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  1. Waterton Canyon Closed Until Further Notice
  2. How much money spent on trail?
  3. Your thoughts: Safety from Forest Fires
  4. What did You Eat?
  5. Foraging on the CT
  6. Light Camp Shoes
  7. Over price guide books/maps. Are they really needed to hike the CT?
  8. Is this over kill?
  9. Hiking the Collegiate Peaks Loop as part of a through hike?
  10. Is this dumb: A 40 degree bag plus polyester blanket?
  11. Lesson Learned?
  12. What length tree saver is needed on the CT
  13. San Juan Snowpack
  14. Thru Hiking With a Dog
  15. Transportation from TH
  16. taxis @ littleton mineral station?
  17. Transportation Durango-> Denver
  18. Leaving the car at Waterton Trailhead for 60ish days?
  19. Best (ideally free) maps to install on a GPS unit
  20. Which are "the" books to take?
  21. Miles in Colorado
  22. Boss Lake Trail Head
  23. July/August "monsoons"
  24. Sad news about the Leaville Hostel
  25. Getting Map Book pages back home
  26. Bears and citrus soap?
  27. $30 Bunks at The Bivvi Hostel in Breckenridge
  28. Is a June 20th start looking feasible at this point.
  29. Waterton Canyon Closed Again....
  30. Looking for a hiking partner July 1st or 2nd
  31. Okay, did you *really* purify your water?
  32. July 1st start: Will the trail be crowded?
  33. Trail conditions Report, sections 1-5
  34. Collegiate Loop
  35. Scale on Colorado Trail Map Book; UTM Plotter for CT Map Book
  36. Segments 1 and 2 CLOSED
  37. Collegiate East vs West
  38. Cool story about a solo hike of the CT by Elizabeth Thomas....
  39. Updated Trail Conditions Info
  40. CT Budgets
  41. Colorado Trail app question
  42. Section 3 Long-term Parking?
  43. Looks Like the Snow is Gone!
  44. Looking for a hiking partner for early July
  45. Beetle Kill Dangers
  46. Shuttle service to Waterton
  47. Lightning
  48. Cell service on the CT?
  49. Dogs and water
  50. P Mags re-supply list.
  51. Mail drop?
  52. What start time to beat crowds in Waterton Canyon?
  53. CT Segment 2 Trailhead Access - How Easy to Get To?
  54. CT Pictures from 6/29-6/30
  55. Hiking Partner Needed for Colorado Trail Segment 2 Day-Hike this Weekend 7/11 or 7/12
  56. Weekday Hitch to Bailey
  57. Question for Veterans...
  58. Denver area hikes and hammock camping?
  59. Looking for Hiking Partners for CT Sections 2 or 3 for a day-hike OR for other hikes
  60. 31-year-old woman dies from lightning strike near Colorado trailhead
  61. CT gear choices
  62. parking Waterton start
  63. Planning
  64. where does segment 5 start?
