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  1. Questions for recent thru hikers
  2. Hammocks in New Hampshire
  3. 2 sobo's want to get home after finishing thru hike in early November
  4. Where would Southbounders be around the end of this month?
  5. So when you hike SOBO...
  6. How do i prepare for a sobo thru hike
  7. Resupply Plan going sobo???
  8. 2012?
  9. probably a ridiculous but honest question about first day southbounding
  10. reservations at AT lodge and KSC
  11. Where do I start?
  12. Cold weather thru hike?
  13. Brand New Hikers
  14. SOBO Aug 1rst questions for the experienced
  15. Mt. Katahdin Help
  16. SOBO Weight Loss
  17. SOBO July 10th, looking for hiking partners
  18. Question About Packing List
  19. SoBo flip-flop wrap-around starting in Harper's Ferry
  20. SOBO starting between May 25th and June 1st!
  21. Mount Katahdin in Early May
  22. Necessary Mail Drops
  23. UL Clothing for Sobo Thruhike August 1st
  24. A couple questions about the South
  25. Baxter Park Trail Conditions:
  26. Packing List Help
  27. is a may 1st date for sobo too early?
  28. Southbound starting September?
  29. Baxter Park Campsite Avalability link
  30. Preparation Hike
  31. Best way to get to Katahdin trail head?
  32. SOBO start help!
  33. startin sobo sometime in june looking for trail buddy
  34. Best route up and down Katahdin.
  35. So Why Did You Go SOBO?
  36. AT to Baxter Peak open 5/20/2012
  37. Anyone going SOBO in early July?
  38. SOBO Thru hikers starting tomorrow.
  39. Another Gear List
  40. SOBO's getting soaked right now.
  41. Katahdin and out of BSP in one day?
  42. Planning Timeline for SOBO June 2014
  43. Is an orange vest enough?
  44. Miner has done his first SOBO entry
  45. Southbound Scheduleling help
  46. Questions regarding leaving October 22 to 24 SOBO (2012)
  47. Reasons for SOBO to not finish their hike
  48. Fly with, maildrop, or buy food in Maine?
  49. Sandy + snow
  50. bounce boxes
  51. Katahdin to Rangeley Question
  52. Thanksgiving plans?
  53. Mid-August too late of a start to finish a SOBO by X-Mas? Would the Smokies be safe?
  54. SOBO Trail Journal Recommendations?
  55. Weather throughout a SOBO?
  56. Trying to hike SOBO and looking for a partner
  57. Leaving Katahdin July 1st.....where should I expect to be by September.
  58. Good Hike to Simulate Starting in Maine
  59. SOBO in early July!
  60. Clothing Questions
  61. Need transportation info to flip-flop to Katahdin
  62. Hiking Rates for Southbounders
  63. Sobo flip flop may 15
  64. About to book my ticket!
  65. Ride to Baxter State!
  66. Scheduling my arrival to BSP from Minneapolis
  67. How much food to take for the start?
  68. UL SOBO Gear List
  69. Where should I expect to be by August 1st?
  70. 2013 Katahdin Stream Campground questions answered
  71. South-Bound Blogs/journals/sites
  72. Couple of Questions ???
  73. BSP Site Share?
  74. SOBO sleeping bag -- overkill?
  75. How essential is a down jacket?
  76. july 9 sobo gear list
  77. White House landing?
  78. Rain skirt or pants
  79. SOBO. In 2017 looking for person(s) to camp support
  80. Sobo vs Nobo Costs?
  81. I have a question for you SOBO's...
  82. Starting gear weight.
  83. Southbound with my dog: 2013 thru-hike slideshow
  84. Goretex shoes vs.
  85. New Subreddit for 2014 SOBOers.
  86. Early June Start - Preliminary Gear List
  87. Hundred Mile Wilderness
  88. Anyone going SOBO 6/1
  89. SOBO BSP Start Date Reservations & Final Preps
  90. SOBO Late July Start
  91. Looking for a SOBO partner - early June start.
  92. 2014 Southbound AT thru hike gear list
  93. My Sobo Worries
  94. Room in lean-to for June 1st departure...
  95. Please Tear Apart My SOBO AT Gear List !!!
  96. Battery operated ultrasonic mouse repeller
  97. 2014 Katahdin Stream Campground questions answered
  98. SOBO (starting 6/26/14) gear list advice desired
  99. Looking for some gear list criticism.
  100. White House Landing closed for 2014
  101. SOBO Weather vs. NOBO Weather
  102. Who has slack packed southbound?
  103. Only using 1 Sleeping bag for Entire SOBO hike?
  104. Anybody able to share their campsite at BSP June 15?
  105. Room for 1 at Katahdin Spring Campground July 10th?
  106. SOBO Winter Clothes
  107. Gorham to Pinkham Notch??
  108. Late Sobo Start
  109. Anybody planning to start early June?
  110. Food Storage
  111. In Between
  112. Where to train for a SOBO thru hike?
  113. SOBO partner needed for section hike from PA to GA 31 March 2015
  114. Looking back, did you make the right choice going SOBO?
  115. SOBO 2015 Snow delay…??
  116. question about sleeping set up
  117. Reasonable time between zero days
  118. Please don't plan on a May 15th start date!
  119. 4 season tent
  120. South Bound starting October 1 looking for advice
  121. After the trail….
  122. Time spent in hundred mile wilderness
  123. Transportation from NYC to Katahdin
  124. 2015 Baxter State Park and Katahdin info for southbounders.
