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  1. Maine Nostalgia - log floors
  2. Peters Mt. Shelter
  3. Hurd Brook Lean-to
  4. Rainbow Stream Lean-to
  5. Wadleigh Stream Lean-to
  6. Potaywadjo Spring Lean-to
  7. Cooper Brook Falls Lean-to
  8. East Branch Lean-to
  9. Logan Brook Lean-to
  10. Carl A. Newhall Lean-to
  11. Chairback Gap Lean-to
  12. Cloud Pond Lean-to
  13. List Shelter in order?
  14. Lean-Tos listed South to North
  15. The Birches (Baxter State Park)
  16. Katahdin Stream Campground
  17. Poplar Ridge Lean-to
  18. Horns Pond Lean-to
  19. Sugarloaf Ski Lodge
  20. Pierce Pond Lean-to
  21. Pleasent Pond Lean-to
  22. Speck Pond Lean-to/Campsite
  23. Full Goose Shelter
  24. Anyone know where any free info on the Maine section?
  25. Bemis Mt. Lean-to
  26. Spaulding Mountain Lean-to
  27. Rainbow Springs Campsite
  28. Bigelow Col water situation
  29. Carlo Col Shelter
  30. Avery Memorial Lean-to
  31. Gas mask at Rainbow stream
  32. Comments on going from Katahdin Stream to Summit and down to Roaring Brook
  33. Chairback Gap Shelter rebuilt
  34. First night's camping SOBO
  35. Southern Section with Low Elevation Gain ?
  36. Katahdin Springs - Tent vs lean-to
  37. Bigelow Fire Tower Burned by Maine Forest Service
  38. Shaw's!
  39. Sun lit shelters, leaky roofs
  40. food storage
  41. Grafton Loop Trail, Maine
  42. Baldpate Leanto
  43. 1977 is the year the Carlo Col Shelter was built
  44. Fly fishing along the AT
  45. Katahdin Stream lean-to available from AT Trail Magic
  46. A week hiking, but where?
  47. Cooper Brook Falls
  48. Trip to maine next month, seeking beta on shelters
  49. Katahdin Stream Lean-to available
  50. Berry Fine
  51. Maine's Black Flies
  52. Katahdin Stream Campground
  53. Grafton notch to rangeley
  54. Poplar Ridge Shelter gets new mattresses
  55. Looking for thru hikers.Need reality do's and don't's.
  56. Kayaking and camping
  57. MATC to build new shelter/lean-to
  58. Suggest Grafton Notch SP longterm parking
  59. 100 mile wilderness pick up
  60. Abol Pines campground
  61. Update on new Namakanta Stream lean-to/shelter
  62. 100 Mile Wilderness tent sites for a family of 4?
  63. A little overwhelmed with so many options in/around Baxter SP
  64. Hall mountain lean to
  65. Getting to Stratton, Me