  65. Logistics ?
  66. Thru hiking with a dog
  67. Collegiate Loop - What peaks to bag?
  68. Animas River Contamination
  69. Water Sources - Waterton Canyon to mile 60
  70. 2016 NEBO -- Questions
  71. Shuttle needed Sat 8/29 from end of CT segment 2 to end of segment 3 near Bailey/Pine
  72. Shuttle to Cottonwood Pass or Hot Springs?
  73. Quick Question -- Maps
  74. Alternate Routes
  75. Waterton Canyon closed
  76. Are topos/supplemental maps necessary?
  77. Section advice for 50-100 mile trip next summer?
  78. 2015 CT Completer Looking for Local Hiking Partner for 2017 PCT Thru
  79. Two weeks on the CT
  80. Have to hike in June--what sections will be snow-free enough?
  81. CT hike in Sept.
  82. New CT Databook (6th Edition) Is Available
  83. Need help with clothing list for 2016 Thru
  84. Xmas Hike, Segment 2
  85. Favorite CT towns and hostels?
  86. Mountain Lion spotted just outside Durango in the Junction Creek area
  87. 2016 SWBO CT Thru Hike
  88. Overall cost of trail
  89. WTB: CT Guidebook
  90. Rain gear questions
  91. WTB: Erik the Black's CT Pocket Atlas
  92. Colorado snowpack
  93. collegiate loop
  94. Hiking during lightning season
  95. ETB JMT atlas trade for CT guide....
  96. Resupplying on the Collegiate Loop Trial
  97. Elevation Acclimation
  98. Western branch CT alternate to Grand Junction?
  99. Umbrella on the CT?
  100. Fishing on the Collegiate Peaks Loop Trail
  101. Thru-Hike ALL 19th century
  102. CT hiking partner(s) for 2016?
  103. Easiest logistics to do collegiate loop from east coast...
  104. Guthooks app for collegiate loop?
  105. Logistics of getting a dog to Twin lakes or Salida area for collegiate loop hike?
  106. Thoughts on clothing list for a mid/late September collegiate loop hike...
  107. Late June CT 3 night section
  108. Durango Transportation
  109. First long hike
  110. Hot to bail out the Colorado Trail and how to make it back from Durango to Denver?
  111. Is the collegiate loop crowded?
  112. Seeking hiking partner(s) for full Collegiate Loop Hike - Late August or September
  113. Cabins/Shelters - Collegiate West Seg 05
  114. Bear canisters on the Colorado Trail? Are bears/critters a problem on the trail?
  115. How to get from Durango to Siilverton?
  116. 14ers fron the CT
  117. Collegiate loop for a newbie??
  118. Anyone know of? Trail
  119. Collegiate Loop starting point
  120. The Bivvi Hostel in Breckenridge Opening June 9th this Year! AND Laundry Service Now
  121. Starting at section 9 (snow ? + anything else)
  122. Help me decide between Peak One Campground or Heaton Cove Campground in Frisco, CO
  123. 2016 Colorado Trail Guthooks app is now available.
  124. Thanks WhiteBlaze
  125. Any cell service on collegiate loop?
  126. Current water and bug conditions around the collegiate loop for late July??
  127. Colorado Trail
  128. Hiker Will Walk Back 150 Years On The Colorado Trail
  129. Monarch crest doesn't sell stove fuel any recs??
  130. Gear choices for collegiate loop
  131. Most effective bear bag hang technique...
  132. Twin lakes
  133. CT Shelter Choices
  134. Quickest route up Mt. Elbert?
  135. Hitching into Buena Vista off 306?
  136. CT Section 6 Question
  137. Sad news, Gudy Gaskill Passed Away
  138. canister stove for 2 hikers
  139. Day Hikes in Denver Area
  140. Mother xxxxxxx Southwest Airlines!!!!!
  141. Flying to Denver With Hiking Stuff
  142. 14000 footer from the Collegiate Peaks Loop.
  143. Leaving vehicle while hiking Collegiate Loop
  144. September 19-29 collegiate loop/Mt Elbert hike clothing.....warm enough???
  145. New Food storage regulations affecting the CT.
  146. Seeking Guidance on Thru-hiking the Collegiate West
  147. Colligate loop fishing ?
  148. The CT in September - what to expect?
  149. Umbrella or not on CT
  150. Anyone have any experience with the Woodland motel or Simple Hostel in Salida?
  151. Getting to the Colorado Trail trailhead in SW Denver
  152. CT segments 7-8 too cold starting Sept 21st?
  153. Leasons learned on the CT
  154. Sections 16 & 17 water availability
  155. Mount Princeton Hot Springs and Monarch Crest Souvenir Shop
  156. Colorado Trail Hiker & Bikepacker Trip Length Survey
  157. Brief trip report from my collegiate loop hike
  158. Twin lakes TH transportaion
  159. Collegiate Peaks Loop Trail map
  160. NOBO vs. SOBO?
  161. Start date set!
  162. Cheap flight Durango area to Denver
  163. 21 day CT July thru......advice on resupply.
