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  1. American Discovery Trail- Atlantic to Pacific
  2. Congrats to Ken & Marcia on their ADT hike!
  3. Ken & Marcia (gottawalk) ADT interview is available on TrailCast!
  4. THE Databook
  5. ADT thru hikers in Cincinnati
  6. Anybody With Any Info On This, Im Starting...
  7. Old Man's Cave section (Ohio)
  8. Finish Date is NOV 5th
  9. Actual terminus at Pt Reyes?
  10. LION KING finishes ADT
  11. American Discovery Trail - walk across America
  12. camping on the trail?
  13. I discovered the ADT!
  14. Video Series up to episode 62
  15. Episode 64
  16. Ideal time to start a hike (East to West)
  17. Coming through Iowa?
  18. ADT and AT intersects.
  19. Buy the DVD!
  20. Camping on the ADT?
  21. Find the typo in this article!
  22. ADT in Kentucky/Cincinnati Area
  23. I will be attempting the ADT this year
  24. Best GPS for ADT Waypoints.
  25. ADT Expenses
  26. Indiana
  27. Resources and advice for Central Colorado
  28. Hikanation
  29. Just thought a few may be interested in some of the early ADT history
  30. The Buckeye Trail
  31. I made an introduction article to the ADT