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  1. NOBO Thru Hike - Departing March 29th
  2. Sat. 1/26 Everett ma
  3. Front Royal-Harpers Ferry March 2nd-7th
  4. NOBO thru hike starting in mid May (8th-14th) 2013
  5. Looking for hiking/trekking partner in ri area
  6. Long Trail July 2013
  7. Damascus to Harper's Ferry ( July 1st to 3-4 august) Looking for partner(s)
  8. 2-3 guys NOBO ~ March 9th-10th Seeking Companions For The Start
  9. Looking for Hiking Partner NOBO from Springer to Harpers Ferry
  10. NOBO Female Thru Hiker wanted
  11. Wanted!! Tennessee/ North Carolina/Georgia Region Independant Hikers Wanted
  12. Anybody here live in PA near the trail and Centralia?
  13. Hiking Partner for Springer to Harpers Ferry- June
  14. Solo NOBO looking for experienced hiker or group May-july Springer to Harpers Ferry
  15. erwin tn to damascus va.
  16. Looking for fellow hiker(s) in central PA
  17. French Language Partner
  18. March 22-24 Springer to Woody Gap
  19. 10 days or less
  20. Ready set go.......almost
  21. Any other late starters? April 19th-21st?
  22. Henry Coe overnight, early April
  23. Mid-May Hike?
  24. Day hike Central/Eastern PA or NJ this weekend!!
  25. section trail partner wanted!
  26. Hiking from Hoyt Rd., Dover NY to Jug End Rd., Egermont/Sheffield, MA in April
  27. Smokies in March...
  28. Md. in mid to late March
  29. NOBO hikers starting May 1st
  30. nobo thru hiker
  31. April 1-6 VA section hike
  32. Hiking buddy SOBO
  33. NOBO Hiker looking for partner to start out with
  34. First week of april, give or take.
  35. Those hikers starting on April 2nd
  36. PA section hike from NC
  37. Harpers Ferry to Springer April 30th
  38. Mid-May Hike thru the Smokies
  39. Meet up in Atlanta with fellow hikers March 26th
  40. looking for someone to start with, leaving at end of march for nobo
  41. GA section hike in April
  42. NOBO Hike, female with dog, starting April 15th (or thereabouts)
  43. NOBO section hike starting 4/4 @ Fontana Dam
  44. Day, weekend and some section hikes MA and points north?
  45. nobo
  46. NOBO Male 30 leaving around April 15-30 looking to meet some folks...
  47. NOBO section hiker leaving from Tampa Bay area
  48. Leaving Unicoi County/Erwin 1 Week of April NOBO to MA with Service Animal 1st Hike
  49. Trail partner
  50. sobo- bear mtn NY to springer GA
  51. Looking for Section hiking partner June8th
  52. Backpacking April 5-8 in NC, VA
  53. PA 225 to Rausch Gap w/2 dogs 3/29 12PM
  54. PA 225 to Rausch Gap w/2 dogs 3/29 12PM
  55. Day or overniter NY-CT-MA this weekend
  56. Groups, safety, etc
  57. Section Hiking from Springer to Neels Gap April 22-26
  58. PA Swatara Gap to Delaware Water Gap; April 6-17, 2013
  59. First time section hiker- Springer to Fontana Dam
  60. Section hike and Gear Shakedown - New England
  61. Hot Springs April 5 week-end
  62. SOBO Thru starting June 5th
  63. Any flip flop or section hikers starting NOBO from Harpers Ferry in early June?
  64. father son hike
  65. Section hiker looking for same
  66. SOBO group starting june 2nd or 3rd
  67. TENNESSEE 8-1 to 8-15
  68. Port Clinton Hamburg beer talk
  69. Springer on May 16th
  70. Section Hike (MA/CT/NY)
  71. Day or short section hiking E Penn
  72. WV Hook Up
  73. Duncannon to Port Clinton and Palmerton to DWG
  74. Hike tomorrow and Sunday-NY,CT or Ma on AT. 15-20 miles?
  75. Deep gap (usfs71) to dicks creek gap
  76. Baxter and North 50 miles of AT
  77. VA section hiking May / June
  78. Section Hike/Shakedown
  79. SOBO early June - ride with dog
  80. Jordan River Valley this weekend
  81. Anyone need a ride from Charleston SC to Unicio gap.
  82. Dayhiking in N. New Jersey
  83. Dayhiking or weekend hiking partner for PA/NJ AT & other trails
  84. winter thru-hike
  85. Fontana to clingmans
  86. CT,MA, OR NY on memorial weekend?
  87. DWG to Palmerton, May 18-19
  88. Waynesboro to Harper's Ferry
  89. Male college student looking for section hiking partner for two-three weeks in July
  90. Winding Stair Gap to Dicks Ceek
  91. Maine Section August slower paced
  92. Winter thru-hike, revised
  93. NOBO March 2014 looking for others/group to start with
  94. PA Group to Start Hike - Late June-July
  95. SOBO Starting June 5th
  96. Seeking a dayhiking partner................Lynchburg, VA area
  97. SOBO-VT 9 Bennigton, VT to MA 8 Cheshire, MA
  98. North from Springer Mountain,for 10-12 days, mid October...
  99. mass hike this weekend
  100. I am looking for a hike from Texas to do the AT withme.
  101. SOBO Section Hike - TN to GA
  102. I am looking for a hike from Texas to do the AT withme.
  103. anyone hiking from spence field to clingmans dome area june 10?
  104. Anybody Else Plannin a Good Bit in Advance?
  105. Flexible- Looking to hook up for 7-14 day section anywhere north of Damascus Aug- Dec
  106. Partner for Bear Mtn. to CT
  107. 2014 NOBO Hike
  108. Wildcat Shelter Dog-friendly Trail Angel Series - 2013
  109. Lejuene Hikers
  110. Roan Mountain this weekend? June 21-23
  111. Blood Mtn. loop hike Saturday 6/22/13
  112. Midwest hiking friends!
  113. North bound from harpers ferry on july 4th section hike buddy
  114. Pennsylvania Day Hikes - Pennsylvania/Lehigh Valley
  115. 7-10 days, Either CT/Southern MA or VT, seeking partner(s)
  116. Hiking buddy/buddies wanted
  117. Anyone hiking SOBO from Katahdin July 8?
  118. Hightower Bald Georgia
  119. anyone willing to hike with me? PA
  120. Richmond Virginia Area Hikers
  121. Looking for advice and hiking partner(s) with Type 2 diabetes.
  122. 2014 NoBo looking for compatible co-hiker
  123. VA Section Day Hikes: US 501 to Sawmill Run Overlook/SNP 95.3
  124. Partners/shuttlers to Catawba
  125. Need Hiking Partner for AT near NYC Labor Day Weekend 3-4 days
  126. May 2014 Springer to Harpers Ferry
  127. Looking for hiking buddies
  128. Possible Southbound within a month
  129. Thru Hikers in VT?
  130. Hiking Partner for Hut-To-Hut Franconia to Crawford Notch, NH June or July, 2014
  131. Looking for a partner(s) to section hike in VT during August
  132. Fall section hike from Front Royal to Harper's Ferry
  133. Slack packing New York in Sept
  134. 42 yr old Canadian fem - NOBO thru hike late March 2014 wanting a start up partner
  135. looking for someone to hike the Georgia AT with
  136. October section hike, Pen Mar to Front Royal
  137. smokies loop
  138. labor day weekend
  139. 19e to Dennis Cove this weekend
  140. short notice 8/24 2mrrw
  141. Daleville VA to Newport VA in October
  142. Anyone heading to Whites or Mahoosuc this weekend?
  143. Looking to go out in NJ/NY Area
  144. Richmond Area hikers
  145. Seeking hiking partner(s) for 3 or 4 day weekend mid-October in New York, near NYC
  146. Philly and all of PA
  147. Day trip to Campmor and AT museum in PA
  148. Weekend in the Catskills, September 21-22, 2013
  149. 2015 Thru partner near Florida Panhandle
  150. mt cabot loop or some varaition
  151. Sectional Novice needs partner
  152. Female hiking.....
  153. Harper's Ferry to Rockfish Gap or RG to HF
  154. NJ AT Columbus Day week 2013
  155. NJ/PA AT overnight
  156. Pinhoti winter shakedown hikes
  157. resuming my northbound hike in central v.a.
