View Full Version : Waterproof Gloves or other options???

Del Q
12-01-2013, 14:23
Its that time of year, wife asking me what I want for the Holidays.

My gloves are pretty warn out, not that warm and even with MLD eVent mittens they get damp.

I am thinking about serius or Hans seaslkinz............am thinking that if I get waterproof gloves that are comfortable even when its NOT RAINING and they are warm, could be the ideal combination with eVent mittens. My fingers tend to get cold, would like to fix that with next gear purchase


12-01-2013, 23:12
regular gloves or mittens.....2 bread bags to cover them when raining.......use saved mullah for ayce buffets!

12-02-2013, 11:45
I recently got a pair of these from the North Face:


Everyone is different, but they are warm enough for me to climb/hike with air temps in the low teens, they have large conductive surfaces on the thumb and index finger for operating touch-screen devices and the inside of the fingers and palms are covered with a patter of very sticky silicone, making easy to keep a grip on your gear like ski poles or an ice axe. Well made, too. Should last a long time. Upon stopping for an extended period I found I had to put on mittens (as expected), but they did work great while moving.