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  1. Changing of Behaviors
  2. Dog Booties
  3. How NOT to trigger negative behavior in someone else's dog...
  4. Six month old Italian Greyhound
  5. Hiking South Bound
  6. Rain gear for dogs?
  7. Pennslyvania hiking with Lab
  8. Small dogs
  9. Pet friendly hotels/motels in Daleville
  10. LOST dog near MAX PATCH
  11. Tent Advice: Backpacking with Your Dog
  12. FOUND Brown/White male hound dog
  13. Dogs and roads on the AT?
  14. new- few questions
  15. Details of Long Distance Hiking Dogs
  16. Lost Dogs Backpack with dog tags
  17. Pack rubbing
  18. Planning a thru-hike attempt with my dog -- advice on getting him in physical shape?
  19. Sections where dogs are not allowed
  20. Lost dog in Maine
  21. SOBO bypassing SMNP with dogs
  22. Best Dog Breed For Making A Thru Hike?
  23. Lost Dog in Mount Rogers VA Area
  24. Down Dog Blanket (700 fill down, 1 lb, 60"x70", $20.00- COSTCO)
  25. Dog Food on the Trail
  26. Thru-Hiking with your best friend
  27. Raising a Dog to Be a Trail Dog
  28. Hitching with a dog
  29. German Shepard attack dog. Tsunami, my best friend.
  30. nice dog jumps into shelter pops my air mattress
  31. Dog Tent
  32. Getting to Georgia with dog
  33. Hiking with a partially blind border collie
  34. Dog Lost Along AT near Unicoi Gap
  35. Special place for Dogs at Top of Georgia Hostel
  36. Weather conditions --- HEAT
  37. Tags for Thru Hiker Dogs
  38. How did you get your dog back home?
  39. Sleeping with dogs in hammocks
  40. Is iodine-purified water safe for dogs?
  41. Will my dog pop my sleeping pad?
  42. Tips For Hiking With Dogs
  43. Homemade high calorie dog treats?
  44. Punk rock pooch proudly pounds pavement
  45. Just Curious ?
  46. PA> Guns near Caldonia SP?
  47. Maybe a silly question but...
  48. Tick Prevention
  49. Young dog FOUND near VA 611
  50. Blood mountain with a Chihuahua
  51. One way to find a good hiking dogg
  52. What and when do you feed your dog on a long hike?
  53. Help me with the leash thing
  54. Anyone have any experience with Turbopup bars?
  55. BA Fly Creek Tents and Dogs? Does the tent hold up?
  56. Advice on section hikes with dogs
  57. Dog attack on trail
  58. Bear kills dog in shenandoah
  59. Just curious what leash, collar and or harness others are using while hiking....
  60. Rhodesian ridgeback puppy
  61. Dog boarding in Millinocket
  62. ThruHiking with your Dog
  63. Anyone successfully thru-hike with their pup?
  64. Best practices/gear for winter hiking with the pup
  65. Best place to board a pup during the Smokies section?
  66. Baxter State Park and GSM
  67. Do you carry a rain jacket for your dog?
  68. What's your dogs gear list?
  69. Shelters and dogs
  70. Happy ending...good read
  71. Dogs and Baxter State Park.
  72. shuttle and pet board service
  73. Dogs and lightning?
  74. Ruffwear Dog Packs on Clearance!
  75. Dog Pack too tight or too loose
  76. Mountainsmith K-9 Dog Pack on Massdrop
  77. Dog rain gear?
  78. Watch your dog!
  79. MYOG Dog Sleep System
  80. Anyone have any recommendations for high calorie dog food?
  81. St Bernard
  82. After back to back issues with pads in CO....who uses booties??
  83. Information about service dogs for business owners
  84. No dog areas.
  85. Turbopup bars- anyone interested?
  86. Torn about taking my dog.
  87. water bottles
  88. Short haired in cold weather
  89. Allergic to some dogs
  90. Free dog pack
  91. Doggies through the White Mountains
  92. Best Dog Breeds
  93. Soft vs Hard Sole Shoes for Dogs
  94. Lightweight Leash for your pup
  95. Bad Good Bad Good Bad Good Bad Good Bad Good Bad
  96. Little Trooper: How my dog got her Trail name.
  97. New to dog on the trail.
  98. Anyone have any experience with dogs on TRT?
  99. Puppy's first camping trip
  100. SOBO couple with dog must tent in this flash flood
  101. Question about service dog on trail
  102. Gear Review: Ruffwear Approach Dog Pack
  103. Section Hike part II
  104. Anyone hike with a Malinois?
  105. Two Dogs - One Hiker
  106. questions about the reality of dogs on the trail
  107. Bitten in SNP