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  1. Wanna Hike the JMT?
  2. Getting to JMT area...
  3. JOhn Muir and then???
  4. John Muir Trail video
  5. Mono Hot Springs
  6. John Muir
  7. permit and fishing license for JMT
  8. at the end of JMT
  9. tent on JMT
  10. Jmt Trip Report
  11. New John Muir Trail forum
  12. Shuttle Fresno Airport To Sequoia Natl. Park
  13. Has anyone hammocked on this trail??
  14. JMT Hike
  15. JMT Questions
  16. JMT and fishing advice
  17. JMT GPS Tracks and Google Earth
  18. Any "can't miss" camping spots?
  19. water capacity
  20. planning to hike jmt
  21. access to trail
  22. Early season conditions 2009
  23. Charlotte Lakes Resupply
  24. Getting Yosemite Permits
  25. Ice Axe - JMT
  26. Clothing
  27. John Muir Trail, end of summer. come on!
  28. is altitude an issue???
  29. altitude????
  30. planning for next year!!
  31. Sierra Weather this week
  32. Never Any Posts???
  33. bears?!?!?
  34. Yosemite Personal Storeage lockers
  35. JMT questions
  36. Catastrophic Expenses
  37. Resupply ?'s, etc.
  38. Need help finding a trail
  39. Security Compromised!
  40. Resupply
  41. when is the JMT busy
  42. Video from our 2009 hike
  43. clothes for JMT
  44. Jmt Time Restraints...
  45. pack size
  46. John Muir trail
  47. jmt guidebook
  48. Where and How Long?
  49. Resupply and Canister Questions
  50. PCT Hike This Year...Questions on Gear
  51. What is the best part of John Muir Trail for a 6 day trip?
  52. Help with JMT trip planning...
  53. parking a vehicle?
  54. Water on JMT
  55. Vermilion Valley Resort
  56. deciding on where to start...
  57. bear "problem" sites
  58. Red's Meadow Shuttle
  59. JMT dates confirmed, connection questions...
  60. Zero day on the JMT...
  61. The weight of food...
  62. Clothing Choices for the JMT
  63. Wilderness Permits
  64. TEMPS in august??
  65. Seeing the Stars...
  66. Ursack may be an option this year on the JMT
  67. Permits Secured!
  68. Red's Meadow - Mammoth Lakes
  69. ice axe
  70. average hiking time for JMT
  71. Info about hiking the JMT
  72. Possible to use hammock for shelter on JMT?
  73. Rain Jacket vs. Rain poncho?
  74. No permits avaliable
  75. mosquitos?
  76. JMT in early June
  77. Bug Protection
  78. newest video (JMT)
  79. Food Drops
  80. SCA Crew near mammoth lakes
  81. Navigation??
  82. sleeping bag rating?
  83. Anybody order Erik the Black's maps?
  84. Hotel/Lone Pine
  85. Tent on the JMT
  86. Same Day Permits
  87. Fishing permit
  88. Jetboil? Is the estimate for liters boiled per..
  89. Can I do this? Yosemite Permits
  90. Tent Question
  91. What can I expect from weather in high sierras in July?...I
  92. Reds Meadow to Yosemite Valley trip plan
  93. Does the early bird get the shaft?
  94. Chaco sandals on the JMT
  95. Yosemite Lodging
  96. Worried about Snow on JMT
  97. Where exactly in North Pines Campground is the backpacker's camp ?
  98. Shipping times to resupply depots?
  99. Parking at Horseshow Meadows for 10 Days?
  100. hitchin!!
  101. Tortoise on the JMT
  102. iva bells hotspring??
  103. permit check on the trail
  104. Hows the snow?
  105. Where to start???? I have a question..
  106. Average Cost of a JMT Thru-hike
  107. 5 adults seeking shuttle from Southlake TH to Bishop 2nd week in Sep
  108. Basics on the John Muir Trail
  109. Water along the JMT? I've never hiked the JMT...
  110. Need help regarding bear cannisters on JMT.....
  111. Just curious...how many JMT thru hikers..use
  112. Lost camera
  113. Are bear cannisters mandated on the JMT..or can
  114. When trying to go UL on the JMT, how does everyone handle the.....
  115. Just Finished JMT on Oct 1st : WAOOOO
  116. What's the latest or earliest you can start the JMT?
  117. Need Advice On Connecting With Flight Options From Lone Pine
  118. Help me plan with time issues.
  119. parking at either terminus?
  120. best book?
