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  1. devon and jones fleece jacket
  2. Do any of you have this jacket? If so whadda ya think?
  3. Land's end down jacket
  4. Clothing form base to outer... Please Help~
  5. Any reviews on the Woolrich Men's Loxley Jacket
  6. Rain jacket recommendations
  7. LL bean down jacket
  8. Gaitors
  9. Columbia Titanium Granite Tor's II shell
  10. Hiking w/ wool and cotton socks.
  11. Synthetic or wool
  12. Insulated Clothing in sleeping bags
  13. Clothes
  14. Is all Polar Fleece created equal?
  15. Impulse buy leads to questioning which jacket to take... Poster seeks advice.
  16. Taking my coat?
  17. Pants and a belt?
  18. Rain Pants Suggestions
  19. Best Montbell down jacket for a thru hike?
  20. SmartWool
  21. Clothing for SoBo thru hike
  22. boxers or briefs - no really...
  23. Patagonia Sweater
  24. Socks cause rash & itching
  25. appropriate clothes for the weather?
  26. Fuzzy Duds
  27. Recommendations for short-sleeve ....
  28. Hiking shorts....was looking at the....
  29. Tilley hat? Anyone have one....
  30. R2 fleece or the "Nano Puff".....
  31. Camp shoes? How many on here pack a ....
  32. Marmot Rockstar Pants
  33. Need a baby gift
  34. Cabela's Down Vest
  35. Under armor cold weather spandex as wicking layer?
  36. Medalist Tactical Shield Silvermax Tee Shirt
  37. Help me find cargo pants
  38. Big and Tall Clothing Sources
  39. Rain Pants
  40. In need of a jacket for my wife
  41. Ultralight Winter Clothing List
  42. Down "Sweaters"
  43. Patagonia Sale!
  44. Black Rock Hat Fall Sale!
  45. Mittens
  46. What are you getting for these prices?
  47. Base Layer - Insulation - Outer Shell; input?
  48. Base layer - a question for the guys
  49. Base Layer- Capilene vs fleece
  50. LevaGaiter
  51. BPL Cocoon Insulated Hoody
  52. Polite wind shirt
  53. Frogg Toggs All Sport
  54. 5-6" inseam
  55. Bass Pro Shop fleece base layer
  56. Softshell with heavy fleece
  57. Shell jacket
  58. Wool Baselayer Question
  59. Warmest socks ???
  60. Can someone recommended a "go to" pair of hiking....
  61. Pepper skins as a baselayer!!
  62. Need advice
  63. best warm and functioning glove
  64. Wind and Rain Gear
  65. ToeSox??
  66. Sun Hat?
  67. Windbreaker Recommendation Puh-leeze!
  68. Lighter Weight Base Layer Options?
  69. smart wool vs. icebreaker
  70. Baselayer question...
  71. Advice on layers please
  72. new version of REI sahara pants
  73. Georgia Section in May
  74. Back in the office ...
  76. pants for april start?
  77. missing anything?
  78. Cargo Shorts or Zip-Offs for NOBO May Start
  79. Cotton?
  80. 6" 7" or 8" Inseam Nylon Hiking Shorts?
  81. Kuhl Jeans review.
  82. Windstopper Jackets
  83. Clothes Suggestions for SOBO Thru?
  84. Who wears a kilt when hiking?
  85. Opinions Please - Integral Designs eVENT Thru Hiker Jacket
  86. Heavy Sweaters - Nylon or Polyester
  87. Original hat ideas?
  88. Shorts...
  89. VIDEO: SportKilt Hiking Kilt Review
  90. Thoughts on Stoic?
  91. glasses
  92. to go with the Marmot Mica...
  93. Rain Gear for thru
  94. Why synthetic shirts over wool?
  95. Punjabi Slogan T-shirts
  96. REI Kimtah eVent parka 30%off!
  97. Stay warm in this layering system?
  98. Any Thoughts On Wool vs. Silk Underwear for sleeping???
  99. Footwear: Toe Shoes
  100. Jacket Question
  101. Layering help!
  102. New base layers, hot chilly's ... ?
  103. Anyone heard of Terramar?
  104. Need clothing tips fast!!
  105. My AT thru attempt clothing plan
  106. for those of you in need of a great...
  107. Wool & Synthetic
  108. Mountain Hardwear Nitrous Jacket on Clymb
  109. 50f morning starts, how many layers?