  158. Any WBzers going out in NY-CT-MA-VT
  159. Novice Still Looking for Parnter
  160. Va or Wva in October?
  161. thru hiker partner around age 20
  162. Anyone up for Fontana Dam to Winding Stair Gap Nov 11-14?
  163. hiking St. Louis
  164. Thanksgiving hike 2013
  165. Long Weekend hike
  166. May-June 206 Miles Springer to Newfound Gap
  167. Need partner(s) for April 15th Thru-hike of the AT
  168. 100 Days of Summer
  169. looking for a hiking partner for a 3-5 day AT hike in NC between xmas and new years
  170. LF Hiking Partner, ~1 - 2 week hike between Dec 22nd - Jan 5th starting from VA/MD/WV
  171. Pinhoti section between X-Mas and New Years anyone?
  172. Day hiking northern SNP week after Xmas
  173. Night hiking
  174. Want a partner for speed / endurance hikes in GA or NC
  175. After Christmas hike in NJ
  176. Anybody else from Maine hiking north bound 2014
  177. SOBO CDT 2014: looking for partner
  178. Late April/early May section hike, NJ-north OR PA-south
  179. Harriman Park winter hike soon
  180. SOBO Mid June.
  181. Mason Dixon Line---> North
  182. New Outfitter Volunteers as a Departure point for Hikes in Northern VA
  183. Looking for people to do a yo-yo hike from GA to Maine and back to GA FOR Jan. 2015
  184. High point to NY 17A
  185. Hiking Partner Needed
  186. 1/24-1/26 or 1/25-1/25 Delaware Water Gap to Sunfish Pond
  187. Shenandoah Valley Hook-ups
  188. NOBO Feb 15/16 Starting Partner needed!
  189. female NOBO starting partner for early April 2014
  190. NOBO staying at the hiker hostel April 1, 2014
  191. Easter Weekend Hike?
  192. Training Partner
  193. 62 yo NOBO seeking hiking partner(s) March 12
  194. foothills hike starting 2-15-14.
  195. Neels Gap and beyoooooond!
  196. Section Hike Damascus to Waynesboro
  197. Looking For Other Sober/Recovering 2014 Thru-Hikers
  198. LOOKING For partner to start the trail with
  199. General hooking up questions
  200. Seeking Section Hike Partner for CT 5/5-5/10 ~65 miles
  201. May 2015 Sobo Tru Hiker Needed!
  202. Overnight hike in the SNP this weekend 3/1-3/2
  203. AT sectional hiker needed
  204. Weekend (Winter) Hikes in the Whites?
  205. Cdt 2015
  206. Looking to see if anyone would be interested in section hike
  207. Partner or small group to join for 2 week section "out west" June-Nov
  208. Looking for partner 2015 Thru Hike!
  209. Partner Needed
  210. Hiking Partner? NOBO March 24- 27 2014? Yes? Right on!!
  211. April Starter Md/PA Shakedown Hike 3/14-3/16
  212. Not the usual section hike: Tray to Springer
  213. Hundred mile wilderness
  214. NOBO Springer to Neels, maybe Dick's Creek
  215. Flip-Flop
  216. Are there any Los angeles hikers?
  217. NOBO early April looking for starting companion
  218. Hiking Partner?
  219. AT at Delware water gap 4/5 to 4/6
  220. NOBO AT "section" hike Wanyesboro to Front Royal,VA via SNP
  221. NOBO April 15th starting from amicalola falls state park
  222. Super Slow Hiker Looking for Partner/s to hike NOBO
  223. Female looking for female hiker, 24yrs. June from NY to Maine
  224. Evening 4-11, 4-12, 4-13-Swap Cars PA
  225. Late Start SOBO (early August)
  226. Looking for fellow section hiker(s) late May to mid-June
  227. Pre-hike buddy
  228. Hiking partners in Philly
  229. Maryland buddies
  230. Fri-Mon. April 25-28 near Dalton to Great Barrington, MA
  231. Hiking partner wanted
  232. South/Central VA Sections this May
  233. Looking for female hiking partner for NOBO hike March 2015
  234. Hitting the trail May 13th
  235. Hiking New England NOBO starting in May?
  236. May 2nd-4th Davenport to Lemon Gap Anyone Else?
  237. Does anybody 'local' often do Amnicola to Neels gap? (im new and want a hiking buddy)
  238. Seeking partner for SOBO mid-June start
  239. looking for a ride to somewhere near traildays.
  240. Anyone need a ride to Springer or Amnicola falls in the next few weeks?
  241. HEY!! 18 YR old guy getting pumped for a SOBO thru hike, looking for a partner.
  242. 5/24 Drive from TN to MD
  243. Section hike end of May and/or begining of June New York/ New England section
  244. JMT August or September 2014
  245. NJ/NY June 10-16, 2014 tentative
  246. Late July section hike from grayson highland to damascus
  247. Have some free time this week. Meet up?
  248. End of May Newfound Gap to Hot Springs, NC
  249. end of May: Dunnfield Creek to Culver's Gap: 3 days, 28 miles NJ/PA area
  250. AT SOBO 25 yr male looking for good company leaving june 7