View Full Version : traction for the priest

Tim Causa
12-06-2013, 16:00
I'm looking to hike the Tye river to James river either this weekend or next, and I'm wondering if people think I should bring along a pair of micro spikes or other traction for December at 4k feet? I don't have experience in this area during winter and I'm wondering if I'm going to have issues with ice.


Deer Hunter
12-06-2013, 17:09
The weather forcast doesn't look to good this weekend. Sunday anyways. Might be some ice.


12-06-2013, 17:17
Yep you might want to rethink that given the forecast. but if you go besure to go to spy rock too.

12-06-2013, 19:01
Only thru hikers will be forgiven not taking winter traction devices, if not and conditions seemed warranted take them and enjoy.

12-06-2013, 19:09
The way the weather has been oscillating between hot and cold, rain/ice/snow, you just don't know what you'll find out there. Looks like we lost most of our snow up here and the latest storm will track south, with the area you want to hike getting the brunt of it. One crazy winter!