  110. lightweight winter jacket
  111. deal with it or replace: my winter down jacket
  112. GoLite Jacket?
  113. Any suggestions for inexpensive long underwear/base layer?
  114. Green Trail Jacket
  115. Experience With Pearl Izumi Men's Infinity Jacket?
  116. Vibram Five Fingers
  117. Golite sale
  118. NOBO baselayers
  119. Gortex/Polartec tested today...
  120. Thumb holes
  121. ultra lite fleece gloves and hats
  122. Windshirts
  123. Nike pro combat clothing
  124. Need some help with my clothing choices
  125. Resistance is Futile - New Years Eve Resolution - Mens Tech Pants - Loose weight!
  126. Rainpants for tall people
  127. glove selection for 2012 thru hike
  128. What are you wearing?
  129. Making a Kilt
  130. Please, settle my doubts about pants/nylon shorts.
  131. Clothing for june is GSMNP
  132. Clothing for May thru end of August NOBO
  133. Insulation Layer: Is your jacket Down or Synthetic?
  134. Northren GA to Franklin
  135. What do people use for a long sleeve hiking shirt?
  136. Brooks Men's L.S.D. Lite Running Jacket
  137. Without long pants?
  138. Bdu,s help
  139. Patagonia Capelene level 2 or 3 for GSMNP Sept. 1-9 hike
  140. Nike Dry Fit shorts with liner
  141. Pushing the limit in smell proof clothing
  142. What Jacket?
  143. Winter hiking with no integrated hood?
  144. Winter Gloves
  145. Outdoor Research Men's Stormtracker Gloves
  146. Montbell Dynamo Wind Pants
  147. hiking pants
  148. Good deal on sox
  149. Layers For Feb Start
  150. Shell and Mid-layers for a March 2013 thru
  151. Insulation Jacket for Camp (2013 AT Nobo / Early-Mid March)
  152. Fall clothing advice?
  153. To Down Wear or Not...
  154. Underwear suggestions
  155. Poly / Wool blend base layer
  156. Down shirt
  157. Silk underwear
  158. WM Flash Pants
  159. Smartwool Micro vs Midweight Base Layers
  160. Another Insulation Jacket Question
  161. Montbell Tachyon Wind Anorak
  162. Moosejaw Reward Points Needed
  163. Winter Clothing
  164. What clothing are you bringing?
  165. Best THru-Hike Shorts
  166. Baselayer
  167. How am I doing on clothes?
  168. Fleece Layer Recommendation...
  169. Patagonia Micropuff insulated jacket
  170. Rail rider versatec light pants ???
  171. Waterproof / Water resist your down
  172. Too Many Clothes?
  173. Really, really good shorts - just above knee with a good map pocket
  174. With all the snow this year, am I making a mistake for next year? Please advise.
  175. Please rate my prospective clothing?
  176. got a rail riders review ?????
  177. Help with clothing list (roan mt area)
  178. Shoes
  179. Cocoon Overglasses
  180. Can anyone help me with my clothing list?
  181. Waterproof Superhydrophobic Spray is now here at a store near you Next Week!
  182. looking for o t c socks
  183. I don't care to advertise for you!!!
  184. Capilene Pants for Hiking
  185. Dirty Girl gaiters help needed
  186. Columbia insulated jackets
  187. Question About Merino Wool Clothing
  188. Age Ole Question-Wool or Silk
  189. Clothing Stink
  190. Wool or wool blend?
  191. Warmth question
  192. Winter baselayer
  193. Full length side zip pants for hiking/backpacking
  194. April NOBO - Clothing Combos
  195. Clothing to add insulation at night
  196. North Face Flash Dry
  197. long sleeve t shirt question
  198. Wind proof briefs
  199. Alternative to Patagonia R3?
  200. Arm warmers
  201. Weight of LLBEAN Cresta Merino Baselayers
  202. What is your favorite mid-layer fleece?
  203. Multi-use base layers/sleep system layer
  204. Wind Pants
  205. rugged pants for conducting search and rescue suggestions wanted
  206. Warm Weather Clothes
  207. Clothing for 30 Day Section Hike - Feedback Please
  208. November in Vermont - What are you wearing?
  209. color of clothing---jackets
  210. Toesocks, Who Wears 'em?
  211. Help with Columbia Long Sleeve Shirt Information
  212. October Hike from Springer Mnt to Dicks Creek Georgia/clothing
  213. Some Motivation Required Bear Remix T-Shirts on sale
  214. Underwear: Duluth Trading Co. vs ExOfficio, Advantage DTC
  215. Thoughts on women's light weight rain jackets
  216. Clothing for February
  217. patagonia Nano-Air
  218. Clothes, cooking, and bears
  219. Anyone wear Arcteryx Ramparts?
  220. Clothing for Georgia, Late March Start
  221. Down vs Synthetic Jacket
  222. Opinions on clothing for my first cold weather overnight
  223. liner socks, no liner socks, that is the question
  224. light weight or UL Hooded down jacket
  225. I want a lighter beanie.
  226. Smartwool sizing question
  227. Capilene vs Techwick
  228. Clothing suggestions for late April Ga section hike
  229. Winter base layers
  230. to hike, or to run....
  231. Two thin layers vs. one thicker layer?
  232. Patagonia Baggie Shorts
  233. Is this a good down jacket?
  234. Use of Montbell UL Down T
  235. Rain Jacket with Gore-Tex
  236. OR Helium II or Marmot Precip
  237. Base Layers - Full Wool or partial wool?
  238. Anyone have a Mountain Hardwear Thermostatic Jacket?
  239. Running Shorts Recommendations
  240. Newb winter clothing questions
  241. SOBO looking for clothing advice
  242. Montbell Thermawrap Sports Vest
  243. Smartwool Sale
  244. No show, ankle high, or regular length hiking socks? And what brand?
  245. Jacket for September hike in GSM?
  246. Durable wool socks?
  247. Capilene Vs Merino
  248. Fabric that doesn't stink
  249. Clothing questions, and Shoe problems.
  250. Down preference