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  1. Lodging/Camping near Mexican Border
  2. PCT Resupply Strategy
  3. The 2015 edition of Yogi's guidebook is officially out
  4. PCT Maps
  5. Poll: Nights of paid lodging on PCT thru hike
  6. Hexamid/Cuben Tents on PCT
  7. Handling Water/Food weight with UL Packs on PCT
  8. Last minute switch to PCT?
  9. Hiking the PCT with a set end date
  10. Winter PCT hike
  11. Powerhouse Fire Closure Detour Options
  12. Trying to decide when to do it
  13. How to start planning?
  14. liitle clarification please
  15. Is this bag warm enough for an April 28 start date?
  16. A year-long PCT thruhike
  17. Do I need a bivy for SMD Deschutes Tarp?
  18. Section hike in Oregon late June
  19. Washinton Unsupported (no resupplies) Hike
  20. Garmin Trailhead PCT map
  21. Cheryl Strayed’s call for support: help the Pacific Crest Trail now
  22. Oregon Section
  23. "Wild" - Your Thoughts and Reviews of the Film Here
  24. Preserving the PCT website/facebook page created
  25. cascadias - 8, 9, 10, etc.?
  26. AT thru-hiker wants to know how much different PCT will be.
  27. Maps
  28. Thru Hike with Celiac Disease
  29. Best Guide Book?
  30. They ain't dead yet!
  31. Vote for me to win the 2015 Badger Sponsorship (the only PCT hiker in the top 12)
  32. Postholer's PCT Pocket Maps - For sale, complete set. 5th edition.
  33. PCT & Iron Horse Trail
  34. May 21st Start Date for 2015
  35. Contemplating switch from AT thru to PCT
  36. 2015 Snow levels
  37. FYI - Hiker Heaven closing
  38. Coolest campsites
  39. PCT sticker price: can I do a fast (30 + mi/day) thru hike on $3200?
  40. Day Hikes Near San Diego
  41. 2 Winter hikers on trail right now
  42. JMT & Halfdome from the PCT
  43. Exit quota for Donahue Pass
  44. is 2 months enough time to get my s&*t together for the pct?
  45. PCTA sets limit on permits; maximum of 50 thru-hikers allowed to start each day
  46. Really nice video on U-T ube about a thru on the CDT
  47. Tehachapi trail angels?
  48. Need life advice
  49. PCT Hiking Permit Daily Quotas - Reality Check
  50. PCT - Campo NOBO in August????
  51. Sobo july start
  52. Got Health Insurance??
  53. navigation & map reading
  54. missing pct hiker near anza-borrego
  55. Half Mile Maps: How many?
  56. No More Water Caches?
  57. Envious.... :)
  58. Looking for ~5-6 day WA loop / area in August
  59. Looking for advice on what clothing/gear to pack (mainly clothing)
  60. FYI: 2015 Half Mile Maps
  61. PCT Community Bear Canister Loan Program - 2015
  62. section hike tehachapi to walker pass - 3/25-31?
  63. Input on gear list?
  64. New Sonora Pass Re-supply service available
  65. Stehekin Valley Ranch
  66. Starting PCT thru hike in March? Looking for advice!!
  67. "Halfmile's PCT" app (iOS)
  68. 2015 journals
  69. Latest 30- and 90-day forecast outlooks
  70. PCT Community Bear Canister Loan Program 2015 - now "CLOSED"
  71. PCT Mosquito Pressure?
  72. PCTA Toilet Paper Survey
  73. Free iOS app "eTrails" updated
  74. The increasing frequency of the PCT in the News
  75. California drought and not becoming a raisin
  76. Free bear canister use for sobos
  77. PCT Fires, A Graphic Look
  78. Are there any good information resources available for international hikers?
  79. Powerhouse Fire Closure
  80. Missed My Start Date, Where Am I Allowed to Start?
  81. LA to Canada in 3 Months?
  82. North vs South PCT 2015 June 1 start
  83. PCT Rescue of hiker who ran out of water
  84. Where to start (literally!)
  85. When to Start Section Hike,Echo Lake to Cascade Locks ?
  86. PCT and public transportation in California
  87. 2015 Journals: Who are you following!?
  88. kenedy meadows
  89. One week section hike - ending up in Tahoe
  90. Washington state snowpack at 17% of normal
  91. Gear Help - 2p or two solo tents for PCT
  92. Gear Help - 2p or two solo tents for PCT
  93. Earliest date to start WA PCT section hike?
  94. PCT Early Start
  95. Poison Ivy on the PCT?
  96. ride to pct northern terminus/trailhead around june 15
  97. Questions about section hike - Ashland, OR to Chemult, OR
  98. PCT hikers wrecking *****?
  99. Chunk Hiking the PCT
  100. PCT closure 18 June - forest fire
  101. Personal Locator Beacon
  102. Firt PCT Hike: So. CA: Your suggestions
  103. Massive heat wave coming
  104. 100 Day PCT Thru
  105. This is bad
  106. Harts Pass Snow Information
  107. Washington SAR team would like to meet with PCT thru-hike expert / recent finisher
  108. What's your hiking Mojo?
  109. Would it be doable to shuttle my car up the trail as I go?
  110. Snow at Tuolumne Meadows last night
  111. Chaco sandals on the PCT
  112. Echo Lake P.O. vs Twin Bridges
  113. Cooking System/Shelter
  114. Section hike - transportation ?
  115. Start date - Kennedy Meadows - help?
  116. I keep hearing stories of bad hiker behavior
  117. Sssssnake Bites
  118. PCT Days Aug 28 - 30, Cascade Locks
  119. Planning to trek the PCT in 2018 or 2019
  120. PCT closure 17 Aug wildfire???
  121. Not exactly ultralight
  122. Yosemite Ursack Petition
  123. Questions about Agua Dulce to Interstate 15. (Section D - 112.5 mi)
  124. Pacific Crest Trail Thru Hike Video (and other cool stuff)
  125. Advice for PCT Section Hike
  126. Rain coming to WA
  127. Alternative PCT Thru Hike
  128. PCT Class of 2016
  129. Introducing the new Hike Planner
  130. Video: PCT/Timberline to Portland via public transit
  131. A question of weight...
  132. Southern Cal in December
  133. Ice Axe ...
  134. Into the Wild
  135. TOMORROW 9/23 in Chicago - Documentary on 2014 PCT Supported FKT by Joe McConaughy
  136. Bear Spray
  137. Starting NOBO from Campo mid-June?
  138. AT-> PCT Gear Transition
  139. How cold does it get in....Hi-Res trail climate data
  140. Long distance Hiker PCT 2016
  141. Thrift store shirt
  142. California (San Fran Bay) Storage Options And Hikers
  143. Should hikers push off their PCT thru-hike?
  144. Great new PCT book
  145. PCT Thru NoBo- latest realistic start date?
  146. Looking easy 5-10 day PCT section 2016 in OR or WA
  147. From Tahoe to Yosemite, the do and don'ts
  148. Summer section hike– AT or PCT?
  149. 2016 PCT planning: Winter in the Cascades
  150. Lost Camera - PCT and Winnemucca Lake Trail near Carson Pass, CA
  151. Hiking the PCT in late November.
  152. Effect of El Niño on 2016 PCT Thruhike
  153. water from fire tanks?
