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  1. Travois...
  2. Excited to do my first trip with my boy.
  3. The psychology of dogs on the trail
  4. Snake bites and dogs
  5. Hiking with a Pyrenean shepherd
  6. Sizing Ruffwear packs - HELP!
  7. Hiking Clubs & Dogs overcoming common objections
  8. Best breed for hiking?
  9. severely cracked pad
  10. Service Dogs on the AT stories
  11. Dog leashes
  12. E-Collar
  13. Dog Gear for Sale Cheap
  14. Outward Hound Pack Q
  15. Turn your dog into a bear!
  16. General thru-hike additional cost of taking a dog
  17. Just discovered - I have a dog with a disability.
  18. dog leash for friend
  19. Resupply Variety in Dog Food?
  20. Can a Corgi handle the AT?
  21. Alternate trail GSMNP for dog-owners
  22. One Dog Night
  23. how many hikers bring dogs?
  24. Town Stops with a dog
  25. Hammock & Dogs - what kind of dog pad?
  26. Sleeping with the Dogs
  27. Need recomendations please!
  28. pad for dog - thermarest seat?
  29. The "Meet My Dog" Thread
  30. 2011 AT Celebration - Fireside Forum "Dog Discussion"
  31. Rainy Days
  32. Erwin is a daddy!
  33. Tuf-Foot
  34. how'd you get home?
  35. Unleashed dogs
  36. My dog died today
  37. Footies
  38. Training
  39. Dogs find the way
  40. things dogs do
  41. words that dogs understand
  43. Dog found on AT in Pa.
  44. Help! advice needed...
  45. Dog questions
  46. carrying a dog during the entire hike
  47. Wolfpack dog backpacks
  48. Tips and Tricks
  49. Dog hiking books
  50. HOw much do dogs eat on the trail?
  51. Getting a dog ready for an extended hike. tips, suggestions, advice
  52. Best Dog Harness/Backpack
  53. Dogs on the AT?
  54. Trouble with Toenails on Rocks
  55. Giving thought about dog food on overnighters....
  56. My new hiking buddy
  57. Good bag to use wth possible wet dog
  58. Advice on going through New York with my dog
  59. Dog Food General Advice
  60. Never hike without some sort of tick repellent on your dog...ever.
  61. Never hike without some sort of tick repellent on your dog...ever.
  62. What do you think of the Mountainsmith dog packs?
  63. Dog hikers: How much does your pack weigh?
  64. Characteristics of a Modern trail Dog:
  65. Thru-hiking w dog and "no dogs allowed" sections
  66. Do you consider thru hiking of the AT with a dog a solo attempt?
  67. Have a solid recall!
  68. Drake, 2 months after rescue.
  69. Proper pack fitting
  70. Hammock or Tent & Missy
  71. My dog Emerson one month after rescue
  72. Kaia
  73. a little help from dog lovers and FB users...
  74. In case you miss it - Ultimate home made dog treat (Liver)
  75. Granuloma - Ya need to know....
  76. Doggie boots?
  77. good sale on doggie bowls today
  78. hiking with dogs
  79. Dogs bitten by snakes
  80. Remote Containment Systems
  81. Is there really so much animosity towards dogs/their owners on the AT?
  82. Food and Warmth
  83. Going around the parks for no dogs
  84. Help me pick the right breed!
  85. Getting home with your Dog
  86. Dog friendly accommodations between Roan Mt. and Damascus?
  87. looking for UL dog friendly shelter
  88. Winter hiking with 4 month old boxer pup
  89. Tracking Collars?
  90. Teaching a dog new tricks (Nothing about the AT)
  91. SOBO. Baxter and shuttle?
  92. exhausting your dog
  93. Dog Pack
  94. I think I should know who are the moderators to the dog forum.... by now..
  95. Considering Compiling Articles on Hiking with Dogs on Trail
  96. Kincora - Bob Peoples- No dogs this year
  97. People who have thru hiked with a canine, some questions.
  98. IMO best product for keeping the dog hydrated
  99. Dog Found on AT near Madison Co., NC
  100. Dog packs on clearance
  101. Dog leashed at night?
  102. Keeping the training going.... even for older dogs...
  103. Hiking with dog...first aid kit and other general advice requested.
  104. Dogs, hiking and the heat...
  105. To take my dog or not?
  106. Lost Dog near Roan Mnt.
  107. Question: Dogs, Heat, Humidity and Hiking? Please Advise.
  108. Dog with knee problems
  109. Check out this dog food...cut down on weight...but sit down for the price, Okay?
  110. Obit...
  111. Hiking First aid for dogs
  112. Dog struck by truck
  113. Permethrin for dogs / tick repellant
  114. Frontline vs Advantix vs tick collar
  115. Should dog owners be concerned? changes at Parks and Trails!
  116. dog backpacking
  117. FYI: Limping dog
  118. Dog Hiking Rookie
  119. Obstacles on trail
  120. Cherish every moment....
  121. Doing something Extraordinary...
  122. Questions for those who hike with dog(s)
  123. Met some thru-hiker Angels this week in Maine
  124. GMC videos
  125. Leash your dog PLEASE!
  126. Hiking with a dog after TPLO surgery
  127. Shelter of Choice?
  128. keeping dog warm
  129. dog tough sleeping pad question
  130. hiking with small jack Russell..
