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  1. Rusty’s Hard Time Hallow is currently reopened
  2. The 2020 Appalachian Trail shelter listing is up
  3. SHIPPING NOW! 2020 Edition of WhiteBlaze Pages
  4. Summer 2020 Caretakers Needed for Blackburn Trail Center
  5. Harpers Ferry AT walking bridge to open by the end of June 2020
  6. Kent CT, side trail closure
  7. Harpers Ferry Pedestrian Bridge is Now open
  8. Dominion Mid Atlantic Pipeline Company announces not to build pipeline
  9. **MISSING*** Brian Kenneth Jolley Sr. AKA "Pete" or "No pain"
  10. We lost Hikerhead, Hokey Pokey
  11. EF1 tornado touches down on AT near Belter's Campsite at NOBO mile 1492.3
  12. Tenmile Bridge reroute (Ned Anderson Bridge)
  13. Tenmile Bridge reroute (Ned Anderson Bridge) IS NOW OVER WITH
  14. The Jack Tarlin Hostel (Baltimore Jacks) is now permanently closed
  15. Update on Riga and Brassie Brook Shelters
  16. Central Virginia - Craig Creek Bridge closed indefinitely at North Bound mile 689.4
  17. Connecticut – Shelter Closures – Riga and Brassie Brook Shelters (UPDATED 4/3/23)
  18. Scotty’s Budget Hostel is now closed
  19. Maine – Kennebec River Ferry Temporary Closure
  20. Connecticut Appalachian Trail reroute for 2023