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  1. Dehydrated cooked beef from the crockpot?
  2. Shirmp/Crab in foil pack ?
  3. Sample menu for a thru hiker?
  4. Burger King anounces Bacon Sundae
  5. Noob about to do a 3 dayer. Need advice.
  6. What to add to Lentils?
  7. FBC barley
  8. any good cheap? meals in bag?
  9. how many canisters?
  10. Storing dehydrated food
  11. Rehydrating and eating it cold - stoveless question.
  12. MSR Whisperlite - How long will a fule bottle last?
  13. ziplock vacuum bags
  14. Beer Can Pot
  15. Raw Eggplant Bacon
  16. Jerk Chicken, Rice, & Beans
  17. Purple or Green
  18. Powdered almond milk?
  19. dried shrimp at Wal-Mart
  20. Olives without the juice
  21. For all you Bacon lovers
  22. Best Foods?
  23. Frog Preparation
  24. Vacuum packing and peanut butter
  25. Nido shelf life?
  26. Backpacker outdoor cooking guide?
  27. White Pine Needle tea, Dandelion Greens
  28. Cooking in paper? Energia pots fold like origami
  29. Inferno insert necessary? Caldera Cone
  30. Spam Singles
  31. Mashed potatos and gravey
  32. Beanie Cozy
  33. Which stove?
  34. Pot size
  35. Pea Flour
  36. Low Sodium food.
  37. Best if used by date
  38. availability of cannisters on trail for pocket rocket
  39. trail vitamins
  40. Talk about a deal!!
  41. I bought a bottle stove.
  42. Types of Stoves
  43. Old El Paso Tortilla Stuffers
  44. identify this stove if possible
  45. Resuplying alcohol fuel questions
  46. Slim Jim
  47. Fire Pit Cooking
  48. Swiss Army Cook Kit available on EBAY
  49. Your Favorite Just Add Water Recipes!
  50. Good temp for drying spinach?
  51. Food Stamps for the trail
  52. on second thought... (food stamps)
  53. Quinoa Flakes
  54. Need suggestions for a alcohol stove w/ center flame
  55. Food List Review
  56. Peanut Butter Recall...not just Trader Joe's now.
  57. Yikes! Global Bacon Shortage!!!
  58. question for all you dehydrators
  59. How many of you might want an UL titanium Mini Grill for your stove or fire?
  60. Anyone know of a good source for freeze dried meat? Also, good low carb recipes. . .
  61. Cook system advice
  62. Favorite winter lunch
  63. UL Baking and Grilling and Esbit Burner Options for Popular Woodstoves
  64. Trail Designs Caldera ULC Tri-Ti
  65. Gourmet MRE's
  66. Cooking using freezer bags???
  67. How many boils?
  68. On the trail dehydrating or preserving or just saving leftovers for another meal?
  69. UL Cooking
  70. fiberglass wicking
  71. Dehydrating Deer Burger
  72. Retort Bags (such as those in bagged tuna)
  73. Gourmet Meals
  74. Getting started with alcohol stove - Denatured Alcohol vs Heet
  75. dehydrating chicken
  76. You can't go hiking without...
  77. hostess debacle
  78. Datrex food bars vs. Snickers
  79. Backcountry Baking
  80. I like it
  81. Efoods Direct
  82. How much extra food do you eat on the trail?
  83. Olive oil
  84. Stoves I have been making I call the The Mini Tattoo stove
  85. Best thing you ever cooked on the trail
  86. Tortilla wraps
  87. MSR Duralite Classic Cookset
  88. Worst Meal You've Ever Cooked On the Trail
  89. Peanut butter storage test
  90. Lou's Restaurant in Hanover.. awesome place for breakfasts
  91. No cook food
  92. When and where to hang bearbags?
  93. What is the best mac and cheese brand for the trail?
  94. Pre-Hike Dehydrating and Vacuum Sealing Food
  95. Mountain House Meals at Costco
  96. Calorie Dense Freezer Bag Cooking Options
  97. Cooking Inside a Bag
  98. Mustard Greens, a new favorite
  99. Are Wood Burning Stoves Worth the Savings in Weight and Money???
  100. The Land of Butter and Honey
  101. trail snack: Applesauce Rollups
  102. Pineapple express!
  103. dragonfly rocket
  104. Cold chocolate drink recipe
  105. Ultimate homemade trail bars. This simply cannot be beaten, and is super healthy!
  106. Do avocados dehydrate well?
  107. Will boiling water damage a Nalgene over time?
  108. Fresh eggs?
  109. 12-10 Alcohol Stove – Optimal “Stove-to-Pot” Distance?
  110. Spam
  111. Svea 123 Stove: anyone still using?
  112. Coffee drinkers
  113. Food storage in pack
  114. Roasting Hot Dogs in the vertical position
  115. Primus 3266 : How long will fuel last?
  116. just one meal
  117. Mountain House deal
  118. Jet boil?
  119. Flexfuel Jetboil (Canister/Alcohol/Esbit)
  120. Wood Burning Stove - Element vs Vargo Hexagon vs Emberlit Mini vs Firefly vs Woodgas
  121. Pounds per 10 miles
  122. here's my cook kit GSI Minimalist & snow peak lightmax
  123. SS vs aluminum pots and cooking time
  124. How others operate a Brasslite Turbo II-D or similar.
  125. condoments how to carry ??
