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  1. Altitude Sickness Ended my hike
  2. Pine Creek Pass Trail ( Italy Pass , Honeymoon Lake , etc. )
  3. Water Shoes Yes or No
  4. newbie question
  5. Questions about Permits
  6. Way to do bottom half of JMT SOBO?
  7. Extending hike for JMT
  8. Cloths List
  9. what permits do I need to start at south lake and finish at whitney portal
  10. JMT Class of 2014
  11. hiking the JMT without prior reservations
  12. Iva Bell Hot Springs
  13. JMT Itinerary- what do you think?
  14. What's the easiest portion of the JMT?
  15. shower on the jmt
  16. transportation
  17. Best book about JMT?
  18. Easiest transportation to from Jmt?
  19. Poncho tarp sufficient as primary shelter jmt late Aug?
  20. Clothes and sleeping bag needed for late August early sept jmt thru?
  21. Mt.. Whitney
  22. Best resupply location for a 14 day sobo jmt thru ?
  23. JMT itinerary
  24. 1st time JMT, Solo and thru-hike
  25. Bear canister advice?
  26. Bail out spots on a jmt thru??
  27. Introducing girlfriend to Sierra/ Favorite Day Hikes in Eastern Sierra
  28. PCT/JMT NOBO permit issue
  29. Best maps to carry on sobo JMT thru..
  30. East Coaster looking to hike JMT in September - looking for company
  31. 2014 Hike questions from first time
  32. Flight advice??
  33. My 2014 Plan
  34. VVR Info
  35. JMT PCT differences
  36. ultralight gear list
  37. First Time JMT'er with a few questions
  38. Reds Meadow
  39. Most cost effective resupply method
  40. I completed the JMT Aug 9th- I'm writing about it now
  41. GA boy heading out west
  42. If you were curious about rain on the JMT...
  43. JMT in Tennessee???
  44. Thanks Everyone!!!
  45. 15 Day JMT Trail Journal
  46. John Muir Trail Photos
  47. JMT (1st timer) Thru Hike Gear list for early August 2015
  48. Videos of a JMT thru hike for ya
  49. Free 2014 JMT Maps Available!
  50. JMT video - one of the best I have seen so far.
  51. did you lose a camera on the JMT?
  52. JMT thru with a 9 yr old?
  53. New(?) John Muir docu. on Netflix..
  54. Hammock Tenting
  55. Best time of year to hike JMT?
  56. Okay, JMTers looking for your wisdom.
  57. Major permit changes for SOBO JMT Thru hikes
  58. Sierra High Route, permits, maps, GPS tracks etc...
  59. August temperatures on the JMT
  60. Going Northbound
  61. Airplane Mode GPS APP question?
  62. Reds Meadow to Happy Isles
  63. Need Help with "SPOT" custom help message
  64. A great new youtube video
  65. Mad resupplies
  66. Cottonwood lakes to Mt Whitney time lapses
  67. Sobo thru questions
  68. 2 spots open on my section hike permit
  69. Best airport to fly in and out for jmt sobo thru??
  70. Which maps and/or guide books for jmt thru?
  71. Which maps and/or guide books for jmt thru?
  72. Stash food at Onion Valley trailhead?
  73. Possible ride offered-mid September
  74. Looking for input on lodging before our sobo jmt hike mid Sept...
  75. Advice on my JMT cooksetup
  76. Mid Sept JMT sobo clothing....input appreciated....
  77. Permit question for yall
  78. one spot available
  79. Difficulty to get from reds to mammoth lakes? Mid sept??
  80. Recharging electronics for jmt thru...
  81. Camera and Video Recommendations
  82. JMT question
  83. Sierra Nevada water
  84. B&B or hotel recs for Mammoth Lakes?
  85. Another transportation question for JMT...
  86. Third Annual JMT Hiker Survey - Please participate
  87. Anyone stay at Whitney portal hostel?
  88. Sorry for all the questions....bear vault 450 or 500?
  89. Nice!!
  90. Does Tul meadows store have a dependable resupply?
  91. Alternative to JMT: The Southern Sierra High Route - A Guide
  92. Are these items needed for JMT....mid sept hike......
  93. Altitude medicine that works?
  94. Clouds rest or half done?
  95. Bear can placement.....
  96. Transportation
  97. One spot open, new exit date. 6-13 through 7-13-2015
  98. Tarp vs tent for mid sept JMT thru?
  99. Anyone use a BV 500 in a ULA Circuit?
  100. Night hiking on the JMT...
  101. Location of Tuolumne Meadows Post Office for Resupply
  102. Looking for jmt gear list...
  103. Am I nuts for not taking sunblock and bug spray on sept jmt thru?
  104. Best food in Mammoth.
  105. September 10 JMT clothing....sufficient? Add or subtract...
  106. Weekend Transportation out of Lone Pine?!
  107. Questions about permits for 2016
  108. Happy Isles v. Glacier Point... what am I missing?
  109. Walk up permit question out of mammoth...Devils pp north via JMT to HI....help!!
  110. Hiking all across the Sierra Nevada permit question
  111. Can you exit Whitney Portal earlier than your exit date?
  112. Getting transportation from Reno Airport to Bishop on a weekend.
  113. Nights in September
  114. Esbit for jmt thru?
  115. Starting at Whitney in Sept, good/bad idea?
  116. What's in your light weight med kit for jmt?
  117. Bailing JMT, alternative backwoods camping ideas?
  118. Did chocolate melt in MTR bucket???....sept hike
  119. Caloric needs for jmt thru?
  120. Camp/water crossing shoes for sept hike? Yes or no??
  121. Anyone use a cheep SOL emergency bivy with tarp?
  122. How much water would you recommend carrying?
  123. This year seems wetter than normal
  124. Last minute advice for my sept 10 jmt hike...CR or HD?
  125. Helpful Mileage calculator for sierras...
  126. How's the smoke/fire on the JMT?
  127. Fires along the JMT update and fire permit online application link
  128. Any tips for hiking in smoke?
  129. Go or no go??????
  130. Props to the Cinnamon Bear inn Mammoth Lakes!!!!
  131. Newbie itinerary
  132. Video of my JMT thru posted on you tube..
  133. 2016 JMT Thru-Hike?
