  246. Breaking the Energy Bar Habit
  247. 4 inch griddle
  248. What are the shelter mice eating from your pack?
  249. Caldera Keg System vs Jet Boil Sol for thru hike -
  250. Fuel Purchase En route