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  1. PCT & Tahoe Rim Trail in the same hike?
  2. Getting to the Kickoff
  3. Mt. Whitney-pay or hike for free?
  4. PCT Shoe/Feet Question
  5. PCT Library Suggestions?
  6. PCT Bear Canister Loan Program - Attn.: 2010 nobo thrus
  7. PCT vs AT for first long hike
  8. North of the Sierras
  9. Pants or not?
  10. Pack List for Departure on PCT
  11. Water information
  12. Fire Permits
  13. Adzpctko!
  14. Solar Panels
  15. PCT Bear Canister Loan Program - Attn.: 2010 nobo thrus
  16. Hiking the PCT with a large dog
  17. PCT Section In May
  18. what happened to "ManAndMule"?
  19. Best place to hop on the trail for a day hike
  20. PCT help!!!
  21. snow in southern cali, ice axe?
  22. Missing Hiker on the PCT
  23. friends from home coming for a visit?
  24. What part/aspect of the PCT are you looking forward to the most?
  25. Vibram FiveFingers
  26. Starting this week? Mar 15-21
  27. 2010 pct sobo
  28. Bear Canister to Kennedy M
  29. Curious Novice Seeks Details
  30. New! PCT Map and Databook
  31. What are you going to do for the fire detour?
  32. Land Nav.
  33. Anyone planning Shasta this year?
  34. Where are you shipping guide books to?
  35. Thru hiker permits
  36. Craigs PCT Planner
  37. call out to 2008 AT thru hikers
  38. What if I were to start the PCT in mid May
  39. Fuller Ridge Snow Conditions
  40. Looking for someone who has long miles in Nike Freedom sneakers...
  41. Thanks to the PCT room on Whiteblaze!
  42. PCT Cost Spreadsheet
  43. ADZPCTKO Burrito night
  44. Food and Supplies drop
  45. Earliest you can hit Washington section?
  46. New PCT resource for mobile phone users
  47. section of PCT "booby trapped"
  48. Yogis vs PCTA handbook
  49. Good Places to Get off the Trail for a Few Days
  50. Wizards of the PCT Documentary
  51. PCT Hiker Scores Hitch In a Bentley!
  52. PCT sobo's with fuel question.....
  53. Lunar Solo
  54. Lots of snow in Northern CA, 6/16/2010
  55. Expected Temps in High Sierras.....
  56. Desert's beauty displayed by trail - San Diego Union Tribune
  57. Feds warn Pacific Crest Trail hikers about border
  58. Nat Geo PCT Documentary
  59. Any suggested day hikes near Yakima or Spokane
  60. San Jacinto in August?
  61. Wizards of the PCT now available!
  62. When will NatGeo PCT air again?
  63. Where can I find info regarding goat packing/thru hiking PCT?
  64. PCT Days!
  65. PCT Mileage Question
  66. Where are the PCT hikers about now?
  67. Wizards of the PCT screening in Philadelphia . . .
  68. OnLine PCT Databook
  69. State College man completes Pacific Crest Trail - Centre Daily Times
  70. good PCT books
  71. Help finding shuttle rides to and from PCT in CA
  72. Wizards of the PCT Screening in CT!
  73. Erik the Black's books
  74. bug net question.
  75. Seasons for the PCT
  76. Got my certificate
  77. An introduction with some initial questions :)
  78. Thanks as well
  79. PCT Workshop at the Gathering!
  80. food on a thru
  81. 2011 ADZPCTKO - which date???
  82. PCT gear list for two:
  83. Bear Canisters on the PCT - FYI
  84. the pct class of 2010
  85. PCT Map Books Now Available!
  86. PCT Thru hike questions
  87. PCT Thoughts for AT friends
  88. PCT Thoughts For AT Friends: The Kickoff
  89. PCT Thoughts For AT Friends: The Desert
  90. PCT Thoughts For AT Friends: The Sierra Mountains
  91. PCT Thoughts For AT Friends: Oregon
  92. PCT Thoughts For AT Friends: Washington
  93. 2010 PCT video!
  94. The Suiattle River Bridge
  95. Lesser known PCT resupply stops...
  96. ...and 55 Major PCT Resupply Stops
  97. PC PCT and Jester
  98. Things I was certain of before that changed during
  99. 127 Defining Moments
  100. "Wizards of the PCT", Dec. 11, Jenkintown, PA
  101. Tuolumne Meadows to Sonora Pass
  102. SoBos take note...
  103. Nifty Altitude Calculation
  104. PCT thru in 3.5 months
  105. Guidebooks
  106. 2011
  107. 2011 PCT Bear Canister Loan Program
  108. PCT Bear Canister Loan Program - Request for Donations
  109. 2011 Thru Planning
  110. pct in april/may 2011
  111. Getting High on the PCT
  112. Pct-l
  113. 2011 adzpctko
  114. On-line video of one couple's hike
  115. GPS on phone in lue of maps???
  116. Good PCT Writeup
  117. 2011 PCT Bear Canister Loan Program
  118. Pct 2012?!?!?!?
  119. Oregon Public Broadcasting
  120. a hypothetical...how far could you get on the PCT this time of year...