  164. Mid with no inner net or bivi CT in July? Bad idea..??
  165. Start Date Questions.
  166. Best Cooking Gear and Shelter for CT?
  167. Collegiate Peaks During Thru Hike
  168. Things to do along the trail
  169. Trail Crews
  170. Critter-proofing food
  171. I'm Going To Thru Hike The CT This Year!!!!!!!!!
  172. In order to plan a faster more efficient July thru...what sections seem to be easier
  173. Easiest travel from Southeast to Durango/Silverton?
  174. Will My Sprint Cell Phone Work in Colorado?
  175. SnoTel
  176. Colorado Trail Pocket Atlas 2nd edition
  177. Anyone use the sun tactics charger on the CT?
  178. Shuttle into Gunnison from CT trailhead on HWY 114
  179. Traveling from Salida to Twin Lakes
  180. Random Collegiate question
  181. Colorado Trail Founder Remembered
  182. Who carried sawyer flush syringe on a CT thru? Needed?
  183. Collegiate Loop Mid June Start Date
  184. Best Navigation App for the CT
  185. One Week Hike
  186. West side of twin lakes? Willis gulch?
  187. Bag (sleeping) question
  188. Trail Journal
  189. Waterton Canyon vs. Indian Creek
  190. Silverton to Durango....
  191. Paying to store a mail drop
  192. Recommendations for a 2 person shelter?
  193. Early July start going to dealing with deep snow?
  194. The Bivvi Hostel in Breckenridge Opening June 8th this Year! And Laundry Service
  195. Shelters on The Colorado Trail
  196. Ticks and rattlers on CT...
  197. Seeking Colorado Trail Section Hike Partners for the Summer
  198. Umbrella w wind jacket vs rain parka in July....
  199. Resupply Stops
  200. Trail conditions
  201. Lake City Trail Angeles Shuttle
  202. Who is hiking the CT this summer, give dates.
  203. segment 6 camping
  204. Rocky Mountain NP Knowledge
  205. Trail Angel set-up point?
  206. First time in Colorado
  207. Bear rips ursack on CT section 5
  208. More stage 1 fire bans on CT
  209. Notice to CT hikers.....be ready for the HEAT!
  210. Lynwood Park, Bailey CO
  211. Twin Lakes - mail drop or no
  212. Trail uber Jani Schafer lives in Bailey CO .........720-688-5398...Store this # just
  213. Chicago Basin Question
  214. Just can't make the Ohm 2.0 work for the CT
  215. Need partner Molas Pass to Durango 7/27
  216. Cooper slackpacking back to Breckenridge
  217. Need a place to park my van in Durango for about a month???
  218. Segment 7 fire closure lifted.
  219. Hammock opportunities in Segments 8 and 9
  220. Pine Beetle Epidemic Destroys Colorado's Forests
  221. Food drop available in Twin Lakes
  222. Breckenridge to Leadville Logistics
  223. Colorado Trail
  224. Section 24-28
  225. Getting from the Southern End of Seg 9 to Leadville
  226. Leadville Hostel for sale
  227. Overload
  228. LNT at its finest on the Platte River and CT....
  229. Looking for Shuttle Saturday 9/2/2017 in Leadville area
  230. Segment 22 - Any ability to drive in
  231. Where's a funemployed gal to go?!
  232. Good places to visit on the Colorado trail
  233. CT for first trail
  234. Assume late October going to be too late to finish hike....
  235. Does it rain in the Colorado Trail during the summer?
  236. Any ultralight Rain Poncho for the Colorado trail
  237. Are bugs and mosquitos a problem on the Colorado Trail during the summer?
  238. What the heck is wrong with me?
  239. Hitch hiking to Bailey from Segment 4 TH
  240. Reservoir Comparison and Advice
  241. Time needed to complete
  242. Bustang statewide bus network coming to Durango
  243. Any leadville area locals? Melly
  244. How’s the snow levels looking so far for mid June CT?
  245. Shake Down Please!
  246. Colorado Thru Hike Video
  247. Colorado Trail & CDT Variations - 2nd Thru
  248. Colorado Thru Hike
  249. Pit toilets
  250. How cold does it get?