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Tim Causa
12-05-2013, 15:46
Has anyone had any experience with the EMS Icarus jacket?


It's on sale right now for $159, it's dry down, it's relative light and has a hood, and has drawords, multiple pockets, etc. I've bee looking for a good base camp layer for when I stop hiking. I like the compressibility of down, but have been hesitant to buy any feathers that weren't treated. I picked this thing up last night because of the sale, and I seems great. Longer than most jackets so it has good coverage when bending over and sill compact enough to fit under my shell.

Anyone else seen this or would recommend against it?

12-05-2013, 21:03
Hey Tim Causa from Reston Virginia.. I'll bump this for ya.... Maybe someone knows....

12-05-2013, 22:27
Don't know the jacket but 850 down is good and 13ish oz is good too - especially with a hood.

12-05-2013, 22:43
Did you score the $25 Gear Bucks Card with your Eastern Mountain Sports Icarus jacket purchase? That would effectively make the price before taxes to be $134. You got a handle already on the Icarus features but between the DownTek and 20D Pertex Quantum shell you should maintain better overall protection to the loft than say 10D and untreated down. Personally, IMHO Eastern Mountain Sports doesn't receive the brand name recognition it deserves. It's on par w/ REI as far as quality of gear overall in my opinion. Like the long length as you too noted. Could make a very nice belay or camp jacket. Like the Women's version better though.

12-05-2013, 22:59
I'd want to know the fill weight. But at $134, it's a nicely spec'd jacket.

12-06-2013, 00:45
I'd want to know the fill weight. But at $134, it's a nicely spec'd jacket.

So for comparison would be the $200 golite bitterroot which has 10D Pertex Quantum fabric for 13oz total weight of which 5.3 oz is the same 850 fill dry down. Basically the same jacket with a slightly thinner material so likely slightly more fill but that is a reasonable ballpark.

12-06-2013, 20:32
I've also been looking for a good down jacket for my Feb start. That sure looks like a nice jacket for that price, but I'd personally like to get the weight a bit lower.
Thought this was a good article: http://www.backpackinglight.com/cgi-bin/backpackinglight/montbell-plasma-jacket-rietveld.html#.UqJoYY2xJZc
What got my attention was that the Ex Light is arguably a better deal than the Plasma 1000. Even more enticing is the GoLite Silkirk. Per the article: "The GoLite Selkirk has zippered hand pockets and a hem drawcord,
so it’s hard to believe it weighs just 6 oz (170 g). If the weight is accurate, this one is a steal at $140. The Total Insulation Volume is 2000, which is higher than the Montbell jackets."
However, that GoLite seems to offer quite the.......odd, loud, color choice. :eek:
One thing I'm considering in an effort to keep the weight down is to get a good down vest instead of full jacket. For a Feb start (NOBO) on the AT, do you guys rec against that?
In reading some quick reviews of diff vests, people don't seem to complain about lack of warmth due to no arms. In theory, keeping the ole core warm seems to be the main goal,
but I don't want to be stupid about this to save a few ounces. So, has anyone used a down vest in winter instead of full jacket and regretted it?
(By the way, I'm still learning my way around here on WB, so if I've gotten too far off the OT, I apologize - just let me know and I'll start a new thread for this question.) Thx!

Tim Causa
12-06-2013, 23:35
I like this, but again my concern is having dry down. If this month bell gets wet you're going to have a cold jacket until you get it Ina dryer in town.

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12-06-2013, 23:54
I hear ya. Also concerned about my down booties, down gloves and especially keeping my down bag dry. I just can't resist the weight savings of the down gear. As others say on here, just need to keep it dry at all costs.

Wise Old Owl
12-07-2013, 00:25
Just bought it - cant wear it till Christmas - snuck it out of the bag and weighed in the extra large a few ounces over a pound... cant wait to try it out like tonight's downpour its 35 Got mine from LLBean

Not worried about the Down Tek - try it at home go hiking in a down pour and judge for yourself - the old stuff I bought two years ago got soaked by mile 8 but was better than nothing... (YES I know you are not supposed to hike in it- But that is the test!)

12-09-2013, 14:17
I had to bump this. Tom, or anyone else, you should also be looking at the GoLite Selkirk vests and jackets right now on sale for TODAY ONLY!!! Limited time. The GoLite Selkirk could be a nice down layering piece especially if a gram weenie. The Selkirk for men is now $119.99.

12-10-2013, 00:07
Thanks Dogwood, one more item checked off my list. With those specs at that price, well, the color will just have to grow on me;)