  154. Food resupply between Campo and Warner Springs
  155. What PCT guide suits best for me?
  156. Optimal time to start a Nobo hike?
  157. Hiker Heaven will re-open in April 2016
  158. Sobo
  159. Washington Section Hike - opinions & advice
  160. What is the best way to adjust to altitude on the PCT
  161. Sun-protective, anti-bug hiking clothes
  162. Bridging an Experience Gap
  163. Campo to mt. Laguna
  164. Gear Critique, Washington PCT
  165. Desert Section
  166. Used Halfmille Maps ~OR~ Chicago Hikers- Halfmile PCT Maps Bulk Order
  167. Can I handle a SOBO hike?
  168. The Lake Fire Closure
  169. Gear List
  170. New Yogi PCT Handbook '15-'16/'16-'17 ??????
  171. Rain Gear
  172. Postholer vs. Halfmile's PCT maps
  173. June 1st too late to NoBo hike?
  174. Input on gear list?
  175. Starting thru-hike NOBO 2017
  176. New hiker here
  177. Permits for a Thru Hike
  178. How are people training for the trail?
  179. Critique my PCT gear list?
  180. 2016 Kit List
  181. NO Smartphone...is it stupid?
  182. Bear canisters
  183. Questions About the Washington Lef of the PCT.
  184. Setbacks...overuse knee injury
  185. PCT Community Bear Canister Loan Program - 2016
  186. What’s your 2016 PTC NOBO/SOBO Permit Date?
  187. PCT Section, early April....
  188. Anyone start their hike by taking a boat shuttle up Ross Lake?
  189. Planning a PCT Section Hike
  190. What to read about the trail before starting my thru hike?
  191. Are Permit dates ENFORCED?
  192. What to wear on the PCT?
  193. Permit for Flip-Flop thru hike
  194. GPS Locator/Tracker App for Android
  195. PCT Community Bear Canister Loan Program - 2016 - now "CLOSED"
  196. What R-Value mat for PCT thru hike?
  197. What "pocket atlas" to carry?
  198. No ADZPCTKO this year...
  199. Permit Hard Copy?
  200. Bear vault or ursack the whole way?
  201. Toronto PCT Hikers?
  202. PCT Newbie- short hike question
  203. Postholer Snow Page Completly Overhauled
  204. Halfway hike start
  205. Wife flying in 3-4 times, what are the best places?
  206. Is 8.3 liters of water enough?
  207. Transport From Lancaster/Palmdale to Mill Creek Fire Station
  208. Uber to Campo?
  209. South PCT winter conditions?
  210. weather in WA in sept,October
  211. Flip Flop starting at Donner Pass/Truckee
  212. Bounce Box
  213. Looking at a ULA Circuit
  214. south from cascade locks
  215. Knowing where to be when weather hits
  216. Bridgeport to Sonora Pass shuttle
  217. BV500 --> KM - VVR without resupply
  218. Section Hike Ideas - Cascade Locks to KM South
  219. Which camera to take
  220. Why not put a bear box at Harts Pass intersection?
  221. Inflatable sleeping pad puncture worries?
  222. Microspikes/ice axe for San Jacinto area?
  223. Permit Application Process- Difficulty to Obtain Desired Start Date
  224. Average Miles between resupply in WA & OR
  225. When/When not to hike the PCT?
  226. Need advice on Scenic Section Hikes
  227. San Diego- Scout and Frodo
  228. Ride from Ridgecrest to KM, or Mojave to Hikertown
  229. How to get started planning for a future PCT thri-hike?
  230. PCT added to atweather.org!
  231. Looking for ride, LA-Kennedy Meadows 6/3 or 6/4
  232. how do you decide whether or not to bring an ice ax?
  233. PCT prep on the East Coast
  234. Kickoff 2017?
  235. ride share from east coast?
  236. Start Date From Tahoe?
  237. Best Overall Map to Bring With for Thru Hike of PCT?
  238. microspikes in the Sierras, July and August?
  239. Is a SoBo solo thru hike of the PCT too ambitious for first time hiker?
  240. Start Date: Late July... Do the Sierras NoBo or Sobo?
  241. How long does it take to receive a PCT Permit
  242. How do I get from Portland to Cascade Locks?
  243. East coast to west coast rideshare?
  244. Please explain a "Bounce Box" to me & it's costs
  245. Cost of a Sobo PCT hike
  246. Unprepared hikers
  247. PCT sleeping pad and water filter
  248. parking the car in Campo
  249. Tarp for the desert, then tent for the rest?
  250. PCT Washington in July?