  131. best dog jacket
  132. Keeping a 72 pound dog happy when Hammocking... Suggestions Please
  133. An easy section of the AT for a dog?
  134. Teaching dog to sleep in tent??
  135. 2013 Pups Attempting to Thru Hike
  136. One week easy hike with dog - suggestions on sections of the trail for this
  137. Rattle snake vaccine?
  138. Equipment for Dog Backpacking
  139. Small Dogs good for long distance hiking
  140. Trail Journals
  141. Advice two dogs now!!
  142. Dogs not on the AT
  143. New Hiking Dog - Leash Questions
  144. Team Chacopak's new hiking buddy
  145. Getting through NC with a dog -- bypass Smokies?
  146. Dogs on the trail
  147. How many dog this year
  148. Cooking rice for my dog.....
  149. Dog joining me in VA
  150. Dog hiking shoes
  151. What "gear" does my dog need?
  152. pack good idea on a 16lb jack Russell?
  153. what quilt to buy?
  154. bag for a dog that thru-hikes
  155. Anyone Use Ruffwear Bark'n Boots Grip Trex Dog Boots?
  156. tick protection for dog and I
  157. Hiking with a JRT--Commands?
  158. Following Atticus the dog, book and viewo
  159. Border Collie Sidekick
  160. Wet weather gear for dogs
  161. Dirty Dog a.k.a. bathing my dog on the trail
  162. Advice on keeping dog warm at night
  163. What do you do with your dog in town?
  164. Ticks
  165. Human behavior
  166. Dog Rescued from McAfee's Knob
  167. Hands Free Retractor.... and keeping it light...
  168. Bad weather
  169. Abol Bridge drop off
  170. PA Rock Maze with a dog
  171. Need Dog Daycare/Crate-Free Kennel Millinocket, ME June 16th all day only
  172. Dogs and ACL surgery
  173. Barren Chairback Range
  174. DogFriendly Hikes near Balsam Mtn/ Cherokee?
  175. Dogs and AT in NY
  176. Hiking Sobo with 10 week old puppy in Maine
  177. hiking with dogs-amc outdoors tips
  178. dog ?'ss
  179. Greetings from Germany
  180. I'm going to shoot...
  181. Understanding dog barking and the importance of training
  182. New AT Hiker with service dog....lots of questions
  183. A Little White Dog near Wood Gap
  184. What do you do for a blanket for your dog?
  185. Background on GSMNP closing to dogs, real history on the reasons.
  186. Thoughts on hiking with your dog after reading the two Articles on here.
  187. Musings on thru hiking the AT with dog - my spiritual take
  188. Dogs at Hotels
  189. Raising a pup on the trail
  190. Doggy Harness
  191. Booties for dogs with dew claws?
  192. keeping pack balanced
  193. Service Dogs with Thru-Hikers, GSMNP
  194. Kennels Smoky Mountains
  195. Assist Dog on the AT
  196. Ruffwear climate changer vs cloud chaser???
  197. Southbound with Lab where can he join me?
  198. K9 Nutrition on the Trail
  199. Dog Caution - Poisoned Coyote Bait
  200. Help! Thru hiking with dog and have questions!
  201. dog sleep patterns on the trail
  202. Best dog food for pups on the trail
  203. Dog (Black Pomeranian) found on AT north of Hot Springs, NC
  204. Are boots necessarry for the trail?
  205. Sleeping bag for dogs
  206. Jack E. Boy: The Hiking Husky
  207. Has anyone ever had their dog tear/ruin their tent?
  208. Hike With Your Dog & Try On RuffWear FREE in Chatanooga June 8th
  209. Ideas on Pad Conditioning for Climbing
  210. Do you have a map with 'no dogs allowed' areas listed (any trail)
  211. A.T. Inspired dog names
  212. Hands Free Leash Systems
  213. Dog and a bear cub
  214. Ponies and a dog...funny
  215. prettiest puppy ever
  216. Dog Owner Responsibility: Training
  217. Any small dog hikers use Ruff Wear Approach pack?
  218. Damascus dog watcher?
  219. Hammock Camping with Dog?
  220. Lookout for your pup!
  221. Dog Booties?
  222. Sleeping bag/quilt for small dog??
  223. How often do you apply Mushers Secret...
  224. Dog first aid kit?
  225. Dog Toy of Choice
  226. Dog Memorial on AT?
  227. Dog Bivy Sack
  228. High calorie dog trail treats??
  229. Found Dog,
  230. Dog Friendly Hostels/Motels
  231. dogs and steep places
  232. My dog is such [scaredy] cat! How to calm down in camp?
  233. Will my dog and I be welcomed?
  234. Cheers To Your Dog
  235. hiking with a 5 lb chihuahua
  236. Cats on the Appalachian Trail
  237. Any experience with GPS for dogs?
  238. Dogs, pace and food
  239. Smokies, possible to avoid?
  240. Dog + Tent Set-up
  241. Unneutered dogs on the trail
  242. Dogs and Water on the trail
  243. Lost Dog
  244. AT newbies looking for an easy out and back
  245. Anyone know what the smallest breed dog to complete a thru?
  246. what is the easiest section of the at to hike with your dog.
  247. Very high quality dog collars for very little money
  248. dog gear
  249. Break-Away Dog Collar
  250. How much "dog weight" is in your pack