  125. NOBO bubble w/ Aug. 1st leaving date
  126. AT Newbie
  127. Down jacket vs down vest
  128. SOBO July 15, OK time to start?
  129. SOBO July 12-14 Anyone ? Campsite?
  130. Public transportation: Damascus to AT Lodge in Millinocket?
  131. Southbound July 2015 come one come all
  132. SOBO Down the Eastern Continental Trail From WV July 5th - Looking 4 Hiking Partners
  133. Cold weather gear?
  134. July 26th Sobo, what to expect?
  135. Flip Flop SOBO Thru Hike Recommendations For Late Start (September)
  136. Anybody able to share their campsite at BSP July 26th?
  137. Bangor Airport to Baxter State Park
  138. Spare room from Millinocket to BSP/Katahdin Stream Campground July 22nd
  139. 2015 SOBO Thru Hiker August 10th
  140. Has anyone here attempted a SOBO starting after Labor Day?
  141. Planning for the White Mountains
  142. SOBO 2016 Summiting Katahdin
  143. Heading SOBO from Harpers Ferry September 1. Any comments or suggestions?
  144. Youtube!
  145. YouTube.
  146. Need a brutally honest SOBO Kit Shakedown
  147. Sleeping bag temperature rating
  148. Katahdin 2016 SOBO Thru hike
  149. Food drop in 100 MW question
  150. Half thru SB
  151. SOBO ME & NH Base Layer Question
  152. Earliest SOBO thru-hike start 2016
  153. 2016 Baxter State Park and Katahdin info for southbounders.
  154. Questions about the IAT Canadian border crossing
  155. Starting april 16th at Swatara Gap, PA...heading SOBO to Amicalola Falls
  156. 2016 Southbounders: 100 mile 'shakedown' hike on the Tuscarora tral
  157. Looking for pick up information at Grafton Notch State Park area
  158. Katahdin to open Friday, 5/24/16
  159. Transportation from Portland to Millinochet
  160. 2016 SOBO thru hikers starting in June/July
  161. Gloves for black flies?
  162. Hiking partner wanted SOBO new England sept/oct
  163. Insulation for SOBO
  164. Trail angeling near Damascus Oct 13 - 17
  165. SoBo thru hikers can register with ATC.
  166. Sobos, it's time to call Baxter and make your 2017 camping reservations!
  167. Does any SOBO want to share a campsite at Katahdin Stream Campground on June 7, 2017?
  168. 2017 Baxter State Park and Katahdin info for southbounders.
  169. SOBOs Looking to Split Shuttle Cost on June 15th - Bangor to Baxter
  170. Sobo bubble?
  171. Should I sign in as a day hiker?
  172. sobo question
  173. BAG temp help
  174. SOBOS in JULY 2017
  175. Which one?
  176. ISO Baxter site to share
  177. AT Lodge reports 450+ sobos as of 6/30.
  178. August 3rd Start looking to split a campsite at Baxter
  179. Anyone starting a sobo in early August?
  180. 2018 sobo lash
  181. SoBo advice
  182. 2018 Baxter State Park and Katahdin info for southbounders.
  183. SOBO in early June?
  184. June in Maine
  185. Baxter announces delayed campground openings for 2018
  186. Baxter State Park's Abol Trail will open May 21st.
  187. Bugs!
  188. Anyone starting late May 2019?
  189. The 2019 SoBo’s Guide to Baxter and Katahdin
  190. 2019 traditional opening date of May 15th postponed until the 22nd
  191. From Baxter State Park: No summit trail open before 6/15.
  192. 10,000 Better Days -- New Book about a 1987 Southbound Thru-hike
  193. SOBO attempt advice needed.
  194. Headed SOBO 2020, question about the first couple hundred miles...
  195. Share a campsite Katahdin Stream July 31st
  196. General SoBo questions for next years thru
  197. Mt.Katahdin to Mt.Washington
  198. The 2020 SoBo's Guide to Baxter and Katahdin.
  199. Flip-Flop Question
  200. Mini Flip Flop
  201. Mt Katahdin to Monson
  202. Updated SoBo 2020/2021 info.
  203. Why SOBO?
  204. SOBO Journals to read
  205. 2021 sobo
  206. Choosing a starting date
  207. The 2021 SoBo’s Guide to Baxter and Katahdin
  208. All Katahdin Trails are now closed. (4/1/21)
  209. Baxter opens the AT, and other Katahdin trails, on 5/28/21.
  210. NH Huts
  211. The 2022 SoBo’s Guide to Baxter and Katahdin
  212. My unofficial list of opening dates for the Park and Katahdin trails: