View Full Version : instructions for a hard mountain wear" stiletto 1 tent

Tucker Beans
12-06-2013, 20:23
Just purchased a used mountain "hard wear" stiletto 1 tent and need instructions , in a pdf file or what ever you have .
Or a utube video might help , but couldn't find one my self.
Thanks for your help .

12-07-2013, 00:18
Had a quick look but could not find one.
It looks pretty simple to me.
3 poles of different length.
Easy to figure out which goes where, so lay down the inner, stake the two end in, then put the pole tips into the grommets, clip on the inner to the poles.
Now drape the fly over it, keeping in mind that the white part has the door panel, and clip the rainfly onto the tie outs of the inner.
The photos here should help you :

12-11-2013, 04:30
I am sorry my reply was not good enough but I don't actualy work for MH...