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  1. Oct. 15th
  2. Cell Phone Issue
  3. Katahdin in Winter
  4. "Wilder Within"
  5. AT re-route & new AT site in BSP
  6. Katahdin via AT in Late May
  7. New Katahdin Reservation Information
  8. Abol Bridge closed til May 20th
  9. Buffer considered around Baxter Park
  10. Over the Top
  11. Daicey Pond Cabins to be removed
  12. Unprepared Katahdin Hikers Burden Baxter Park Staff
  13. Logging expanded in Baxter Park
  14. Boundary plans please Baxter group
  15. Thru hikers at Daicey Pond
  16. Katahdin Quiz
  17. New Baxter Park Director named
  18. Adding Katahdin Lake to Baxter Park
  19. Difficulty of Katahdin
  20. Suggestions re last 40 miles
  21. Arizona Hiker coming to Maine
  22. Deal done - Katahdin Lake added tp BSP.
  23. Birches Campsite
  24. Blueberry Ledges Trail, whatcha know?
  25. Baxter Park cancels May 15th opening
  26. no garbage cans?
  27. Unique Katahdin Photo
  28. Baxter Peak
  29. hiking in Baxter State Park.. how long to wait
  30. Katahdin Weekend Trip
  31. Nice morningshot of Mt Katahdin
  32. Why October 15th 'deadline' to finish?
  33. Hiker Lost in Baxter car found from Penn.
  34. AT open to Baxter Peak today.
  35. Lets talk Katahdin
  36. I have 3 days off to summit Katahdin...
  37. Katahdin
  38. Katahdin's knife edge, Just how difficult?
  39. Katahdin Summit Sign Replacement 7/25/09
  40. FS: Reservations to Chimney Pond, 16, 17, 18 August
  41. Baxter Peak - trail options?
  42. Need help with Katahdin hike
  43. AT re-routed in Baxter State Park
  44. AT to Katahdin's Baxter Peak opens today 5/25
  45. Want help in Baxter State Park/Millinocket?
  46. Baxter / Katahdin hike in August - first time
  47. Had a great time in Baxter and Acadia parks
  48. Looking to share Baxter campsite June 30th
  49. Katahdin Hike Today
  50. Guide book for Baxter State Park
  51. Baxter Weather in September
  52. Chimney Pond Trail
  53. Any spots just outside Baxter?
  54. 11/10 - Abol and Hunt trails on Katahdin are open.
  55. Exposure on Mt K, 100 Mile Wilderness?
  56. Baxter opens for camping, Katahdin still closed 5/20
  57. Beyond Katahdin - Camping question about staying in Baxter
  58. Official Baxter Park Trail Conditions Blog
  59. Baxter launches new website
  60. Help with Hiking
  61. Free Baxter Park Trail maps
  62. Parts of Baxter State Park Open 5/8/12
  63. Massachusetts hikers fined for hiking closed Katahdin trail.
  64. This is why Katahdin Trails are still closed:
  65. AT to Baxter Peak open 5/20/2012
  66. feedback on abol trail.