  134. So say an east coaster wants to fly out west and experience the JMT...
  135. What are all these entry/exit Permit Strategies About?
  136. Like new Bearikade Expedition for sale..
  137. Suggest a week long hike for me in Sierras that involves the JMT!
  138. Another Permit Question
  139. howdy, first timer. advice welcome
  140. Slim guy mid layer question
  141. July Permit FYI
  142. Looking to trade ETB JMT pocket atlas for CT guide...
  143. Solar Chargers
  144. Sierra snow report....
  145. Storage lockers in Yosemite Valley?
  146. BV500 --> KM - VVR without resupply
  147. Long Term Parking in Yosemite
  148. Is JMT very busy?
  149. looking for ride to Kennedy Meadows 6/3 or 6/4
  150. Looking for a ride into Yosemite, 7/11
  151. 2016 JMT Hiker Survey Registration by 5/31
  152. Temps on JMT in June
  153. Hitching from YV to TM
  154. Packs for Bearikade Expedition
  155. JMT: Rain gear for July?
  156. Hiking NOBO from Whitney Portal, logistics questions
  157. Add Waypoints to Guthook's Guide?
  158. NOBO Red's Meadow to Happy Isles Early July - Snow?
  159. MTR Store
  160. Which Sleeping Bag for JMT this Summer
  161. JMT - 8/3 permit for Mono Meadows to Isberg Pass
  162. JMT: Thousand Island Lakes: Aug 7 - 11
  163. Back from the JMT!
  164. Fire at Horse Shoe Meadows
  165. Kerosene Starting SOBO JMT Thruhike on 9/1
  166. Looking for hikers, missed check-in on 9/2
  167. August 2016 Northbound JMT Trip completed. Videos on YouTube.
  168. High Sierra Trail entry option for NOBO JMT
  169. Resupply and Food: What worked and what didn't
  170. First JMT thru-hike
  171. JMT subject to reroute
  172. Most scenic section of the JMT for 8 days of hiking?
  173. John Muir Trail 2016: Days 1-8 (Trail Journal - SOBO)
  174. JMT Planning for Fall of 2017
  175. Status of MTR for summer 2017 is on hold.
  176. JMT GPS Coordinates
  177. High Sierra Trail advice
  178. JMT Hike Including Half Dome Climb
  179. Best JMT Guidebook/Planning Resource
  180. Have 2017 August SoBo Permit, too late to go?
  181. Snow Pack Concerns - 26 July
  182. Best campsites on JMT
  183. JMT Footwear
  184. Getting to Quartz Mountain/ Chinquito Pass
  185. John Muir Trail 2016: Days 9-16 (Trail Journal - SOBO)
  186. JMT SOBO Permit
  187. Planning Thru-Hike of JMT Summer of 2018
  188. Resuppluy at MTR
  189. Western Mountaineering Caribou 35 for the JMT July/August SOBO
  190. JMT Volcanos ?
  191. MLD Core fits what bear can?
  192. Denied..
  193. Introducing the John Muir Trail Pocket Maps
  194. Nobo logistics from east coast.....
  195. Happy Trails to all of you!
  196. Rain Man's John Muir Trail 2018 Thru-hike
  197. 2018 JMT Logistics and Ideas
  198. JMT Questions
  199. Is there public transportation from Mammoth Lakes to Lone Pine? Two questions
  200. Campiste at the Whitney Porta: does it need reservation?
  201. Gaia GPS App now has the Nat Geo JMT map available
  202. JMT Gear & Food/Resupply Review
  203. Whitney Portal Campsite, How do I make reservations?
  204. Half Dome Fatatality
  205. Climbing Mt. Whitney at night, is it doable?
  206. Tuolumne Walkup Permits and Shuttles
  207. Would any JMT hikers like to go in on a food drop at Bishop Pass on Sept. 3?
  208. New flight to Mammoth
  209. Ferguson Fire
  210. New App: Postholer Trails + GPS
  211. Flight to Mammoth-Yosemite
  212. My JMT hike ended early, trail conditions, new fires, and bailouts.
  213. JMT - Soda Springs
  214. 2018 JMT thru-hike (Flip-flop out of Onion Valley/Kearsarge Pass Trail)
  215. Uber along 395?
  216. Advice on permits, when to start 2020?
  217. Yosemite is using a rolling 21 day lottery.
  218. Is Vermilion valley resourt still shuttling hikers across the lake?
  219. Wild Ideas Bearikade Rental
  220. JMT & Permits
  221. Flower Lake from Onion Valley
  222. JMT Aspirational hiking movie on Amazon Prime: Mile. Mile and a Half
  223. A “high snow year” in the Sierras
  224. Mosquito Invasion
  225. Seki permit questions....
  226. Uber availability to Sequoia NP from Fresno?
  227. Cancellations?
  228. Anyone stay at Independence Inn?
  229. Anyone have experience with walk up permits in Sierra?
  230. Sequoia shuttle not running in 2020...logistics help
  231. Nobo JMT half dome permit?
  232. JMT Map and Guide
  233. Road to Mineral King Ranger Station