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  1. Found keys on the Trail, heading into Hot Springs northbound
  2. Lost: prescription sunglasses, Conn. AT btw. Rte 4 and W. Cornwall Rd, Sat, Nov 11
  3. FOUND cell phone boost mobile harriman park NY
  4. Lost trek poles: searching for trail angel "mike"
  5. Found: Canon camera between Unicoi and Tray Mountain. 3/28/14
  6. LOST: Wallet on AT - Upper Goose Pond Cabin to October Mountain Shelter
  7. Lost Camera
  8. Found, Garmin GPS
  9. LOST: Black Camera in Blue & Black Case (around Franklin, NC)
  10. Found - smart phone on the Pine Bend Brook Trail
  11. LOST: Stuffed bear - great sentimental value!
  12. Lost Kodak Easy Share at Unicoi Gap Parking Area 6/14/14
  13. Found IPhone near Kent, Ct
  14. Lost backpack near High Point State Park, NJ
  15. Lost: nearly triple crown 3" stuffed bear
  16. Found iPhone in Spence Field GSMNP
  17. Lost: Red Puma "slider" style sandal, Northville-Placid trail, southern
  18. Lost Remington Peanut
  19. Lost Watercolor kit in Damascus to Saunders
  20. Grey Croc at Panther Ford Swimming Hole / Va. 614
  21. Left my visor at Moose Mountain Shelter on Thursday, August 28
  22. Lost Dog at Pickle Branch Shelter, Craig Co, VA
  23. Solar charger near Tom leonard shelter
  24. Lost item found btwn Thomas Knob and Wise Shelter
  25. Lost: Crazy Creek Chair Pad
  26. Lost Dog in Garrison, NY
  27. Lost Iphone Bull gap NC
  28. LOST iPAD mini at/near Fontana Dam
  29. Lost and Found Stove at Justus Creek in GA
  30. Lost necklace at Derrick Knob Shelter
  31. FOUND Brown/White male hound dog
  32. Lost camera
  33. Found tent
  34. Lost Dog Backpack with dog tags
  35. Lost Camara
  36. Lost Nexus phone on AT, Litchfield CT
  37. Found Ipod Mini Near Allentown Shelter in PA around Mid-June
  38. Lost my eyeglasses 9/16/15 at Stratton Pond Shelter or north of there to Rt 11?
  39. Found knife in NH
  40. Lost Eyeglasses: 10/20-21/15 at Gooch Gap Tentsites
  41. found tent poles south of rt 522
  42. Dog Lost Along AT near Unicoi Gap
  43. Jewelry
  44. Lost backpack near Tinker Cliffs VA
  45. LOST- mtn hardware rain jacket w's medium
  46. Laundry taken from NOC dryer
  47. Lost: hiking stick on Pulpit and Pinnacle trail 4/18
  48. Lost my trekking poles Dalton, MA
  49. FOUND - in Maine: electronic communication device
  50. Lost: Eddie Bauer Fanny pack
  51. FOUND: North Face jacket near Hot Springs, NC
  52. Trekking Poles left in my car. (Wind Gap)
  53. Lost north of Mahar Tote Road/100-mile wilderness
  54. Lost Watch
  55. Lost Outsak
  56. Lost Sling Pack & Lenses in Troutdale
  57. FOUND: Eyeglasses between Standing Indian and Deep Gap NC
  58. Found Camera near On the Edge Farm, Woodstock, VT
  59. Lost black square Narrative clip near Cornwall Bridge, CT
  60. found camera June2006, AT NJ/NY
  61. Lost: Rx sunglasses
  62. Lost: Headphones at Crater Lake - Delaware Water Gap
  63. FOUND - food
  64. found glasses
  65. Lost Jacket(s) on Timberline Trail 600/PCT Sept. 20
  66. FOUND: MYOG tarp with weird label SNP 10/15/16
  67. GoPro lost between Fontana Dam and Mollies Ridge
  68. Lost Knife, NH between Zealand hut and Ethan Pond
  69. Missing Oliver Peoples Glasses; Hiawassee, GA; 3-11-2017
  70. FOUND - Near Low Gap Shelter GA
  71. Lost camera on AT
  72. Found: Watch on AT
  73. FOUND: Bear line/biner just north of Hot Springs
  74. FOUND Canon DSLR in NH
  75. Found watch north of NOC
  76. Lost Six Moon Designs Gatewood Cape in Maine
  77. FOUND folding knife at 1/2 point
  78. Blue Hat on Roan Highlands, Found
  79. LOST: Knife at Seeley-Woodworth shelter just north of Lexington
  80. Found desert style sun hat in CT mile 1499
  81. Lost camera on AT in Massaachusetts
  82. Lost Trail Journal in Southern Pennsylvania
  83. FOUND: Approximately 10miles north of Hot Springs, NC
  84. Lost: Car Key in PA/MD
  85. Lost gloves
  86. Found Wells Fargo Securities Extreme Hike Pin
  87. Lost big angnis fly
  88. Lost: Blue Rain Jacket, fleece top and bottom, socks, balaclava, mittens
  89. Lost Katadyn Vario Water Filter
  90. Found: Trekking Poles at Fox Creek Trailhead
  91. Camera found
  92. Sony MP3 Player Found - Harriman/Lemon Squeezer
  93. Found Watch in Worthington State Forest
  94. Lost sock
  95. Lost prescription glasses between Vermont Nfs 10 and Hwy 140 on 10/16/18
  96. Lost GoPro Camera in Kent, CT
  97. Lost cell phone at elk garden to buzzard rock
  98. Found - Tent poles
  99. Are books trail trash?
  100. Found Free Country Jacket on AT in MA
  101. Found Prescription Glasses just south of Port Clinton May 23
  102. Jeep Keys
  103. Found: Petzl headlamp and Nebo Slim
  104. wildflower from georgia, I found your AT bandanna
  105. Found Pair of Brown Tortoise Shell Clic Prescription Glasses
  106. lost clothes bag at Wawayanda Shelter
  107. Tent Poles found October 5th top of Meadow Mountain - between Reids Gap and Shelter
  108. Found: 1999 thomas knob shelter log
  109. Found: Expensive Sunglasses
  110. FOUND: THE LEG belonging to section hiker LEG
  111. Found 11/8/20: Cypress/Cedar(?) Walking Stick @PATC Rocky Run Shelter
  112. Lost: Costa sunglasses at Icewater Spring Shelter (Newfound Gap, Smokies) 12/29/20
  113. LOST: One Darn Tough Hiker Compression Sock
  114. Lost FORD (IA) vehicle key with key portion missing in Shenandoah Sept 2020
  115. Found: LightHeart Gear tent in CT - July 2021
  116. recently seen on fb
  117. looking for a guy named Bill (maybe)
  118. Found: Pair of poles in RT. 2 North Adams, MA AT parking lot
  119. Lost: Garmin GPS near Shays Rebellion Monument, Egremont, MA, 3/3/2022
  120. Lost: Esbit stove base
  121. Found - Turtle case for electronics
  122. Lost: Big Agnes Pole Set in orange bag
  123. FOUND: ultralight hubbed tent pole system in Fahnestock SP
  124. Found: Turtle Fur Classic Beanie, Montvale overlook Blue Ridge Parkway.
  125. Lost Zpacks Vertice Rain Jacket & Windbreaker between Iron Mtn Gap and Hughs Gap