  121. Free John Muir Trail Maps & Databook
  122. JMT Week Long Gear List Mid Sept 2011
  123. Worried about the snow
  124. Streams
  125. JMT logistics, permits etc
  126. JMT Registering ...?
  127. Do Yourself a Favor - Avoid the JMT
  128. Hiking Partner(s) JMT 2011
  129. Available Permit Lyell Canyon to Whitney Portal
  130. Thinking of doing a JMT/High Sierra Trail loop in May or June. How feasible is this?
  131. Permit Confusion!
  132. Some help please with itinerary: 1st timer on the JMT, and luckily, got my permit....
  133. Merced Lodging and Transportation
  134. JMT Thru hike
  135. Backpack Weight
  136. Winter Snow = 2011 JMT Gear Modifications....?
  137. Trivia: #1 way to die in YNP wilderness?
  138. Punting the JMT to next year
  139. Postholes: John Muir Trail Documentary
  140. Share the cost of resupply
  141. JMT with an 11yo in August - general advice?
  142. Half Dome: Do It or Skip It?
  143. transportation from Whitney Portal to Yosemite
  144. Independence
  145. Alcohol Fuel on JMT
  146. Getting back East from Lone Pine
  147. Jmt mpd
  148. JMT section starting 8/9-snow, bugs?
  149. żż only 5 days to play on the JMT ??
  150. Safest place to park car in Independence for 10 days?
  151. questions about John Muir Trail
  152. JMT in 2 years. So many ???
  153. July/Aug. Nat Geo Traverler mag
  154. 2 ways out to Independence from Kearsarge Pass?
  155. Hitchhiking out of Lone Pine
  156. Can you use an Ursack?
  157. Is Oct 10th to late to end?
  158. GPs file
  159. Start date
  160. Awesome video and slideshow
  161. Resupply info
  162. Free digitized JMT topo maps
  163. JMT Section Questions
  164. Permit Questions
  165. John Muir - Lake Tahoe Rim Trail Videos
  166. Let's talk about Number 2
  167. Southern JMT resupply ?
  168. Travel clothes mailed out/in?
  169. Do I need a GPS for late August, early Sept JMT hike?
  170. Fishing the JMT with an ultra-light
  171. Bounce box on JMT
  172. Hostel at Lone Pine
  173. Kinda Sorta Overwhemled for my 2012 JMT Thru
  174. Can someone suggest good stopping points from Muir to Whitney portal such that....
  175. Travel from Lone Pine to LAX
  176. Mammoth to Yosemite valley?.....I see that YARTS has an 8am....
  177. Happy Isles to Illilouette??? Has anyone done this segment....if so..
  178. Guided Yosemite Trip
  179. Where to stay in San Francisco before JMT hike
  180. JMT Class of 2012 - Who's going?
  181. Need Help Figuring Out Alternate Trailheads
  182. Package to Muir Trail Ranch
  183. Transportation options from Lone Pine to Los Angeles?
  184. Not sure if I should do the JMT or something easier?
  185. trail markings
  186. Regular alcohol Stove at high altitudes?
  187. Found: prescription glasses (gold wired rectangular frame) on JMT/PCT, July 15
  188. Weather
  189. Want to Borrow/Buy bear canister
  190. Help fund the documentary "mile... Mile and a half"
  191. Trip report on John Muir Section hike
  192. Information sources for JMT
  193. Best Bear Canister???
  194. JMT Class of 2013 - Who's going?
  195. high sierra trail or alternative?
  196. Flying in from the East
  197. JMT: Shelter advice
  198. Where to acclimate!
  199. JMT Early Start
  200. Marathon Training & JMT Thru Hike
  201. Helium/Prolite for JMT in September?
  202. Current Gear List
  203. FiveFingers: Camp/Water/Shower Shoes?
  204. So I've been rejected twice
  205. Packing Strategy for JMT
  206. Your Honest & Humble Opinion @ filtering H2O
  207. best guidebook
  208. Southern Half Without Resupply
  209. Best time to do the JMT?
  210. Nobo or Sobo? JMT help
  211. Time needed to send resupplies from Los Angeles
  212. Permit Help, Please!
  213. JMT 2013 - Weather
  214. Sharing a LeConte Resupply and Rides Mid-September
  215. Piute Pass and Humphreys Basin
  216. PBS Video online
  217. Anyone Fishing on thier Thru Hike?
  218. Hiking out west in July/September
  219. Food Ideas?
  220. jmt next summer
  221. Altitude sickness risk - opinions
  222. Portion of JMT Temporarily Closed
  223. Happy Isles->Illilouette
  224. Trail update - June 5th - Reds Meadow Resort
  225. Movie Trailer - The Muir Project
  226. My Gear List - Pick it apart!
  227. Fuel Usage In The High Sierras?
  228. First hike out west. North lake to south lake loop?
  229. GPS app for iPhone??
  230. So How am I going to be with water?
  231. Weather in August
  232. JMT Hot Springs
  233. JMT Hot Springs
  234. mosquitos and other annoying bugs
  235. Hiking Noth Lake to South Lake loop end of August/early September
  236. Miles Miles & a Half
  237. Fire restrictions in the sierra national forests
  238. Which direction on JMT from Duck Lake?
  239. Advice for packing food in the bear canister?
  240. Training for JMT 2014
  241. Mail drops, am I reading this right?
  242. Newbie planning questions
  243. JMT planning for 2015
  244. Help planning 5 days on JMT
  245. Best & Affordable place to stay in Mammoth Lakes
  246. section hikes for the JMT
  247. Transportation to JMT Terminus?
  248. Anyone hike the North Lake to South Lake Loop
  249. october weather
  250. Are There Enough Trees to Hammock the JMT?