  126. Pemmican
  127. The 3 Freeze Dried Chile Cook-Off Goes Horribly Wrong
  128. How am I for food?
  129. Camping Recipes Website
  130. Thermos you have used on section or thru hikes
  131. Thin hiker's special dietary needs?
  132. What foods do you miss most?
  133. Best meals/foods to pack for a 2 wk hike
  134. Anybody ever use FRS Energy Chews?
  135. nytimes: the extraordinary science of junk food
  136. high calorie food alert
  137. Fruit Leather
  138. TUNA in Water Pouch vs Tuna in Oil Can
  139. Ultralight Collapsible Coffee Mug??
  140. Food Storage
  141. Jetboil/ mac & cheese
  142. Brothers All Natural Foods....I thought this might be of interested
  143. Heet
  144. JetBoil v. MSR-type stoves
  145. Imusa mug/pot 0.7L. Anybody found a snaping lid for it beside Maxwell House ?
  146. Food per Day
  147. minimus.biz bulk order
  148. Question on dehydrating meals that contain meat
  149. Bumble Bee Can Tuna Recall
  150. Chicken in 3 oz pouches
  151. Lunch
  152. Cook time with Pocket Rocket?
  153. Dehydrators?
  154. Jetboiling more then water tip
  155. Esbit Stove
  156. Cozy Thoughts
  157. Dehydrating eggs?
  158. Alcohol stove out of a soda or beer can question
  159. Powdered Peanut Butter & Chocolate?
  160. Soylent - anyone tried this?
  161. Gluten Free Hiking
  162. using bleach to purify water
  163. Dehydrated Corn Beef
  164. Cheap light cutting board
  165. Jetboil Zip
  166. Get bread away from me
  167. removal of lacquer from homemade caldera cone
  168. Favorite new "energy" drink
  169. Powdered egg recipes?
  170. MSR Hyperflow isues
  171. Homemade trail meals without a dehydrator
  172. Eating From A Pot vs Bag
  173. Peanut Butter Packets & Honey Packets
  174. Food stuff
  175. Pepperoni and Salami
  176. Mtn house at Costco
  177. The Super-Food, Yerba-Mate. How are you taking yours?
  178. Lightweight bigger burner stove?
  179. New stove Fire maple
  180. Dessert on the trail - do you do it?
  181. Hare Raising Times
  182. Handle cover replacement for Evernew Titanium cookipot
  183. Crush Resistant Cereal
  184. Subsisting on Ramen Noodles
  185. What's in YOUR spice kit?
  186. Medical reason thet you cant eat first fue days
  187. Hungry Hammock Hanger - Trail Drinks
  188. Mountain House #10 Cans - 25% Off
  189. Lean Beef dehydration question
  190. My Foster Can Singed inside, trouble?
  191. Snickers and the heat
  192. Snickers, how could you?!
  193. A question for those of you that use TVP
  194. pizza and pasta
  195. Cooking for 3?
  196. Sending Dehydrated Food in Resupply Paackages
  197. Caldera Cone and the Flat Bottom Foster can
  198. Carbs, salty or protein and leg shakes...blech...confused
  199. Dried Green Tomatoes
  200. Mold grew in my dehydrator overnight, anything I can do?
  201. Dehydrated marinara sauce
  202. Peter Rabbit Organics Veggie Squeeze Pouch: Yea or Nay?
  203. May need a new method to cook
  204. Vegan Hikers
  205. featherfire stove??
  206. Is food sealing canned food for 3-4 days safe to eat? (not dehydrated or fridgerated)
  207. Am I being stupid? - storing dehydrated meat
  208. Eating healthy.
  209. Publix grocery - tuna/chicken foil packets on sale
  210. Food on the trail to hang or not to hang
  211. Folger's now has a VIA-like coffee
  212. Ziplock Vacuum Bags
  213. berries!
  214. what is your favorite, food ?
  215. What is your favorite food in breakfast ?
  216. healthy breakfast
  217. Cooking...or not
  218. Nine foods that lower blood pressure
  219. Going Stoveless : Cold Food for Thought
  220. Deydrators remove flavor and aroma but something else happens
  221. Help me define "2lbs."
  222. What to dip in my peanut butter for lunch?
  223. Twinkies Will Last Longer Than Before When They Hit Shelves Again
  224. Ideas for breakfast
  225. Broadbent Shelf stable Bacon
  226. Free for Kindle 17 July 2013: Camping Recipes: Foil Packet Cooking
  227. Starbucks Via vs Nescafé 3in1
  228. Snickers turmoil
  229. FBC Freeze dried or dehydrated?
  230. Have Ursack. Need PCT bear hang?
  231. Rolls Kanardly Kitchen
  232. What solo cooking pot and food bag do you use?
  233. Dehydrated Spaghetti Meal Great for Backpacking or Day Hike
  234. Trail Food
  235. Peanut Butter powder
  236. Powdered Beer
  237. Dehydrating away
  238. Piezo Igniter for Alcohol Stove tip
  239. Foodsaver Not holding a seal
  240. Beer can stove fuel question
  241. Dehydrating kimchi (Korean cabbage dish)?
  242. Adding Butter Taste to Dehydrated Food?
  243. Mountain House #10 Cans On Sale - Epicenter.com
  244. Pork Sausage on the trail
  245. Knorr Sides Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
  246. Survival Bacon
  247. Repackaging Mountain House Dinners or using #10 Cans
  248. Beef stew ????
  249. Surely There's a Good Way to Use Coconut Oil?
  250. Packing tips