  67. looking for advice and info for my trip to Baxter this weekend
  68. Gate Opening at 6am in 2013!
  69. Allagash - Eagle Lake 3-Day
  70. Some 2013 campground openings delayed.
  71. Trail to Baxter Peak opening Friday 5/24.
  72. Baxter State Park - Places to go besides Baxter Peak
  73. How the heck did that lean-to get there?
  74. Baxter Park Tests Extended Camping Season at Selected Sites
  75. Indian Festival Labor Day weekend?
  76. Baxter Park has joined the Facebook.
  77. Baxter postpones some campground openings until 5/22/14
  78. Wife meeting me at Katahdin
  79. Hunt Trail (the AT to Baxter Peak open 5/29/2014.
  80. Lean-to at Katahdin Stream
  81. The Birches Campsite.
  82. Moving Abol Trail
  83. Baxter and Katahdin in mid June.......??????
  84. Katahdin Summit last weekend of winter video
  85. South Katahdin Lake LT
  86. Hunt Trail to Baxter Peak opens 5/22/2015
  87. Greenville to Togue Pond Gate
  88. BSP - Leave No Trace Concept seems to be missing some folks
  89. Bug Report
  90. Potential Solutions to the BSP issues
  91. National Geographic selects Katahdin one of 10 best summit hikes in the world
  92. best way up to Kathadin summit
  93. Abol Trail Up Date
  94. Probably the end is near?
  95. How to get back to my car?
  96. Loist Hiker - Baxter State Park
  97. Observations from the front lines aty BSP
  98. Should we leave Baxter?
  99. Snowing on Katahdin today, 10/3/15
  100. Early mud season for Maine and NH this year?
  101. Official Baxter Park 2016 AT hiker registation announcement
  102. Backcountry hike/camping
  103. Dudley trail closed until 2018, Abol Trail reopened
  104. Open Spot Camping AUG 4-12?
  105. Nice VIdeo of Hike up Katahdin
  106. BSP AT Thru Hiker Permit Cards, how are they working?
  107. BSP Director Bissell has sent a letter to the Katahdin W&W NM Manager.
  108. Abol Trail Relocation
  109. Kathdin Summit "ambassador"
  110. All Katahdin Trails closed 10/24/16
  111. Baxter State Park Fees 2017
  112. Summer Opening Day
  113. Baxter State Park Thru-hiker Limits
  114. After 10 years without a fatality, Baxter sees 2 do far in 2017.
  115. Update your bookmarks for Baxter State Park. New website as of today:
  116. Conditions on Katahdin
  117. 5/10/17 - Baxter to delay opening some campgrounds, all Katahdin Trails remain closed
  118. The Hunt Trail (The AT) and the Abol Slide Trail will open this Saturday, May 27th
  119. Katahdin Web Cam
  120. Couple weeks until I strike out.
  121. Is it ok to filter from the ponds in BSP?
  122. Fishing the ponds in BSP
  123. Best Spray necessary?
  124. About the recent hiker & dog pics on Baxter Peak:
  125. Transportation inside BSP
  126. Katahdin Stream Bridge Replacement
  127. Baxter thru-hiker passes at 1500 on August 15th.
  128. Baxter State Park, Jensen Bissell, the ATC, and Whiteblaze.
  129. Final* 2017 AT Hiker card count at Baxter:
  130. Baxter Park Director Jensen Bissell to retire.
  131. Opening Day for 2018 Summer Reservations is Jan 14th!
  132. July BSP Trip
  133. New Baxter State Park informational video from Habitat Productions.
  134. good hammocking sites at Abol and Katahdin Stream campgrounds?
  135. Park's opening is two (?) months away.
  136. A winter trip to BSP
  137. Baxter announces delayed campground openings for 2018
  138. Baxter's Abol Trail to open May 21st.
  139. Baxter Park Director Tightens Commercial Use Permits.
  140. No children under 6 allowed above timberline in Baxter Sate Park.
  141. The Abol Trail Steward at Baxter reports some NoBos are showing up misinformed.
  142. Good article about the new BSP director
  143. Katahdin will NOT "close for several days" Please stop sharing that link!
  144. Five Days at BSP
  145. Hammock @ Baxter State Park
  146. It's time for NoBos to consider flipping up to Baxter.
  147. Baxter Park new Chief Ranger
  148. All Katahdin Trails Closed on 10/23/2018.
  149. The Traditional January Early Reservation event is no more.
  150. Some changes to BSP reservations this summer - Non thru hiker
  151. BSP's revamped online rez system is now live.
  152. Katahdin – the end game
  153. 2019 traditional opening date of May 15th postponed until the 22nd
  154. 5/21 - Baxter reports all Katahdin trails to remain closed for at least another week.
  155. From Baxter State Park: No summit trail open before 6/15.
  156. Katahdin Stream Campground Campsite sharing
  157. Thruhiker count at Baxter:
  158. AT Lodge's Katahdin > Millinocket daily shuttle starts Sept. 1st.
  159. The Hunt Trail (The AT) closed Oct 23rd last year.
  160. All Katahdin trails closed as of 10/29/2019
  161. AMC Pamola Baxter
  162. Questions on Baxter permits
  163. Baxter Park ends winter camping season early due to coronavirus concerns.
  164. Baxter delays 2020 season until at least July 1st.
  165. Wildfire in Baxter closes AT and other trails by Abol Bridge.
  166. June 2 announcement: BSP to expand recreational access June 15.
  167. The Nobo’s guide to Baxter and Katahdin for 2020 (Updated 6/11)
  168. Recommendations on descending from Katahdin
  169. All Katahdin Trails closed as of October 17th. Earliest hard close in decades.
  170. Baxter posts revised regulations for the 2020/2021 Winter season.
  171. BSP Sign and Model Auction
  172. First time campers/visitors please read:
  173. All Katahdin trails now closed.
  174. Mid June reservation at baxter - how to
  175. hike the AT in BSP questions
  176. Baxter campong season begins 5/15. Katahdin trails still closed.
  177. Baxter opens the AT, and other trails, on 5/28/21
  178. Confusion about rules & access @ Baxter
  179. hike Katahdin and Blueberry Trail
  180. This Wild Land: Two Decades of Adventure as a Park Ranger in the Shadow of Katahdin.
  181. Big new development outside of Baxter State Park
  182. Baxter update 10/18/21
  183. Baxter Park Director Eben Sypitkowski resigns.
  184. My unofficial list of opening dates for the Park and Katahdin trails:
  185. Overnight camping season at Baxter started May 15th.
  186. Baxter opens the AT on 5/26/22.
  187. Pitman Campground
  188. BSP to close all Katahdin trails at the trailhead as of Oct. 20th.
  189. Dates when Katahdin trails closed in recent years:
  190. "Baxter State Park is struggling to find its next leader"
  191. Daicey Pond Campground Closing in 2024
  192. Baxter finally hires a new Director.
  193. Baxter to open AT on Sunday May 28th. Most other Katahdin trails still closed.
  194. Baxter to open AT on Sunday May 28th. Most other Katahdin trails still closed.
  195. New daily Baxter Park conditions phone line!
  196. Knife Edge Rescue
  197. BSP closed Katahdin trails on 10/21/2023.
  198. Baxter State Park Sign Auction