  121. My BF has been infected
  122. PCT Bear Canister Loan Program
  123. PCT job
  124. Section hike near Palm Springs
  125. PCT Permits..
  126. Car Shuttling Sect A
  127. California Fire permit........
  128. PCT California Section-Hike
  129. Bear canister
  130. Need a ride to Campo?
  131. PCT instead of AT for first thru-hike - Couple Questions
  132. What did you send to the Canadian Border Services?
  133. Bus/Train stations near CA/OR border?
  134. Any good trail journals this year???
  135. What is you'r favorite PCT section?
  136. Hikers starting on April 23rd
  137. Water caches
  138. 2012 PCT Gear List
  139. Saw this sale for PCT guide, atlas, poster, etc
  140. New PCT Book - Riding the Crest
  141. Can you drive to the southern border?
  142. Late Start Question
  143. 2 Week section hike in July
  144. 30 - 40 mile High Sierra loop?
  145. 3rd Gate Cache access
  146. Mt. Whitney Permit
  147. Section Hike of PCT
  148. elevation sickness ?
  149. Big Snow Year 2011?
  150. Scheduling Difficulties
  151. Insurance for upcoming thru-hike?
  152. PCT Perspective
  153. Next Mail Drop After Kennedy Medows?
  154. lost glasses?
  155. Food Storage Section A
  156. Resupply Distances?
  157. insulating layer
  158. Station Fire Detour Shortened
  159. FS: Lynne Whelden "How to Hike the PCT" DVD
  160. Visa issues
  161. PCT bites back 3 weeks later
  162. Parking
  163. Rookie questions
  164. snow pack in the Sierra and Southern Cascades
  165. Jester and His Movie are Coming to Town!
  166. Campo to I-10 or I-15 in October
  167. Tell It On The Mountain
  168. 1606 miles in -PINE-
  169. Parking Near The Southern Terminus
  170. pct documentaries
  171. best weeklong section?
  172. Telling co-workers about PCT hike
  173. PCT's weather vs AT's weather (question for people who have done both)
  174. Washington weather/snow conditions
  175. Internet access along the trail
  176. Postholer PCT Pocket Maps
  177. Virtual Trail Register - Sign it!
  178. Here We go Again!! Wizards! PCT Outtakes...
  179. Never Done Appalachian Trail, want to do Pacific Crest Trail
  180. Done
  181. Earliest start date for a NOBO Washington section PCT hike?
  182. What's a 500 mile stretch of the PCT that can be done with a May
  183. murder on the trail / va
  184. Sleeping Bag Rating
  185. How many miles to start?
  186. Two Feet and a Heartbeat
  187. How Many Sub zero nights in a NOBO PCT thru ?
  188. Help Me Choose A Section of the PCT
  189. USFS Maps
  190. PCT kitchen
  191. Northern CAlifornia! (Two feet and a Heartbeat)
  192. New Wizards of the PCT Short
  193. Warner Springs Closed?
  194. Pacific Crest Trail Workbook
  195. interesting snow pack map
  196. Anyone out there start a NB Thruhike in Late May-June?? what was it like?
  197. Condor on PCT Vid
  198. Tent Vs. Tarp on Pct
  199. What does a record low snow season mean for PCT thru hiking.
  200. Ashland - Manning Park hike in June (advice needed)
  201. Best maps, guides, handbooks to carry on a thruhike?
  202. 2012 PCT Community Perpetual Bear Canister Loan Program
  203. How many of ya'll needed iceaxes/ crampons?
  204. Bear Canister and Hanging
  205. PCT FAQs updated...
  206. Hammock use on the PCT?
  207. PCT newbie question
  208. Getting back to the US
  209. When do you need to commit by?
  210. Guidebook, handbook or atlas
  211. Need some advice
  212. SOBO Newbie question
  213. Will a 30 degree bag be sufficient .
  214. more newbie questions!
  215. Samwise The Vagabond
  216. Guthook's PCT Guides for the iPhone
  217. PCT forum based web site
  218. Lodging caution for Big Bear Lake May 18, 2012
  219. 5 Day on PCT in May...need advice!
  220. Stove canister
  221. The day he met the best hiker, ever.
  222. Awful Day At Work - Give Me Some Medicine
  223. Are there any places that require a mail drop for food?
  224. Going as Planned on the Pacific Crest Trail???
  225. 2 people on pct thru which canister???
  226. Question about ADZPCTKO
  227. Plow this Road
  228. Alex's PCT thru hike made the Newspaper
  229. Notice from Yosemite
  230. Thru hiking in the 1990 and now
  231. Halfmile PCT iPhone App
  232. Dogs on the PCT
  233. Watch Straps
  234. LOST (between Boulder Oaks and Cibbets Flats) a green shovel (WJQ-308)
  235. An interesting piece of info concerning the 1800 mile hike I did on the Pacific Crest
  236. PCT method bear bag - does it work?
  237. Day hiking the PCT around Sonora Pass
  238. Some new data out from the Climate Prediction Center today...
  239. Voodoo & Twinkletoes on the PCT
  240. A question I can't find the answer to..
  241. Trail to Northern End of PCT
  242. Flip-Flopping
  243. October Trip week long trip suggestions
  244. Any good PCT videos online?
  245. Erik The Black PCT Guide
  246. Cell Reception on the PCT
  247. William Jeffery of the Jeffery Water Report found dead
  248. PCT in South America?
  249. Source for PCT info
  250. Triple Crown Awards are next week!!